Holy fuck this was good

Holy fuck this was good.

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Honestly, I agree. But it’s shinkai therefore it’s normalfag trash according to Yea Forums

Yea Forums here. No it's really good, not trash at all.

I unironically started respecting anime after watching this movie. Now I'm a full time weeb

That is actually a great anime

shinkai found a way

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I think this film is an excellent advertisement for attracting foreign tourists to Japan.

It's funny how people visit the staircase, not knowing it leads to the shrine of the deity of Susanoo. The shrine workers must be sick of it.

Literally me.

It is. Everyone saying otherwise us just a wannabe contrarian faggot.

God I want to fondle Mitsuha's mitsuhas

If you're new to Shinkai's works check out Weathering with you.

If you want to dive deep watch 5cm per second then read the companion novel which tells the opposite perspective.

Oldfags of Yea Forums would be embarrassed if they were still here. The absolute state of newfags.

Needs more pussy-touching.

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I like Tenki no ko more out of the two movies.

I'm looking forward to Suzume no Tojimari, something about the supernatural element that puts his movies over the top.

yeah you should also fire up Netflix on your parents smart TV and watch Bubble, newfag

Watched the movie and read both novels and the manga. Amazing.
It's definitely not a movie for everyone but if you resonate with the theme before going in then you'll love it.

I got major tfwnogf like I've never experienced before after watching this movie

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This is really good indeed, really damn good way to get someone into anime as well, even my mom has seen it. Although I personally liked Koe no Katachi more

The movie is alright but Shinkai is a faggot

I really liked Your Name, so I was hyped for Weathering With You. It was trash. I almost saw it in theaters, but I'm really glad I didn't.

>Koe no Katachi
I really need to pick that up
I liked it but not as much as Your name

I tell people to watch Weathering With You first, and then Your Name. Because WWY is not actually *bad*, its just inferior to Your Name. So if you watch it second, you will be disappointed. But if you watch it first then you can fully enjoy both movies without feeling let down.

Schlock garbage. Only good as a technical display.

>executive producer
>visual arts teacher
>has a masters degree in japanese language and literature
>former video game producer and marketing director
>made his 1st film entirely by himself
>wrote the best-selling japanese novel in more than a decade
>directed, edited and wrote the novel adaptation in japanese history
>last remaining auteur in the anime industry
>voice actor
>manga artist
>best-selling author
>independent creator
>industry consultant
>acting coach
>storyboard artist
>background artist
>professional photographer
>director of art
>director of sound
>director of photography
>director of animation
>digital painter
>graphic designer
>character designer
>sound designer
>color designer
>film critic
>heir to his parents' construction company
>Apple's poster boy in Japan
>has an asteroid named after him
>director of music and visual production for the Planetarium and Space Theater of Omiya
>owns all of his works
>married to a retired actress and tv producer, and still keeps a mistress and visits soaplands
>10yo daughter is already a child actress, voice actress, dancer and singer
>is still in his mid-forties
Is he the most talented Japanese man in history?

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Yea Forums here. Yes it's shit, utter trash.

>watch 5cm per second
and then you're as good as having watched all of his movies

Yes, it was pretty much perfect, as good as anime and movies in general can get.

Watch more anime

kek did you also start respecting capeshit after Nolan?

literally fell asleep watching this 0/10

I feel like Radwimps is the 80% of the reason why this was so good.

>I think this film is an excellent advertisement for attracting foreign tourists to Japan.
Why would anyone visit japan if the city in Your Name isn't real.

it's a well animated movie, but the plot crumbles the more you start asking question and i don't think the "they remember it vaguely like it's a dream" is enough to cover the plot holes

plenty of real locations in tokyo. look up "seichi junrei." people love visiting stupid places used in anime.

>I tell people to watch Weathering With You first, and then Your Name.
I did that and overall preferred the former over the latter (granted, I did see Weathering with You at the theater).
The chemistry between the two protagonists felt more organic and there were no time travel-related plot holes/"convenient" moments. I think it also made better use of the environments, as I didn't feel the countryside/city contrast as strongly as I did with the "Stranded in the big, rainy metropolis" atmosphere.
Your Name had some moments that felt underdeveloped (all that setup about Mitsuha and her dad and it ultimately gets resolved off-screen lol).
However, Your Name has a better climax scene, in the overwordly moment where Taki and Mitsuha finally meet in person.
The very final scene of Weathering with You is also really weird in the sense that it seems a bit "flat" until you read the lyrics of the song (Daijoubu), which makes the scene much more balanced: however, putting the completion of the final scene in a song is a questionable move? Idk, maybe it felt more natural to the Japanese who could understand the lyrics right there.

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why did he become a girl

it's the dream

Its the braid. Watch the film a second time, and you'll notice that the bodyswap only occurs when they BOTH have the braid. The moment either one of them doesn't have it anymore, the connection breaks. Also remember that the braid specifically represents the flow of time, and its a form of connection.

This is why, after Mitsuha loses the braid, Taki needs to find another way to establish the connection.

Both were fantastic in diferent ways

the music videos in the middle of the movie were jarring, really a strange way to show the passage of time

>after Mitsuha loses the braid, Taki needs to find another way to establish the connection.

Are you sure that's not related to the fact that the night after she got back from Tokyo she was blasted by a comet?

So did the braid

So did they remember each other at the end or just start anew?

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Is this Bizaro Yea Forums ?

This is reddit.

They were bodyswapping in tandem on a 3 year delay. So after she was smited by Tiamat's split she was chronologically dead. There was noone to swap to.

the memories return when they commit true musubi

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Both are shit in different ways.

sounds like something I'd find on the panda

Actually wished this was a series instead of a movie. Would like them to spend more time on the body swapping shenanigans.

>Are you sure that's not related to the fact that the night after she got back from Tokyo she was blasted by a comet?

As seen later in the film, there was time for another bodyswap before the comet hit. But it didn't happen because she didn't have the braid.



inb4 >reading

cool headcanon. This is all assumed and not established fact

I could see that working. The movie feels more like watching 3 episodes of a very short show back to back as it is, since each act of the movie is very different in goal and tone. Spreading things out and giving more time for things to grow would be a good opportunity for more stuff, but it does mean that it would be nearly impossible to hide the twist before it goes off. The longer you are given time to think about what is going on and look for details, the harder it is hide that kind of thing. It works in the movie because the combination of pace and music means you are given the information but not the time needed to process it before it goes off. That would be extremely difficult to replicate in a show.

nah, silent voice should have gotten more appreciation for what it was

Wouldn't they be the same as the movie since it came first?

It's definitely one of the best anime movies out there. I feel like the director peaked with this one. I liked Garden of Words, but I couldn't watch past the first 5 minutes of Weathering with you.

I disagree. If you're gonna show us the timelines happen in parallel, don't fucking asspull us by disrespecting that with magical saliva alcohol.