Snek-chan jashdrop

Pino is the lewdest

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Pino's narcotics consumption will lead her down a dark path of no return. Hopefully her friends can save her.

Snek thread?

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Dammit I have to work. Hopefully the thread survives. If not see the both of you next thread.

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Per-chan is the cutest.

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I wanna go with her

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I wanna fuck Per-chan

I am impregnating poporon and ending her career and gathering idolfag death threats in so doing


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Fuck Per-chan!

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I was just thinking how nice it would be to have snek thread, what a coincidence.

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My peeno inside Pino

when's the next chapter?

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Is she actually a junky or is it just a joke?

I wonder why heaven had drugs. It's implied by Lierre that Pino was the same way there.

Junky, but the are antianxiety pills I believe.

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Just look at those junks

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Cultured post.

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Have fun, baito

pino is gay

I want to fund Pino's unhealthy drug usage in exchange for sex!

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uh, that's madoka

Don't be square, be snek.

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finally watching this after seeing it on Yea Forums everyday
what am I in for?

Snek getting cut up, and perhaps even a christmas miracle

The spiritual successor to Berserk.

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Slapstick violence reminiscent of the early 2000s, it's a good time.

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Cow laughter that can cure cancer

Isn't she trying to kill herself in this picture?

>what am I in for?

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Howdy Minos!

Added some of Doomer snek's stuff.
Howdy, user!

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It's always nice to have a snek thread.

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I want cow milk instead.

NTA but I started watching it too
Why must poor Pekora suffer so much? Poor little lamb

Indeed it is, brother.

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Here you go.

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>Cow laughter that can cure cancer
It's a beautiful thing.

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Dumping Musashinosen omake chapters
They may appear in the next chapter

Part 1: Jashin-chan vs Ran

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Is there anything better than smug snek?

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Pekola is more of a racoon than a lamb.

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Thank you.

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The art style suddenly changed

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Part 2: Jashin-chan vs Pandora

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Snek is cuter.

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It’s just that in my Guido language, “pecora” means sheep, which in my mind fits with her being an angel, lamb of god and whatever
Sheep or raccoon, why must she suffer so?

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She'll be back on top one day.

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That's all

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Ask Lierre her superior. She seems to dislike Pekola the most out of the three and cares less about helping her.