Kumi finally won the Ippobowl

Kumi finally won the Ippobowl.

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lets fucking GOOOOOOOOOOO

Ugly women.

Why are women like this?

I haven't read this in years but wasn't she a pretty normal nice girl before? What happened to her?

It's just played as a joke, because most nice girls would act similar in the same situation

she's been putting up with ippo's mancrush on miyata for like a hundred years

so now that the tease about ippo's comeback couldn't be any harder how soon do you think it will happen? mexico arc should be over in 25-30 chapters and then it's either miyata fight or ippo's return arc

I havent read since 1337 or so, worth catching up now or should I wait for the current arc to finish?

Nanako or Mari? No way, Miyata is a much more dangerous love rival

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It's funny to think that the last time you read ippo was probably already retired.
And he still is.

>1380 chapters
who the fuck reads the a series and wait that long for their ship to sail?

"Riot of the Blood"
Even Ippo's disciples know that

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RomCom fags are that mentally ill.

"the sun will rise again"

Yeah... well no date thought that too and look what happened after that,it's best not to expect anything from Ippo at this point just follow all the other characters instead

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Shut up Fuckamura

Cute little psychopath

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That's a extremely smug Kumi.

I like how those two actually show Kumi respect. They know she would fuck them up.

she wouldn't be like this if he just gave her the dick.


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Is this really winning? It seems more like she knows eventually he will go back to the ring and leave her.


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I stopped reading around the time there was this new guy that was an infighter and hit hard like ippo won the rookie championship or his going pro fight or the nip championship or something I don't really recall since it's been some years. Ippo was "retired" by this point I think. Anything interesting happen since?

Its like being in love with a man of the sea, gotta fuck him while he's on the ground

The Mashiba blood has awakened.

t. Hiroko Makunouchi.

well then WHERE IS IT

Itagaki's sister is much better than her honestly

For me, it's Mari and her perfectly shaped ass.

Yes George, I know you love negative space, you've shown me this multiple times

How can this crazy punching machine be SO precious? guys?

>Morikawa """"""humor"""""""""""

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Who and who's sister?

...it's the best!

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Subtle smug.

She won and realized she's going to have to take care of two people with brain damage when she gets older.

Ippo SLAPPED one of them into the middle of next week, they're more afraid of him

>"the sun will rise again"
Nippon bansai!

Everyone's favorite pun

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I would ruin Aoki's girlfriend for marriage

lets face it. if those two got together then the manga would go halfway down the shitter. luckily romance was never a thing to begin with. just a part of bro culture humor this manga has.

>lets face it. if those two got together then the manga would go halfway down the shitter.
I don't see what's wrong with them becoming a couple, what's the harm in either having Kumi eventually support ippo's return or have them breakup because of it.

No, instead we have this fence sitting bullshit and stalker kumi garbage.

I hate how all of this is just to keep Ippo as this pure and upright protagonist, he can never do anything wrong and if he does he immediately is groveling like a fucking worm in apology. Morikawa always tries to force SERIOUS DRAMA but can't ever commit to it in the end, EVERY TIME.

It's comfy this way, who wants unnecessary drama is (You)


Did George forget it's a title fight, with 12 rounds?

Kek what a fucking psycho, love her.

Fuck Kamogawa.

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I guess Kumi will finally give up about trying to stop him


Nah, they legit love ippo now, Kumi is scary as fuck.

No, Itagaokimura forget

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>Itagaki still in his rut and stuck with the humor duo
Will he escape before Ippo's return to the ring?

This is probably the most explicit we've seen in a while indicating that Ippo will eventually return. Almost as if Morikawa is saying "don't forget!" after so many chapters. Still I wonder how the return will be handled since it's been shown he won't as long as he has his obligations to his family.