Weekly Shonen Sunday

I rarely see threads about this magazine in Yea Forums
So what's your thoughts on Weekly Shonen Sunday and it's sister magazines (S,Gessan and Gene-X)?

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It's my favorite magazine of the 4 main weekly shonen mags. I like it so much that I even run a blog about it.

same but my favourite ongoing manga from sunday has slight chance of being axed but recently got in the top 5 of some type of manga reward so i'm on hopium.

I like them, most of my physical manga are from their magazines

We have one every week. Today in fact because Sunday releases on Wednesday (time zones apply).

I like what I read enough and I always look forward to that one user's translations. Mikadono sisters is chuckle worthy with cute androgynous characters. I trust Golden Spiral will be cool despite how derivative it seems on the surface. Rumiko Takahashi will never leave until she dies on her bed of money. I'm catching up on Mao. I love Nekoguchi's fat asses. I like Red Blue enough even if it's stiff at times, although I'm worried for it's health.

I still think about how dumb Kodansha was to let Raiku get away. He could have been a mainstay.

How do you feel about the other weekly magazines?

Which one is it? Sunday is currently going through a phase of releasing lot's of new series while others are ending. I for one hope Oga & Bebe and Kakeau Tsukihi will stay for a bit longer and Shun Matsuena will be able to finish 008 with an ending he's satisfied with.

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This week's chapter reveals what Golden Spiral means, and I don't know what I expected but it wasn't that

Golden Spiral is that shape you make when you pee in the snow.

>Kakeau Tsukihi
Yeah is that one and this the reward it ranked on 版社コミック担当が選んだおすすめコミック 2022 and i even bought physical copies of it

Gessan is in a similar phase and had lot's of new series starting last year. I think it's on paar with Weekly Sunday. I wish more stuff would get licenced from it.
With GX I'm most unfamiliar with because there aren't any scans available I'm aware of. It's seems like Rei Hiroe is still the most popular Mangaka in it.


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I have dreadful feeling that Takagi-san will it's Conan.

I meant other weekly magazine like Goraku or Times.

>none of these will be translated outside of official translations

Oh sorry user I misread it. I thought you meant the other Sunday magazines.
Doing the thing they always done and sticking to the popular stuff. Can't really compare it to Sunday or Champion. Allthough I think Jump+ will become even bigger than Weekly Jump at some point.
Really solid lineup of series. I don't have numbers but it's a good contrast to Jump. Kouji Seo is my favorite mangaka in magazine.
Here we get all stuff you won't see on the other 3 mags.
Funny enough Sunday once had the idea to do a Beastars like Manga but then Beastars started and they had to scrap the idea again. I think of the 4 Champion needs more awareness as it has really interesting stuff.

Brutal Mao this week

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post a link to ur blog
but there was short but surreal time Sunday was considered bigger than Jump.

New series

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It's work in progress. Don't view it on your phone.
>but there was short but surreal time Sunday was considered bigger than Jump.
That must have been in early 80s when romcoms took off.

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probably early 80s times

Gessan is monthly (it's literally short for Gekkan Shounen Sunday).

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I know see

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You're talking about the newer ones, right?
Because all the big sellers (except for 008, sadly) are getting translated.
I think there were two times that Sunday was bigger than Jump post-Shueisha getting in on the weekly business:
Late 70s-early 80s with the romcom boom (I think the origin of that boom was a romcom in Magazine circa 1975 that was a massive hit and inspired Rumiko to make Urusei Yatsura)
Early 2000s, the Gash Bell era (although I might be thinking of Magazine with this one)

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dey fuk'd yet?

OP, do you also dump the new Nekoguchi series?

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>(I think the origin of that boom was a romcom in Magazine circa 1975 that was a massive hit and inspired Rumiko to make Urusei Yatsura)
Yes that's what I meant. Tonda Couple started the boom.

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Yeah, I was trying to remember the title of that manga, thanks.

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I don't feel like it'd be unusual if this series was taking OgaBebe's place.

It's not out on Webry, you'll have to wait another week if you want to read it for free.

Would you be okay with the Amogus arc if they looked like this the whole time?

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Good lord look at the thirst on her

I thought people were exagerating the nosedive in quality. Does it need a whole Arc?

Golden Spiral Chapter 4: Golden Spiral

>Blurb: I'll grip it with these hands, and carve a path forward.

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>Blurb: With one merciless strike, the angel has...

>feed me marshmallows again.

>I knew it.
>If it's this guy...

>Or so I thought.

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>I remembered!



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>Back in one piece!



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The Golden Spiral was in us all along!


>*Spin spin spin*

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>At that moment...

>I knew it for sure.

>That guy...

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>That guy is definitely...

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>Spinning is fuuuun!
>An "Angel".



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>Ahaha, a single thing came back to me.
>My Magu is turning into "screws".

>It had a big head, right?
>I thought that it might be vulnerable to centrifugal forces.

>You're worn out, huh.
>Can you stand?

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>These hands?
>You have them so you can protect others.

>My name is Zebi.

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>Ten years ago...
>I was the prince of this land.

>Zebi was a prince?
>Now... I'm just "Zebi from the Walled Town."
>I threw my old name away.

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>Do you remember? I told you about my father...
>In short, someone killed the king.
>Naturally, my life was also in danger.

>That's why I changed my name and disappeared into the "Walled Town".
>Everyone there is struggling to merely survive,
>so nobody knew my face.

>There are only two people in the world who know I am the prince...
>Me, and you...

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Zebi instead of Zabi now?

>Why did you tell me something that important?

>Indeed... I wonder why.

>When you said I wasn't alone,
>I was happy.


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>I will definitely restore your memories.
>So please, save this country.

It's Zabi, sorry

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It's cool. You're doing a good job.

>I'm begging you.


>You've been working hard all by yourself all this time.
>Sorry for not noticing.
>But I'm here now, too.
>There, there.

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>Garo, I'm home~
>Welcome home, dad! You've been working hard!
>(What a weird mental image...)
>Seems like it felt similar to a dad getting his soul healed by his child.

>Sidebar: A warmth he hasn't felt in a long time...


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