The summoned hero refused to get involved in conflicts he had nothing to do with in isekai

>The summoned hero refused to get involved in conflicts he had nothing to do with in isekai
What do you think about this? Did he do the right thing?

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Absolutely right. They are students, not mercenaries. There is no reason to listen to their kidnapper's words.

Only if he has the power to keep his head.

Will you take this offer?

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That's the point. They don't need to reason with him.

I like that smugness. To bad so few isekai MCs have it.

What can they do? Kill them and start the summoning process all over again? It's often very hard to do just one time.

>Did he do the right thing?
No. He should ask for more compensation about kidnapping.

Babylon is lucky.

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Depend. If it's a humanitarian job like saving the human race from total annihilation from literal demons then it's bad to not accept. If they just want you to become a sword for hire then demand to go home.


It's import to maintain a healthy diversity of options within your harem.

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>He should ask for more compensation about kidnapping.
You usually don't ask that from the kidnapper himself since he likely won't pay. You sue him to an interdimensional justice body so that they will force him to pay you.


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Betray them before they betray you.

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He was wrong. He wasn't completely unrelated to issues there. Right before his eyes was an unjust tyrant who kidnapped kids from their home and forced them to become his slave soldiers. He was clearly a terrible oppressor to his own people also. As a fellow human the hero had the responsibility to overthrow the tyrant and set up a democratic government for the natives to rule themselves.

Of course bitch Soiboys getting isekai'd and crying about it while I have to fucking clean shit from sewers fucking entitled cunts

>I got pulled into the NTR game I was going to gift to my pure harem lover friend.
>The game is already progressed to the middle, and the early heroines have already been NTRed.
>Now I have the deep carvings to have a cigarette, but I can’t even smoke.
>Ha ha ha.

>Did he do the right thing?
Yes. People from a free country have no reason to listen to a king, the remnant of an obsolete system.

What's in it for me?

Too old and probably not a virgin.

let me roll my 20 sided die here to see what the response is
>yeah sure kid but we currently have more physical power than you do and you just bought yourself a slave collar for not doing it willingly

Imagine the smell.

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Hear me out, what if a character from a book/game got Isekai to our world, learn that his/her world is just a fictional work. After gather all the information, he/she come back to their world and try to fix it/destroy it

>Hear me o-
Request declined.

The only Li Mo I know of is from My Disciples are Insane.

>blond guy is the one kicked out of the party

>trust nobody, not even yourself

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Ain’t that just Inkheart

I really don't like these farcical setups, even as comedy its overdone
>"oh geez, i have to talk to the plebs again, being a king is so hard"
Fuck off, seriously, i also hate the smug redditor in the next panel waiting to get BTFO

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Chris redfield vibes

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>MC’s wife appears roughly once every 100 chapters
>story suddenly reveals she’s pregnant out of the blue which makes you think MC got cucked since the story literally hasn’t even shown them kissing or holding hands up til that point let alone imply they’re fucking but the MC is 100% sure the kid is his so apparently they do
>literally every other female character gets more screentime than her, including incredibly minor characters
Why does she even exist as a character Jesus Christ.

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Yin and yang cultivation. Don't bother with it, it's a trial read on qidian and his sugar mommy wants him to lick her feet. I don't know if he goes through with it because I instantly dropped it as soon as I read the word feet.


>Too old and probably not a virgin.
Shit taste.

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Nah to fishy, she will make use of that to make me do something.

Why the fuck does the title have the word isekai twice in it

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Hags/widow/queens are the superior choice

maybe he reincarnated twice?

Because it’s translated by clowns who can’t even get the series name right


To show that it is twice as trashy as normal isekai manga

Throw you into dungeon until Stockholm kicks in

On the other hand, non chalant agreement.

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Yes, anyone who would get themselves involved in isekai politics instead of just buying a slave and fucking off to a cabin in the middle of nowhere to live a slow life is a retard.

No way fag

His horse is the real heroine.

I want an isekai story of a Japanese Mc in a Chinese cultivation setting. Would be fun to see his reaction to all the typical Chinese cultivation tropes bs. Would the chink be piss about it? Is this why these type of stories haven’t happened yet?

Where's the best place to get LNs besides LibGen?

Is there a isekai where protag decides to marry a nice older lady?

>Is this why these type of stories haven’t happened yet?
I think that mostly because the market for them aren't big enough in Japan for author to have exposer to them or want to write them.

They’d get accused of copying murim by koreans rather than it being a parody of xianxias.

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I know of at least one Japanese wuxia thing and then there's ancient stuff like Fuushigi Yuugi and 12 kingdoms.

Nobody even tried it so how would they know if there is a market for it or not? Every isekai setting is pretty much medieval Europe, rarely are some in ancient japan, never seen one from Chinese cultivation setting before.

MC's kids are gonna grow up and try to kill each other over succession aren't they?
Would be fitting with the Sengoku stuff of turmoil and civil wars

Imagine being reborn with these

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