Yuusha, Yamemasu 06

So you're telling me my isekai? is actually a sequel to an urban fantasy anime that could have aired in the mid 2000's?

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Do they never get bored of this cliche?

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Oh God! Why should a Japanese anime need to be set on Tokyo? It needs to be set on my Burgerland!

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She's so fucking flat

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ragged kot.

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They could use some other city like Osaka once in a while

That's a man (twink).

That's not even her final form

best girl

>it's another episode with the trap guy
you've gotta be kidin me, i'm outta here

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>Why use New York or LA when you could pick a second tier city like St. Louis?

They're done with him, you autist lover.

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Why a man is wearing skirt??

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Is that the plot twist? anidb, mangaupdates, and novelupdates doesn't have it tagged as such, though.

So is he a man or a woman?
This is important.

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Why is isekai with MC from magical world so rare?

She have a dick, so she is a woman.

Her having a dragon tail makes me really hard. Is something wrong with me?

>an isekai thats not actually an isekai but a post-apocalyptic soft drama about how to get along with people and operate in the work place
i mean i like this show but who even is the target audience?

it's normal

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>who even is the target audience?
>I like this show

Hataraku maou fags?

Salary men really

apparently not.
the hero was just alive for a really long time, saw the collapse of irl civilization, return to monke, return of civilization, invasions by monsters until the current time

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This isn't an isekai.

>fantasy show is secretly about something else
I like it. Based boomer teaching dumb zoom zooms how to manage shit and live life properly.

What is this look trying to convey?

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Useless queen

>about how to get along with people and operate in the work place
it's about a 3k year old android trying to pass on his legacy and finding a place to die

Well my expectation of this series keeps getting subverted. I originally expected a comedy or just a SoL about a fallen hero trying to improve the demon lord's army with no drama about that world's political implication of the human vs demon conflict.

Why can't he just dig himself a grave and stay there?



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People like to live in certain geographies

His programming won't allow it

This. But a bug showed up in his programming that started giving him sinister ideas so now he's training up the demon lord and generals to take him out before he really destroys the world to "protect it"

>Purple Mountain True Monarch gives his inheritance to Dickless Fishfucker
Holy kino.

Underwater Ray Romanofags


Holy BREASTS, Batman!

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This group happens only once in thousands of years

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Sweet whore of Babylon Robin, get a load of those milkbags.

If this is an isekai, then Dr Stone is also an isekai.


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the plot twist is:
The "Hero" is actually 1 of 12 other androids created thousands of years ago in our modern world from when the demons first invaded and the magical "philosopher" stone the demon king wants is inside of him powering him but it doesn't actually have to power to save her world, it's just a really powerful energy source. I think his power was basically the sayians power in DBZ where after every battle he gets stronger and so at first he was the weakest of the androids but having been fighting for thousands of years no one exists strong enough to actually kill him unless he wants to die but his programming prevents him from killing himself.

He had never seen a group so incompetent, yet so much fun to help and pal around with.

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Hey, don't tease me with, what, three lolis? Show me their designs. I need to know exactly how cute they are.
Also, why did they make three of their super soldiers lolis? I know why, but still.

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Cute dork.

He's stepping down and giving his position to his daughter, isn't he? All the generals becomes his harem, don't they?

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It's temporal isekai (native).

kys unironically unironically

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But she's a loli. The more I look at her, the more I see Alisa Southerncross. Alisa's got way more leg, though.

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