Gundam is disregarded as a toy commercial

>Gundam is disregarded as a toy commercial
>It has a better story, more memorable characters, and more emotional moments than 99% of anime
>Meanwhile autists spend thousands of dollars on waifu toys from shitty LN adaptations

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Nobody give a shit about stupid plastic robot anymore grandpa

>Meanwhile autists spend thousands of dollars on waifu toys from shitty LN adaptations
moeshitters are not subhumans

>moeshitters are not subhumans
I agree, moefans are cute and valid.

* are subhumans
keep telling yourself that moeshitter

Giant robot shows are fucking stupid and I'm 40.

>Gundam is disregarded as a toy commercial
People who care about anime will eventually watch Gundam. Moeshitters will be moeshitters they will keep watching flavor of the month moeshit until they die.

Ok user, where should I start? Are all the series interconnected? So does that mean I've to start from the 1979 series?

Mecha still being a filter to normalfags is a good thing. Casuals ruin everything.

>It has a better story, more memorable characters, and more emotional moments than 99% of anime

Are you on crack? You're talking about 0079, right? It has THREE memorable characters, unless you count the plot device named Lalah.

Nobody worth engaging with disregards Gundam wholesale. Just ignore them. This is the same with iyashikei too

Look all I know is that I don't find robots cool, never did.


found the /m/ refugee thread, go back to your board, you vagrant losers

Amaro, Char, Bright, Ramba Ral, Sayla, that one lady that gave Amaro a boner, the list goes on

just started watching it it last week on ep 12 of 1978 series very good so far iv only heard a little about the toy stuff the character amuro is interesting to see how he went from normal kid to crazy fighter and the effects on war

Genuinely love Amuro's arc and that even though he takes genuine damage over the course of the war that never completely leaves him

Gundam's quality as a story doesn't preclude it from being a vehicle to sell model kits. And assuming you mean Gundam as a whole and not just Gundam 1979, the story quality fluctuates pretty heavily. Off the top of my head IBO shit the bed in the second half.
I like Gundam and Gunpla. Stop trying to start a flame war over nothing.


My favourite anime is Gundam Wing. I have been watching the series since the very beginning (I even own the first DVD), and I still have a great time watching it. The story is compelling, the characters are memorable, and I love the music. I also love the first series’ fight scenes, the best in anime. But the thing that makes Gundam Wing so memorable for me is the emotional relationship between the characters. Each character has a defining characteristic that makes them unique, and their interaction with the other characters makes for some great moments.

Each character has a defining characteristic that makes them unique, and their interaction with the other characters makes for some great moments.

I’ll start with the main characters, in no particular order.

I’ve written about JAN before, but here’s a little reminder. JAN is the Gundam’s main protagonist, and the centre of the series. She’s a young girl who lives on a remote planet. She is a gundam pilot who loves to fight. She is also a skilled martial artist who can wield a pair of katanas like they were nothing. She has a dog named Tam Tam, who is loyal to her and fights alongside her in the most epic battles.

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Besides JAN WASHINGTON and her little dog Tam Tam, the best Gundam Wing characters are the robot pilots. There's the lovable, crazy Duo Maxwell (Zak Storm), the leader of the Blackjack squad, the very smart and mature Niles Spencer, the hot-blooded Oscar Elrond and the veteran and wisecracking Jon Lockhart. And even the Blackjack pilots, Ace Morgan and Ace Wing Zero, are all good, despite their often goofy personalities.

But there's one that I've never been able to get past. In fact, I'm not even sure why I like him.

I mean, I like him a lot. He's just very... odd.

I've always been a sucker for the oddball. I grew up in an era when Hollywood made fun of the nerds. And I was a nerd, so I was the perfect target. But when it comes to the oddballs in the world of fiction, I'm a fan. I love the oddball characters in books, comics, TV shows and even movies. I love the quirky characters, the oddball roles, the oddball places.

spending thousands of dollars on robot toys = spending thousands of dollars on waifu toys from shitty LN adaptations.

what if I watch both?

There are like 50 gundamn series, with a more complicated dependency chart than a normie linux install, why the fuck would I want to watch that

stay on your containment board

no one gives a fuck about your pretentious robot toy show and it's thousands of different variations.

You need some correction

why do you fags always take this percentage straight outta your butt? Not only it's fake but also shit. It doesn't make you sound smart if you say "haha le better than 99%"

It makes you look underage.

just a bunch of shitty 'war bad' soaps.


Build Fighters is as explicitly "this is a toy commercial" as you can get and it's genuinely an incredible show
That said you sound like a faggot, you don't need to use based Gundam to whine about moefags and LNtards

>redditkid can't edit his post

Fuck off, I don't see you contrarians saying that in Eva or Gridman threads.

Yes. Watch Gundam.

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>tfw i was enjoying uzamaid and zeta gundam at same time

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Literally just watch The 3 first compilation movies (7 hours ), gundam zeta (50 episodes) and Char's counterattack

That's the equivalent of ~76 episodes and you get the gist of the serie, then you can pick any other gundam serie you want

>watch the compilation movies

>w-why won't you watch muh Gundam? p-please watch it!
>but not the heckin compilation movies! how dare you!
Why are you fags like this? 0079 is fucking dogshit, I just wanna get it over with. It's fine if you wanna be purist, but then don't come to Yea Forums crying that no one gives a shit about your franchise if you can't even compromise a little bit.

>0079 is dogshit
Get die Moe's hitter. Now.

>I just wanna get it over with
And that's your problem. You just want to say you've watched Gundam without actually committing to watching Gundam. The compilation movies are shit - they take out important plot points and characterization moments while keeping unnecessary battles and fanservice. The third movie is on par with the series tbf but the first two are complete dogshit. Only lazyfags like you prefer them over the series.

>I want to watch Gundam without having to WATCH Gundam
I understand skipping other installments but why would you skip what made Gundam what it is?
>0079 is fucking dogshit
How about you skip straight to IBO and then complain that Gundam is overrated, fuckboi

Give me cool giant robots piloted by cute school girls, while they're doing their stall for the next school festival and I will buy your toys and single CDs.

Ngl.... I thought wing and ZZ was gonna be more slice of life. I got disappointed.

>cute school girls
kys moeshitter

die m/an/lime fag

I watch both

This makes a bit more respectable than the average moeshitter but you are still scum

Sad cope of a close minded individual.

Gundam went to shit when the decided to introduce retarded space magic. Fuck newtypes.

Yeah I rather be close minded than watch marvel movies, listen to Drake, watch moeshit....etc

just watch 00 and dismiss all others

Xenoglossia's on the right

>marvel movies, drake

>only lazyfags prefer them over the series.
So you admit OG Gundam is work (not entertainment). I accept your full concession.

>why would you wanna skip what made Gundam what it is?
BECAUSE what made Gundam what it is BLOWS. Either it stays dropped, or watch the compilation movies. (You fags will seethe either way.) I don't care about muh legacy or bragging rights, I just want to watch something entertaining.

It's okay. I don't get the praise. It is one of the better AUs but not the most entertaining.

Eternal reminder that it's a measurable, objective reality that mechafags and idolfags (and generally people who enjoy kirarakei stuff) are the blends of otaku more willing to spend unreasonable amounts of money on their hobby and have sensible overlap.
It's also sociologically observable that those are also considered more fringe by normalfags, who generally won't consider watching any of those.

I guess it's meant to say that moeshit is just as shallow as the other garbage mentioned.

>BECAUSE what made Gundam what it is BLOWS
Don't watch Gundam if you don't find it entertaining, simple as. There's plenty of other shows

Oh, he made just another blanketed opinion. Thanks for the elaboration, satan.

0079 is a pretty good series but I was born after the mecha boom and grew up with Pokemon and DBZ, I just don't care for giant robots and find them corny

Zeta and ZZ are both bad for different reasons. Most of the AU stuff is even worse. Some of the movies and OVAs are good. It's a franchise with more crap than good stuff.

>0079 good
>Zeta bad
How? Genuinely curious cause those two compliment each other so well and are the two series I think most people who are interested in anime should try out if they're even mildly interested in gundam.

Zeta is autistic and all over the place and even thinking about it gives me a headache