Tomodachi Game

What the fuck is this nonsense?

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>he doesn't know

is this real kek it's been a while since i read the manga.


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More like Tomodachi Ga(y)me amirite?

Are the 3 other fuckers gone forever?

I need more webms of this cute pls.

Based Tenji

No, they just miss out on game 3. Some of them reunite afterwards.

Yeah. I'm going to watch until the end.

Is this the new Shinsekai Yori?

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Wait, this isn't the Jujutsu Kaisen thread...

Don't tell me that every single character is not what they seem and all have an ulterior motive for entering into the game

best boy

Is this show just endless plot twist?

Yuuchi only had some breadcrumbs into his past revealed so far, the final boss is probably his foster mom who is actually not dead so they'll probably reveal it in the near future
Shiho has connections to the game masters which i forgot due to speedreading but she seems to not have malicious end goals
Tenji just wants revenge for his dead dad and targets Shiho for the above
Kokorogi is insane and two-faced as fuck but her motives are still a mystery, all we know is that she's been lying to everyone from the start
Shibe is just a retard

is he really gay for him


Looks like they truly were tomodachis

Don't care, i still want to fuck Shiho.

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>not kissing your tomodachi
What's wrong with you?

>Yuuchi only had some breadcrumbs into his past revealed so far, the final boss is probably his foster mom who is actually not dead so they'll probably reveal it in the near future
But his mom wanted him to appreciate his friends? Or was the lady from the hospital not his mom?

based but kinda gay tbqh

>random seasonal garbage anime has a canon BL kiss while my fujobait shows never have kisses
Being a fujo is suffering

Did he whisper 'no homo' when they fell off the roof? That's the only way to make it not gay.

Who knows, it's all hints so far even though they're really on the nose. Maybe she resents him for what he did.

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Alright, I guess I'll watch it.

dropped. nice try gay agenda.

So whos geh?

All this time I was calling it Tomodachi Gayme as of a joke... I think it's true the fact that Word have power...

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Yeah, that's a drop for me, the retard keikakus and everyone's a traitor shit was fun, but full gay out of nowhere? At least put him on a skirt or something.

It kinda sucks that the episode ended mid manga chapter but I'm not gonna complain, the reactions are way better this way.


shit version of squid game

everybody wants to fuck mc

Looks like he's just pretending to stay in the game.

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>Spent most of his life with an oldman.
>Willingly takes a "no homo" kiss from a dude.
>Pushes the cutest and hottest girl in the series off a cliff, then proceeds to threaten her and (non-sexually) abuse her throughout the story.
>Then actually refuses to directly hurt other men even when he's given the opportunity.
>The only person he really befriended and didn't abuse outside of his "tomodachis" in the game is a boy.
Tenji might be straight, but Yuuichi is definitely deep into the closet.

>I've killed people
this suppose to be horrible?


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the build up to the gay kiss was even more hilarious


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Are there any translations past chapter 93? It's not a big deal since I can understand Japanese but I'm pretty slow at it so I prefer reading in English.

I thought he would chicken out but it's quite funny he went through with it.

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Tenji aint no pussy

he don't want no pussy either

>surprise faggotry

Dead Tube for normalfaggots.

literally same author

This got really good all of a sudden.

>too stupid to be a suspect

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I'm going to miss this retard

Holy fucking kek this anime is a trainwreck, I love it
Shame it's an adaptation so the the threads are pretty dead due to manga spoilers, imagine if it was an original. This ep would've had 3+ threads all at bump limit already if it was

Don't you have your own k-shit containment board?

I read the manga but there's 2 things I'm wondering, maybe other manga readers know or have some idea.
1) Who is the 3rd person yuuichi killed?
2) Why do you think shibe hate yuuichi now?


Shame most neo/a/ anons are too dumb for this show, they can't browse the net on their phone while watching unlike with moeshit, else they won't understand shit since you need to actually pay attention for this anime.
So basically this show was an easy drop for room temp IQs on this board, unless they're mangafags. If it was an original all the plebs would force themselves to watch though to be up with the 'current thing (trainwreck)' on the board like symphogear, even if they don't actually like the show. Alas it being a manga killed the possibility of fast threads

I'm dropping this if it turns into yaoi