Edens Zero Chapter 190: The Greatest Show From Hell

My turn this time.

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OD Rebecca is too much bros.

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And now for how she fights best.

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What if Ziggy = Shiki

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What's the appeal to shounen? You guys already know the heroes will win the fights, so it just feels like filler for an inevitable outcome

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>What's the appeal of life? You guys already know everyone will eventually die, so it just feels like filler for an inevitable outcome

Now the dark carnival begins.

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And last page. Bye-bye, Rebecca!

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imagine the footjob

You are given life without choice, how are the two comparable.

Thanks OP

>Responding to a shitposter

would be fun if the clown makes all of her clothes and underwear dissappear with his ether powers and she has to do some sort of magical girl transformation using her ether to create another outfit.


The only "magical girl transformation" she has is her Overdrive. If Rebecca gets clothing damage she has to replace missing articles with stuff she finds around her.

You might think that during this 3 year timeskip she has learnt how to materialize any kind of clothing of her choice with her ether at will. We have yet to see her full power.

Goodness gracious look at those hips.
Thank you Mashima, you never cease to amaze.

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I expect at least two chapters this week.



Thanks OP, I hate dumping. It takes so long and I'm not buying the damned pass

>and now for my ultimate magic trick

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You might want to actually read this chapter

That might be the coolest battle dress so far. And now that I think about it, brigandine and killer didn't actually use their battle dress against jaguar

Why would her time related powers make her able to materialize clothes ? You're not making any sense.

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>Wastes all her meter on phase 1
I thought Rebecca was supposed to be a gamer?

gamers aren't smart

To be fair, Rebecca hasn't even begun to use her broken abilities either. She used Overdrive just for the physical benefits it gave.

Clown Ziggy.

A fuck I missed a few chapters. What's the best site to read from?

Yea Forums

Not sure it's the best but it works just fine:

NTA but she could reverse time on her clothes before they melt or whatever. It happens often enough where she should learn how to do it

based clown

I'm surprised her Overdrive clothes can melt too.

So is Rebecca going to get herself out of this, are Happy and Pino going to do something, or will someone else bail Rebecca out?

Off to a great start

No Hermit this chapter but nice Rebeccas

I like this shot.

Ngl, was kinda hoping that Happy would turn into a bazooka

Look at that fat cow


This better lead to rape

>not even my final form

I want her to do this to my penis

I think Happy Pino already did their contribution for the fight. Probably just a reverse.

Was this shot nessecary?

Well it's only fair after Shiki pulled a "boo hoo, you did well but I only used 10 percent of my powet" last fight