Spy x Family

is this a shojo manga men can enjoy without shame?

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not a shoujo. an omnipandering shounen

Shonen based on shojo

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Spy x Family is for little girls

>implying Anya wouldn't be Slytherin

You can enjoy any manga without shame if you aren't a pussy

I think Endo need to write a shojo for her side gig or next work.
He is really good at this

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Tell me about Anyas horns... if I take them off will she die?

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What is McMahon's endgame?

This. She's either a true dumbass Hufflepuff or infiltrated into Slytherin.

at first I thought the author was a woman because of the impeccable fashion sense and the fact the hero is a gigachad instead of a betabitch.

Apparently Endo make Damian based on this guy
>rich and jerk chad falling in love with Heroine


sigmachad ?

He has plenty of women thinking he's handsome and he's not a virgin. It's pretty chad.

the Spy x Family figures are coming...and so am i

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Handsome badass autist.

are you thinking of doumiouji from hana yori dango ?

forget the image

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Damian needs a love rival

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Becky go back

No need if the rival end ups being 200x better than him.

Final chapter. Loid is Eren and Yuri is Armin.

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Who's Anya based on?
I know about the design from Rengoku no Ashe but I'm asking if Endou had reference when making Anya gigs and character

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Damian is a chad

Am I the only one who finds Yor to be hotter than Anya? Originally I took interest in this series because of Anya, but as the story progressed I began to develop a preference for Yor. She's just too cute.

Damian's VA voiced one of the little tykes who worship Aharen, so that's pretty much a sample of the voice we're getting next ep, I figure

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Yuzu from Aishiteruze Baby.
btw Yuzu goes back to her real mother at the end

Anime Damian is ugly

I feel for him since his feelings for Anya are genuine but she's just a manipulating shitter like her dad.

That's bitter sweet ending

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Here's your (You)

To be honest it was a fitting ending for that specific story. For SxF, not so much.

Anya has carved a link too deep with Yor and Loid for an ending where she returns to her mother to be satisfactory.

>damian is an upstanding boy whose family crest literally has a griffon on it
>anya is a scheming, rotten agent of chaos who got a spy and assassin together because it would be "interesting"
Colors are wrong.

A story where your expectations are subverted is better since it's less predictable. See Game of Thrones or SnK.

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Dodgeball arc is one of the best chapter in this entire series

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But we don't know Anya's parents status. It's clear by her reaction she had a deep bond with her mother too before being separated. If Anya happens to go back to live with her bio mama doesn't mean she'll have to cut ties with Yor or Loid.

No it's good, you're all just thinking in absolutes. Anya gets to be with her real parents and Loid and Yor start their own family with their biological child. Just because Anya leaves them doesn't mean they can't be her friend afterwards.
Haven't you seen Big Daddy? Adam Sandler doesn't get to keep his orphaned kid, but the he's still friends with him after the kid is returned to Jon Stewart.

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I imagine that at this point her real mom is dead

>le subverted
GoT literally fell out of public consciousness immediately because of how "subverted" the ending was

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>Big Daddy
Bitersweetness can be kino too if done well.

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GoT became a cultural phenomenon because they subverted expectations for eight seasons.

His love rival will be Loid. With a cool father like that Anya will grow with a huge father complex.

No, GoT became a cultural phenomenon because it was shilled as fuck and because the first book was genuinely good and the lead-in was on point, season 1 was legitimately well-directed.
Subversion of expectations only works if the audience realizes after the fact that the expectations were wrong and that what actually happened was foreseeable if they weren't stuck in the wrong mindset. Subverting them just to subvert them is the sign of a hack and nobody fucking likes it.

Anya looks like someone who would steal your lunch money

>GoT literally fell out of public consciousness immediately because
It stopped being written by GRRM, not because of well done subvertion.

It would be extremely painful… for you.

maybe she's a test tube baby with no parents just eggs and sperm donors.

This lil nigga's alright.

I want an absolute happy ending
>Ostania and Westalia merged
>Anya returns to her real parents
>Married Damian
>Yor and Loid have biological children
>Bond has 20 offspring
>Franky dates Fiona
>Becky become Loid mistress
>Yuri died in jail


these two are so cute

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>It stopped being written by GRRM
GRRM can't write worth shit anyway and the fat fuck knows it, that's why he's so terrified he actually just stopped writing his books

no lmao, GoT was shit at the end because they gave viewers what they wanted instead of trying to write a good story

>Subverting them just to subvert them is the sign of a hack and nobody fucking likes it.

That would be depressing.

It was popular because it was well written, from the plot to the dialogue, plus the violence and the sex.
Veering towards subversion for the sake of it is most often than not bad writing. A twist is good if it makes sense in retrospect.

Her mom is the one who sold her for research to begin with nerds

>because they gave viewers what they wanted
>Dany going insane and the fucking cripple becoming king was "what they wanted"

>GRRM can't write worth shit anyway
The story, worldbuilding and characters are unironically great.

Your meds...take them...

We are not talking about your mom user...

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The higher you climb, the harder you fall. After Isayama and Togashi, you should have already learned to temper your expectations from your "oh-so-wonderful" mangakas.

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>what they wanted
They said they based the ending on GRRM's notes, so no.

>the worldbuilding is great
The story is decent, I'll say the characters are fairly strong for what he's going for too
But the worldbuilding is complete trash. The dothraki basically don't have a civilian life and are lifted straight from native american carictures from early hollywood and GRRM has no idea how medieval society works. He writes a story where everyone is an edgelord then tries to ground it by saying this is "how it really was" when a fucking undergraduate degree in history tells you that he's wrong on just about every count.