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He looks like hes boutta whip

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>all those moments will be lost in time...like tears in rain

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>Think it was going to wrap up after THAT
>It's somehow still on-going and MC is now a hikkimoori NEET
>This happens as well
I'm just going by the threads as well since I dropped this manga a while ago and no way in hell I'm picking it up, but what seriously the heck is going on with this manga?

>but what seriously the heck is going on with this manga?
The author decided to forgo romance and went full comedy. He won't give his waifu to the MC anymore.

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why do people do this

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Wholesome shit, too bad it's so short

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thats it i'm rewatching hamtaro

Got any protagonists being heroic today, OPT?

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still seething kek

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Why are rocks growing from his skin?

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