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Man, I miss when I liked Koga.

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No, you liked shitposting about Koga being a side character and useless. It's not the same thing.

Real fans actually devoted to the character only ever cared about seeing him progress and become a top tier fighter, which is well on his way to being, and not pointlessly caring about the writing quality of a popcorn-fighting manga typically aimed a late teenager to early 20s audience.

I'm sorry for your terminal retardation, user.

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It's a similar phenomena when it comes to Gohan in Dragon Ball. "Fans" of the character increasingly get annoyed with people who want Gohan to be relevant and a top fighter, because it goes against "who he is". "Gohan is a scholar, not a fighter" and "He doesn't have any time to train so him being strong is unrealistic". Taking these assumptions to their logical conclusion would be writing Gohan out of the Dragon Ball Super story entirely, which is what they all really want since they hate the character.

However, we real fans of these characters know better. We don't waste time worrying about the "writing quality" of series where the authors themselves never intended to be superlatively written. We have books by genuine greats of history for that.

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That's the thing user, I wanted to see him progress and become a top tier. I hate the timeskips for that reason alone, I wanted to see Koga work through blood sweat and tears to become a top tier fighter.
Omega's quality may be a joke, but I'd rather we see a gradual shift to Koga being top tier instead of a 2 year timeskip where he gets trained by Lolong and Agito.

Kengan threads should become just like DBS threads

Hassad soon.

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Koga will heel turn next chapter

>No True Scotsman
Faggot. Stop licking Sandro's boots.

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Keep licking Sandro's boots

Oh Jerry, you and your ebonics

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Whenever I play Tekken I imagine my character is fighting in the KAT

who's your favourite character

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>People whine about Koga being a jobber sidechar
>"Okay, now he is the new MC"
>People whine about koga being the MC

I agree. I liked to see his growth and progression.
So why the fuck was it all skipped so we end up with this bland asshole instead of our Koga?

so what the fuck has he been doing all these 2 years?

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is this series getting better?

Here's a tip, don't reintroduce the whole cast of the previous manga (minus some of the most entertaining members) and sideline the characters that we were following for the first 50 chapters of the series.

Read the manga and decide for yourself if yu rike it or not, user

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People didn't like Koga because he was the main character, people liked Koga because he was a cocky fuckhead, weak and determined
Now Koga is not cocky
He is not weak
And his determination is passing at best

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grooming middle aged men

>Not cocky
U wat mate? He's as cocky as ever now.

He bows his head to anyone not named Shia.

He's confident, but when that confidence is never checked and he has the strength to back it up it's not endearing
It's the equivalent to Kuroki talking shit, it's too measured

People didn't like Koga from the start and that's where all this shit stems from
Every single aspect of this series has been torpedoed by the fact that old characters have to be shoved into every single backstory and plotline

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Koga training was fun. Koga teleporting to the future with implied Nikek shittery is not. I hope Xia Ji murders both Ohma and Koga now

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but people did like Koga

>"Okay so next chapter we'll have the Xia vs Koga rematch to showcase Koga's strength"
>"but Sandro, everyone think Xia is a fucking joke, how are you gonna prop Koga up by having him beat a jobber?"
>"dont worry I have this in the bag"
>"Wakatsuki 2.0, do u rike?"
>"Sandro ffs, Superhuman syndrome? Are you trying to ruin Wakatsuki and turn his condition into a joke like SSJ?
>"okay okay, Wakatsuki 0.5 then and I'll give him magic kung fu too, this is my last deal"

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It's not even 0.5,he's literally 1/26th of his power

I've been lurking since I dropped when rihito lost and every time I check back to see what's happened I never see anything that makes omega better than ashura. This sequel should've never existed, ohma should be dead, everything about purgatory and worm shit is retarded and not even fun retarded just terrible story retarded

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>People didn't like Koga
Kill yourself retarded Ohmaposter. Koga was cool because he was set up to be a spiritual successor to the cool MC of the previous series who dies in combat
>Challenged a Kengan fighter for his spot in the same alleyway as Ohma
>Kazuo took him in and had a literal "this kid reminds me of him (=Ohma)" moment when Koga sperged out about wanting to be the strongest (just like Ohma did in Asura)
>Kengan eye which links Koga to Ichinoshin and by extension Ohma (both of whom died in combat which is cool)
If Koga just continued his training arc without retarded KAT fighter wankery, Kureshit, Nikoshit, Cloneshit, Niko and Ohma revival, etc, he would've grown to be Ohma levels of strong by this point. I really liked the idea of Koga following the path Ohma had, but with infinitely more support due to
>Not wasting 10 years being a murderhobo with amnesia
>Not killing himself with Advance for the same amount of time unknowingly
>Nogi being indebted to Ohma for making him chairman, and repaying the debt by training the new guys who kinda resemble him (Ryuki face wise, Koga behavior wise)
>Kazuo taking him under his wing
>Whole Kengan association being willing to teach him because they liked Ohma
>Fucking Ryuki teaching him the proto-Niko style footwork and possibly more had ch 50 not happened
WHY IS SANDRO SUCH A FUCKING HACK AAAAAAAAA, Ryuki and Koga creating two new schools of the Niko style, tracking down Fei, fucking around in the Inside, maybe becoming enemies, etc would've been a great plot. FUCK WORMSHIT AND FUCK UNKILLABLE CHARACTERS

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>literally 1/26th of his power
Man, internet and zoomers(millenials to some extent as well) popped off my autism so hard that I can't help but smirk whenever I see someone use the term 'literally' correctly.

I mean financially, it economically makes sense.

It's a low bar but congrats, you just wrote out Omega better in a throwaway post than Sandro himself has been plotting out what's basically his legacy.

Baek and Bruce, unfortunately

Kill yourself you revisionist fag, people immediately complained that the MC of the new series was some unrelated guy and immediately lost their shit once he started talking to Kazuo. Pull up a thread from two years ago, I'll wait. I don't like Ohma one fucking bit and can't stand you retards suddenly going on about how much everyone loved Koga so, so much now that they hate Ohma and can't keep sucking off his shit character anymore.

Every series I like drinks the kool aid with the "global threat" bullshit. Asura was cool with the Ichinoshin, Nogi, etc plotlines being "manly spiritualism", but even back then the Worm plot was pointless, retarded, and handled terribly (pickaxe jobber lmao). Guess the Ranjo shit was foreshadowing Sandro's retardation. Let's just hope the new Sumo guy breaking the cursed stone doesn't release the REAL, TRUE, GENUINE Wu Hei in Baki
I do not care about what nigger cattle think. Koga was objectively cool before Ohma came back and I consider everyone who ever stated otherwise to be my enemy. Kill yourself faggot schizoid Koga hater DBSpic

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Omega is too serious for its own good
Also the stakes are too big for Sandro's level of writing. In Ashura everything was easily contained since it's just a tournament from ch20 onwards, but now in Omega there's stuff like clones, cyber brains, worms, etc

>clones, cyber brain
You're fucking joking right? Really?

>But now
Kenzo was already doing brain shit with rats

I liked Koga. Koga eating burgers with Kokuro, training with the wrestlers, swallowing protein and vomiting, and getting swole is still peak Omega to me. Peak Omega threads too, things were so comfy back then before the series went full retard in multiple ways in escalating absurdity. I wanted more Koga training, Koga timeskip was peak soullessness for Omega despite everything.

We need to start looking at Omega as a glass half full

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Damn I wish Sandro went all-in on the delinquent fuckboy Koga of pre-50 just so the bullied-in-school redditor freaks on here killed themselves or left my threads for good. Chapter 50 might have killed Omega, but our shitposting and funposting is what drew in all the losers who killed these threads. Sandro skipped a cool journey (new guys training and hitting it off) in order to arrive at a shitty destination (Wormshit). What a retard lmao

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Who the fuck peed in the glass?

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>That's Jarate mate! Need it for those bloody spies!

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it was until it wasn't

>is this series getting better?
Not really. The cast is just gang jumping Xia now. We still don't know much about the motives of the Worm, Tiger Niko, or Gilbert (Eddie) and the story is still moving at the speed of molasses. The Gilbert chapter was the last good one and that's because it's the peak of comedy and retardation.

Yeah and then people came around to him in 10-20 chapters. Why even bother lying your ass off like this lmao, archives on Yea Forums exist leddit

Went through the ch 3 Omega thread and saw some gems
>Ryuki had to step back to negate the blow, so it is technically a win for Koga
Awfully familiar joke, guess Rokushin guys are just made to job to redirection trickery
>I want Karla to rape me
>We won't ever see Karla again
ha ha
>fagshit (Koga x Ryuki, Ryuki raping Cosmo)
>People thinking Centipede, Tiger, and Worm were different underground organizations
Retarded or what? Keep in mind I used to call people who thought Ohma would return retards too
>I like this guy (Koga)
>He as the main guy in ch 0 so I think he's the actual MC ... for now ...
People smelled the hackery that would unfold?
>Koga needs billion years to catch up
Retarded powerlevel schizo from this thread I assume. You are sick in the head and your opinion does not matter if that's the case. Everyone else seemed to like Koga well enough, though, even if he was nuRihito (to Ryuki's nuOhma)

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what's the name of the track that plays at 35s?
been looking through the whole ost and couldnt land on it

Xia should've based his fighting style off knives like how Jerry Tyson's kung fu is based off warheads

Damn I hate how they chose to animate Kengan, I always imagined it with less "special effects", less screaming, and no smokebombs for Advance/Removal.
>Okubo v Agito
The grappling was on-point, but I think the striking looks like shit due to that white impact explosion thing.
>No cleaver Agito
>No x-ray of Okubo's football kick, no significant airtime either
Kengan needs some autistic madman director and $ out the ass to look cool animated, huh?

>tfw only once the wish was fulfilled did we truly discover the journey is what mattered

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>xia beats up a TV
>koga is tiger's vessel
>this pic was a foreshadowing

Why is Raian making weird sounds?

Do I have a stockholm syndrome or this animation actually looks better in 60 fps

track name pls

>asura anime getting a sequel means we'll see CGI xia ji one day

Did it ever say why he was dressed like a clown for the Omega tournament?

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Ryuki about to cry himself to sleep over Koga caving Xia's skull in