Yuru Yuri

Akari is coming, you WILL enjoy yuru yuri

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New chapters when?

>Akari is coming
In what sense?

When Lazykyouko wakes up

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in every sense

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I don't know how this idea got so popular in fiction. If you tie one end of a rope to a building and then jump down holding the other end, you will not elegantly be swung back into the building.
The rope will very abruptly go taut. You either have the strength to hold onto it and thus instantly stop your drop, or you will let go of the rope and approach the ground underneath.
If you managed to hold onto the rope, you will be moved towards the building rather gently. Certainly not enough to catapult you into a room.


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very lazy please understand

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Good timing. I was about to cum.

You shouldn't cum to yurus user

inside is fine then

was it rape?

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It was

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No, it was Serbia.

when did you realise kyouko deserves the love she gets?

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Here. Even if she's an awful friend

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Since day one. She and Akari are two sides of the same coin.

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When I learned the truth

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But they will get pregnant that way..

If panel 5 and 6 had depicted Kyouko's death (or otherwise departure from the manga), I would not have been surprised.

She even has her hands in the back like she's just about to put the one ring onto her finger and run for the misty mountains.

Shit, how did that rope break a window like that?

Would bumpKari assault the other yurus as well or she's only horny for Chinatsu?

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Kyouko's sweaty soft pale 14-year-old legs...

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What about them?

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Why do you think hanako started calling her onee-san?

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Makes sense

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I guess I should let the thread die

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But should you really?

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Yurufriends seems to be busy today, also bumping a thread too many times makes me feel weird..

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Midday American always seems to be the worst time for yuru and gochi friends
I suppose that's a good thing since it means most of them work and do things

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I see, it makes sense. There's not a lot to talk about as well sadly. I wish Lazykyouko woke up from his coma already

Bakkin is fucking dead and lazykyouko is living up to his name
Such is life
Man I really need to learn nip

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Eight (8)

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>Megane Himawari

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This seems like overly risky clothing.

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Why is chinatsu so shit?

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why is chinatsu so sex

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She's a prime JC1

Akari is more like an edge.

Cute cock

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China a best.

>china a pest

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Did you know you can found a relationship entirely based on puns?
Well you do now

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post the hands interlocking and know in your heart it was not.

Good morning yurus, I want to sex China

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That ain't jam.

Then what is it?

Yui's period blood

Stop being gross!

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