CCS is a reverse yuri ntr show

CCS is a reverse yuri ntr show

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Tomoyo should have won

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What’s wrong with Sakura?

Yuri aside, I always found strange how no one ever mentions they are relatives.

Sex with Tomoyo!

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This is sick.

One day Clamp will realize the best version of CCS is the one Sakura cucks Shyoran with old man and Tomoyo has everything on tape

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she never made attempts at winning, she doesn't deserves shit.

>written by women
What did they mean by that?

>One day Clamp
Clamp are professionally dead

They are doing homo vanguard.

So you are saying there is a chance?

They're still making Clear Card, and they just did the character designs for a recent Vanguard season or something.

Sakura is pure sex.

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CC is getting another anime?

Me offscreen, making Sakura child-pregnant.

for me it's Meiling

Off yourself s/u/bhuman

The manga is still ongoing. No news or even a confirmation for another CC season.

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There was this. But, it has been a month and there's no follow up to it.

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Ladies arrest Kero-chan!

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Meiling should give Tomoyo and Syaoron the strap

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TN note: eeewww....

I know right? Where's the fuck is the source OP ?

ser may i have the source?

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Nice commission bro

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There is literally nothing wrong with gay incest, though. It is not like Sakura and Tomoyo could make retarded babies.

No, I mean how no one literally ever mentions how they are relatives, I'm not even sure they are aware of it themselves.

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Sakura isn't a fucking mind-reader. If Tomoyo really was seriously in love with Sakura, she should have explicitly told her, but all she did was treat her BFF like a Barbie doll.

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I don't remember if this was ever mentioned but who was Tomoyo's father?

The purest form of cuckery

>Yuri aside, I always found strange how no one ever mentions they are relatives.
They're second cousins. They didn't even know until Sakura met her mom and they're not really relayed anyway. Don't tell me you're one of those idiots who thinks liking your second cousin is incest.

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cute and pure

sauce, pls


>Lesbian in a Clamp manga
Tomoyo is lucky that her waifu status prevent her to be paired with a guy

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Protect the Sakura

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You know what Tomoyo needs? A 30 year old man to straighten her out!

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I want to hug them so bad

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I volunteer to take on this responsibility.

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Sex with Sakura

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This is how grown male faggots cope with liking a shoujo manga for little girls. Incredible.

best part about ccs for me is that it never got edgy or deep, it just stayed cute and fun the entire time

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>They're second cousins.
>they're not really relayed anyway.
what in tardation? Tomoyo's mom is literally Sakura's aunt. Even if I am remembering wrong their mothers are indeed related by blood.

Their mothers are cousins.

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That makes them 3rd cousins, not second.

>Their mothers are cousins.
You're right I had to look that up. Even then second cousins hooking up is still weird. On a biological aspect I dont think there is anything wrong with it (for the most part) but social dynamic wise its kind of weird to think that your great grandkids would end up fucking.

Is it okay if I just stick with the 90s anime canon and never look to the new stuff? The ending was cute enough, the only real complain I have is they never even bothered to explain why the cards were at Sakura's home in the first place.

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It's this the Prisma Ilya of anime?

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Sakura and Tomoyo's mother are second cousins.