Birdie Wing

New episode few hours

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Car chase episode?

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I thought this was a show about golf

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Lesbian golf hehehe.

I love her so much

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This show is stupid and ridiculous and I love it

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We're finally going to find out who the blonde guy is, my money's still on he's Eve's father


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That would actually be a fun minigold course, if the kids are part of it too

my prediction for this ep is that aoi will be cute

Shit, they don't hang around, do they?

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Need some armpit hair.

Snek episode.

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we nu-jojo now or just quality

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Eve playing with old men for money.

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Why are you reposting low res garbage made by a shitposter?

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I wonder if that's a scar or a birthmark

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Those are some big Tortoises!

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>oh no, my most prized possession(tm)

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Cardio Eve.

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Loli amnesiac Eve.

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Does she secretly have shared history with Eve and her head scar?


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Next episode match against mafia neesan.

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Eve vs Rose!!

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how far will she cheat?

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Yeah, that's what I was wondering - and blonde dude with the facial scars

They really are going to be sisters, aren't they?

Did I mishear, or did she say evangelion there? Which refers to the gospel, not Eva, btw

This will just make it hotter though

This is going to be wild

Today's Gunpla

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followed by

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I'm still not convinced she's 100% a villain, she's got some secret agenda beneath the mafia stuff

WTF is penis line

Is this yuri?

shucks, failed to spoiler that as intended.

idc she cute and i'd take her side

>He doesn't have a line on his



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Cue 80s training montage music

Nice too see Eve growing two cups since the last episode.