Never enables Shinji's bad habits, never skips an opportunity to chide Shinji when there's a reason to

>never enables Shinji's bad habits, never skips an opportunity to chide Shinji when there's a reason to
>her entire character arc is about standing up for herself
>by far the most emotionally stable pilot, practically the designated tard wrangler

>"In Japan, the overwhelming favourite is Rei. They can't handle strong women such as Misato and Asuka"
>is thought to be the "escapist" choice

What did the Master and eva fans mean by this?

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>never skips an opportunity to chide Shinji when there's a reason to
What? Rei never scolds Shinji. Did you confuse chide with another word?

How about that scene in ep. 5 where she's passive-aggressively implying he's a coward when he tells her that he doesn't want to get in the robot and fight Remiel?

>Misato and Asuka
>strong women
Anno is retarded.

Misato and Asuka are the femdom choice.

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Mommy issues

they're all too extreme, mix a little from each of them. that'll be the ideal partner, or maybe just propose to karowu

But he is the most extreme of them all.

Hey he just asked Shinji to kill him. If Shinji refused, the fuck he gonna do? No Rebuild doesn't counted.

Sounds like my mom, God she's stupid sometimes.

Then she tang everyone on Earth.

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>In Japan, the overwhelming favourite is Rei
>passive-aggressively implying
Oh, it all makes sense now.

>That tummy

Haven't watched the series but isn't it implied Rei isn't Lilith and doesn't want to tang everyone?

No, her soul is literally lillith's

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Depend of what you call Lilith and wether or not it was supposed to have a mentality.
Rei may be Lilith 'mind' warped, forced into a clone body and brainwashed until she just lose it, but she tang everyone willingly (before dying)
That's definitely a difference with Kaoru "Adam" who is similar and yet still possess more knowledge of what should be his role.

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She clearly has some vestiges of connection to herself as Lilith, at the very least. Remember that scene before they fight Remiel, how she says that she feels connected to all mankind?

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I used to ship Asushin when I was younger, not knowing what was so special about Rei. But I recently rewatched the series and noticed that she's probably the most emotionally stable and mature pilot other than Kaworu (but he doesn't really count). Honestly that quote makes Anno(?) look like a seething Asufag.

Those views are not contradictory. Rei's and Shinji's relationship is decidedly non-sexual, unlike his relationship with Asuka, which is as painful for the two of them as it is because their relationship has a markedly hormonal, sexual tone to it.

Having Asuka as a waifu is a degenerated man's idea of a strong woman. In his mind a strong woman is someone who sees herself as being above him, and berates him for it. But someone like Rei, who is more in touch with her emotions and is able to express disasatifaction with Shinji in a far more reasonable manner than Asuka's sperging, is an actual strong female character.
Retard women online and cumbrain men don't get this

I feel like I am the only Asufag that isn't a coombrain. I kneel Reifu posters.

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left looks like a coompost

Reichads are fewer on Yea Forums, but higher IQ. Quality over quantity.

>Misato and Asuka
>s̶t̶r̶o̶n̶g̶ ̶w̶o̶m̶e̶n̶
Dadddy issues

Conan is cool

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I would simply settle down with best girl and live a quiet life.

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Gendo's used goods

this is a gross woman

Rei does passive-aggression but I don't think that's what it was. Episode right before was where Shinji's fired, they actually start reconfiguring EVA-01 for Rei and she's the only one not regretting the arrangement, she would have replaced Shinji in the first episode, I think she just means it in the sixth when she says Shinji can stay in bed and she'll go die alone. She has weird respect that Shinji's a real human boy who should be free to leave if she can do his job instead.

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Every time...

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Didn't she say something to the effect of "are you running away?"

That's as forward an expression of her disapproval as she can give in that moment.

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What are you smiling at?

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Asuka loves that ass.

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Rei has lines like that later and inside Shinji's dreams. She was stating facts about preparations already being made to proceed without Shinji.

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Why anyone would ever pick the inferior imitation over the real personification of perfection is beyond my comprehension.

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Everything that happened was her fault

Fault? Nay, her achievement.


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Oyakodon with Yui and Rei

God, I remember that gif. Take me back to 2013.

Once Shinji saves her though she never does that again. It might as well never have happened.

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>"In Japan, the overwhelming favourite is Rei. They can't handle strong women such as Misato and Asuka"
he's right about that though

>most emotionally stable.

Slaps Shinji for disparaging his deadbeat dad. Suicidal. An emotional wreck concealed by feigned indifference. Hostile to Asuka, even when Asuka was trying to make friends or amends. Probably fucking Gendo. (Ritsuko considered her a romantic rival anyway.). Her imprint on unit 00 could actually drive people crazy.

And you know what? You’re still probably right.

Literally killed billions.

I like this Rei better

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I've never understood the complaint that Rei is emotionless, passive, and submissive. Especially when it comes from Anno himself. Rei's entire arc is about discovering that she's actually filled with passion, that she has feelings and emotions, and things and people she loves and wants to protect. I don't know why Anno himself somehow got it into his head that she's this doormat.

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Used goods, plus bad mother

She did the exact opposite though. The entire show happened only because she wanted to save everyone from instrumentality.

Only trannies think this.