I love Asuka's ass

I love Asuka's ass.

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>Shinji gets to eat that every night
lucky bastard

where is it?


Yes, 14 is the atomic number of silicone

Yes, I pound Asuka's tight ass 14 times a week

I can't rein in this urge to give Asuka painal...

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Thoughts on Chilean Asuka?


fuck off spic

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Yes, the number of our children.

Fat and old/10
Should get off the Internet and start a family before it is too late.

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Kouka is based on her.

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is small

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>Shinji gets to eat that every night

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Lengthy breeding sessions, with Asuka.


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KenKen fucks THAT?!

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I want to wear asuka's sweaty plugsuit

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14 inches in her ass.

Asuka's ass is tiny, even in Universe. Rei and Misato have her beat.

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Prove it.

Asuka was the first anime girl I ever masturbated to. So glad, that it wasn't Rei

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Technically 13

I hope you took responsibility and waifued her.

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Coomers are weird

14 decades of love and affection

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I guess the thread is over now. 35 posts wasn't bad.

You tried reporting him?


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It was over in the first post


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If that sad little ass is what has Asuka beat, then it's no wonder all Evangelion porn is so grossly offmodel.

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The Rebuilds aren't canon. Eva ended with EoE.

Just like Asuka ended with Kensuke

She didn’t. He was her fake father.

Two words
Usagi Drop

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>Usagi Drop
Surely you mean Nadia.

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>He was her fake father
And a true husband.

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If you asked 100 normalfags to pick between Asuka and Rei, I'd reckon you'd see a 70/30 split for the redhead.

Considering the "nromalfag" can't even relate to Shinji I wouldn't be surprised to see it be 80/20. As much as I would enjoy hatefucing Asuka I'd rather have Rei for any length of time.

>70 of 100 people has bas taste
And the sky is blue

shut up and post moar asukass

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Do you think she is wearing panties under those shorts, bros?

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imagine living in close proximity to asuka and getting regular whiffs of her pusy, ass, feet and armpits

Don't matter they're coming off

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Fag anime

Everyday life for Kensuke

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For me it's Asuka's smile and Asuka's feet

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