Baki break 124-125?

Break next week? Yes or no?

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I couldn't care less. Call me in a month or so. Hopefully by then, this shitty filler will have been over.

Break next week

Suck my cock

I'm not willing to believe anons on that anymore. It's like a pastime to say there will be a break now

Kegnan has mind broken breakfags so hard they've moved on mass to Baki trolling

It helps Itagaki only works 26 weeks of the year.

Really? Fuck
Well I’m not gonna complain anymore
To me, it’s not a “weekly manga” it’s a “second weekly manga” meaning 2 chapters/month

Oh well

Lmao second weekly tf does that even mean? But I get what ur sayin

Just gotta wait 3 weeks then


Btw I kinda like Kehaya
I like him more than Sukune
He looks buff and cool

Golden week is over
The Baki Exhibition is over
Itagaki will probably return to full steam soon

The correct term is bi-weekly, you mouthbreather.

>Itagaki will probably return to full steam soon
So, a chapter every other week, sometimes 2-3 weeks in a row if we're lucky?


Itagaki is like 65
My mother is the same age and she only works 4 days a week because she's too tired
Itagaki works at least 5 days a week, even with biweekly releases
The manga business is brutal
You want him to die like Miura, or live until he's 80?

I wouldn't mind if he switched to a biweekly format. My only real problem with breaks is not knowing when they're coming.

Yeah but it’s a different between sucking dick for work and drawing for work

did you call jack shitty filler

Ch 124 when?

Baki as a series suffers from power-scaling now, prove me wrong.

Nothing is impressive anymore, after Musashi no one is ever gonna be threatening again to the Hanma's, hell, to the entire established order.
So now we may have Jack vs Baki but honestly, it's been pretty much established that Baki should come out on top. The ranking between all of these characters is mostly set in stone.

This is the point where other series would go SUPER SAIYANS FROM OUTER SPACE ARE HERE TO POSE A SERIOUS THREAT TO OUR HEROES but Itagaki isn't likely to do something like that, so who can actually give Baki a good fight at this point?
Even if we had a pro-wrestling arc it would be pretty lame because there is just no chance in hell that any of them could beat Baki, or Jack, or Pickle, or even Shibukawa, Doppo, Katsumi, Hanayama etc.
And Kicks McGee isn't gonna do shit to Baki or Yujiro either when fatso already got slapped by both.

I'm very curious to see how Itagaki will continue this series at this point but I'm afraid it might be stuck in this slump until it gets axed.
The art isn't exactly improving either so that certainly doesn't help.

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It’s already out

You must be extremely retarded if you think Jack would lose to Baki.

The art is worse, not because of the “thicker” art style, but because of the lack for attention to details and the background. It all seems plain and too simple in my opinion.

One more thing. I’m not scared of Yujiro. I don’t find him interesting nor impressive anymore. And that might be because I find him annoying and that his face has gotten so much more punchable. Baki looks weak (and he is) Jack is the only one who is interesting and someone who looks extremely intimidating. That is why Jack is the best and why Jack is stronger than Baki and Yujiro AND that is why Jack will beat Yujiro in a final match

Holy shit
It's kicking off

Jack being the main character of the series is fax

KICKing off hahahahaha get it?


Yes, break next week.

user, I hate to break it to you but
Yujiro is a primary antagonist
Baki is a primary protagonist
Jack is a secondary antagonist
In other words out of the three Jack will always be bottom

dou-ki nut soon. Typesetting right now.
dump in this thread or a new one?


Your argument makes no sense

No here:

>You must be extremely retarded if you think Jack would lose to Baki
Jack couldn't even beat Pickle, you think now that he has a slightly stronger bite he can somehow beat Baki, who relies mostly on speed and technique?
Baki's not fat fuck, he isn't just gonna let Jack go for the jugular. Baki can KO people in that .25 second gap so good luck biting his fingers either.
Jack doesn't even train for fighting other people, he takes drugs and lifts weights. How is that gonna help him with someone who specialized in high-speed combat?

Jack thinks weight lifting is a waste of time and he only ever does it seriously with his mouth for jaw strength. He roids and trains in fighting. From the beginning he had a judo and boxing background but he did every style. He could steal Aiki and was matched in technique with some of the best. When told to lift weights he said it was retarded and not a way to become stronger. Stop this Jack lifting meme, it's literally never been him.
But yes Baki will beat him, same as always.

These threads seriously need to learn nuance. No Jack probably isn't going to beat Baki, but Jack has gotten way better than just "slightly stronger" bites. Not only has he done a bunch of training to change his jaw, he's also gotten titanium teeth and has developed an entire martial art around biting where he can even see people's entire artery system. Then there's also the fact that he has also learned to use Pickles quadrupedal stance to increase his speed and agility.

where's the fucking chap?

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He gets rapped

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He probably meant this new Kehaya plot

Jack hasn't been an antagonist in decades

where didd you find that?

I'm pretty sure the guy who keeps saying Jack will beat everyone is Ichido trolling

Please not more gay sex

It started in chapter 123

let me guess his kick will break yuji aiki

Always a possibility with Yujiro on the scene.

Here be Dou-ki nut chapter 124, hang in there.

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Right about the first part but you’re a retard too for thinking Jack would lose to Baki


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I agree that Jack is stronger than Baki

Also, he will beat Yujiro, something even Baki couldn’t properly do. So yes, Jack is stronger than Baki

I agree

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Would be funnier if this actually made sense
It’s just sounds like gibberish

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All of it, just gibberish

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Die already Ichido

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I have to say the art on everything except Yujiro is pretty great this chapter

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Family is hard

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I don't know if it's troll TL or true TL anymore.

I dont want to believe yuriro hair is heairgel

He lifts weights all the time what are you talking about?
I will admit to the rest though, he does have a background in pit fighting and he could use Aiki after experiencing it, proving he has an innate talent for moving his body, likely due to his Hanma genetics.
But he's still lifting weights and hanging himself from his teef while Baki is constantly fighting stuff, either real fighters or in his own imagination.
Jack builds up muscles ideal for a variety of tasks, while Baki's muscles are ideally suited for fighting and he also develops his mind to do better in fights.

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