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Why has Oda started repeating his panels more and more often lately?

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You're not wrong

I only agree with what you're saying for those ones on the right. The attacks should've connected already, Oda wasted 2-3 weeks of story progression on nonsense.

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He is literally saving time to get better ideas, he is free to do that because he sells a lot

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So that autist would notice

To show that twenty chapters are 5 seconds irl

Checked. I always will now.

I would let Oda move to two break weeks per month if the chapters themselves progressed faster.

Spoilers when?

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Probably because he's moving back and forth from 15 different POVs that he can't keep track of what he already did instead of progressing on POV a decent amount and moving on from there.

Reminder that this happened ~two weeks ago in-universe

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Because he switches between locations. And if you read the arcs in binge these are just like camera shots between different places and situations which are happening simultaneousoy, not cliffhangers.

When is Kidd getting his Bege-tier character development? All he's done this arc is get his head dunked in a pool of water, seethe at Kaido and then punch big meme a few times while Law cheated his way to victory with unlimited stamina

>muh friend laffs

And what is the problem? Luffy already had all the conditions. He just needed to use them properly.

Padding for milestone chapters, chapter 1100 is gonna be epic!

Any spoiler hint?

>Luffy after four months of sailing total and two years on an island is on the same level as people who have been sailing for 30 years or longer
Ain't that some shit

nothing happened

Katakuri, I......I love you.

In the end, did they live up to the hype?

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Colored version of volumes 96-98 released in Japan on the 5th of long does it take to have them in English?

Kidds crew laughing with Killer on the way to the raid is literally the most kino moment of this arc

Only Koido.

What was the time difference in between Kaido+BM announcing their alliance and BM getting knocked out?

10 months


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boi wat da heeell boah? das hella hay boah

only kaido

Only Big Mom

Where are the spoilers?

No villain in OP will ever be a scary as big mom was in WCI

>Zoro is dead.
>Yamato will join.
>Charrot will join.
>Orochi is alive.
>Zoro kills Kaido.
>The raid will fail.
>Yamato is a man.
>Kiku is a woman.
>Kaido defeats Luffy.
Only one of these is true.

>The island doesn't get out of the way
>Luffy punches through the island and killing Kaido, and tens of thousands of people
>Wano residents: "Luffy, thank you for becoming a mass murderer for our sakes."
>Big Mom from her crater: "Luffy, what a MAN you are."

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You are wrong

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Yeah, their arcs didn't tho, especially Wano

Not really. I don't see Kaido or Big Mom harming Whitebeard the way Akainu did.

may i please have a crumb of spoilers?

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Why didn't Big Mom try to recruit Bonney?
If Big Mom had someone who could make her young, she would have an infinite number of years to draw from, making her invincible

>Kaido defeats Luffy

But he already did?

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now show the other 6000 pages you left out

>they were prepared to go out fighting
>they actually do
It would be... dare I say it? Kino.


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>samurai arc
>only one living samurai who is kind of strong
>no enemy samurai

Dementia and complete lack of editorial input

It genuinely feels like WB was carried by his devil fruit while Kaido and Big Mom were exceptional on their own merits/genetics

have you guys seen Redon's latest hint? via the WG forums

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Kaido to be honest , remember he took on samurai , luffy , law , zoro ,killer and what's his name , then luffy again , then the cannon fodder again and to top it all he had to fight the biggest and strongest enemy of all one piece and that's plot armor.

hope he gets his wish and dies like he wanted to.

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I mean he's got a point
WCI did a great job at selling the whole "deep in enemy territory" vibe

Flashback time

Anyone else feel like we aren't done with Big Mom?
It doesn't feel like she went all out

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Momotarobros, this was supposed to be our time...

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>Why has Oda started repeating his panels more and more often lately?
One Piece became an anime storyboard.

Twice wrorororororororo

Kaido lived up to the hype and that's actually one of the best thing of Wano, I didn't believe I would say that
He really is the strongest creature in the world
Big Mom jobbed while still being a fucking monster so I'd say she lived up to the hype too, but not to the extent of Kaido

For realz realz this time

so the chapter is about a royal who smokes with only one eye visible

She was only allowed to use 30% of her arsenal. No CoC coating for example despite using it against Page One.
And remember how Prometheus can turn into a massive fireball? She could've used that to easily dispose of Kid and Law in a closed space like the Skull Dome.

Carmel was actually former royalty?

Why is Redon such a fucking attention seeking faggot?

With luffys power up it seems redundant to fight BM now. Plus Law and Kidd need their big win so we can pretend they are on Luffy's level.
Get ready for the dawn of the Big Brother Pirates.

He also posted a bottle vodka on Twitter and someone else posted this.

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Too many POV, stalling the manga completely for many chapters if he tries to tackle them at the same time. The solution would have been to resolve whatever he wanted to do with the Samurai/Orochi/Hyiori before the nika-punch harder moment. That would have made the pacing tolerable. Kaido vs Luffy final fight could have less interruption overall.

This is why I hate all the
>muh underdog!
faggots who were upset about the Nikka fruit reveal. It makes no goddamn sense that a 17 year old kid is as strong as these legendary pirates after a few months of experience and a few years of training.

How do we save One Piece?

End it

>The solution would have been to resolve whatever he wanted to do with the Samurai/Orochi/Hyiori before the nika-punch harder moment
He should've resolved it before the Big Mom fight imo. That way we could get all the minor shit out of the way and spend the next 10-15 chapters focusing on the fights people actually wanted to see

that is every arc ever, the only reason you dont notice is because you can read them on an one-sitting instead weekly like in onigashima.

Koby has grown faster than Luffy without any DF bullshit.
Luffy has NO excuse.

so mother Caramel was royalty, I wonder why that's important at this point
also weird that we're getting a Big Mom flashback now

a vodka bottle, Bryan Danielson shouting Yes Yes Yes and a guy going "What?!?"

there is no need to save it when its already good and the only people who think it needs saving is the pretentions tryhards in these threads pretending its bad in their own anonymous echo-chambers of samefag posting and repeated bait threads that dont even confront the general that actually like it too.

The only Strawhat who was ever an underdog was Usopp. All the others were insanely talented from the get-go

Kaido: yes
Big Mom: meh. She feels pretty downgraded from WCI.

i cannot wait for another thrilling chapter of the wano arc of one piece

Koby is jobber and will never be relevant, except for jokes and dickright Luffy-dono.

you're cray cray then. Present time Whitebeard would've been smashed to a pulp by Kaido.

Wano isn't a bad arc but fucking hell do I want to move on to the next island already

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you jest