You have forgotten something

You have forgotten something...

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You are right, I forgot to post about Sotoka and her cute forehead in the last Bocc' thread..

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Why is it so large?

All ninjas have big foreheads

I will never forget Bocchi

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Hmm... Did I? Hmmm I can't remember anything important...

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But wouldn't that make them easier to detect with radar? Seems like a big reflective surface

I forgot to remember to forget you.

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ˢᵐᵒˡ ᵇᵒᶜᶜ

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Season 2 soon

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I can't remember what

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correct, since I have forgotten sheep I have also thus forgotten sleep

That's a terrifying creature

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bocchi has pretty hair

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NEVER! I will never forget the bocc!

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Beary cute too

If I was a motivated and skillful man, I'd do a REMEMBER BOCCHI edit of pic related.

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Big forehead for a big girl!

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dont go Ravenhol... i mean highschool


>no season 2 where bocchi learns to shoot with grigori sensei

is there a way to edit the texture itself and then take a screenshot rather than edit the screenshot? for forget about bocchi i edited titles.txt

I think this is the first time I see you? What’s your name?

I never messed around with the DarkEngine, but if the hornyfolk of yesteryears could mod in a naked cyborg midwife (because of course they'd do that) it should be doable.

Somebody please update the meme to use elden ring UI

It's been a year since Bocchi's manga ended. Why hasn't Katsuwo blessed us with a new series yet?

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I will never forgive Bocchi. Not after what she did last time.


Who was her VA again?

Id never forget my best friend Bucky! girl MoriChiz...just needs more time...

Bocchi did nothing wrong. Where would she even get a machine to turn all humans into woodland creatures so she'd be more comfortable around them and more easily be able to befriend them? That's nuts.

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Bocchi changed the file I was trying to upload. I will never forgive her.

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To be fair, I was about to buy that looks like a woodland creature


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Bocchi looks too much like my sister and it turns me off

Doesn't it make you want to protect her even more?

My sister looks too much like Bocchi and it turns me on

I loved Bocchi's VA.

What are some other shows she appears in?


who's architecting aru?

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>pulled by the hair
That looks painful


beep beep beep

Your Bocchi is now ready for pickup.

>pick up the bocc
>now, put it in the trash can

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who will bump the bocchi


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her proportions in that frame always bothered me a little. I feel like her head's a tiny bit too small, or at least somehow she's drawn a little too old