Im telling you its overrated trash...

im telling you its overrated trash, you must be an actual autistic neckbeard(never touched a woman either) to enjoy it past the first couple of chapters

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Nah, it's great

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>i hate something popular

Of course it's bad.

The Beginning After the End is a better manhwa
Tower of God has better power-scaling/characters/lore/pacing (even now in it's fuckery)
but you're still wrong because SL is still better than the vast majority of modern manga
you couldn't name a competitor if you tried

its horrible, only reason its popular is because art is mostly decent and it appeals to the neckbeard fantasy of muh op mc. absolutely wortheless read

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omniscient readers viewpoint shits on it without even trying

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It's a good thing I said majority of manga then, not manhwa... right?

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i assumed it was a mistake on your part as theres no fucking way youre actually comparing shitty korean webtoons to manga

The art is great but story is mediocre
also a power creep worse than DBZ, most of the top dog heroes are already outclassed by strong mooks, not to mention the Monarchs
it's not bad but not something to write home about, i liked the early chapters but as i kept reading i lost any interest in it

>Doesn't realize ORV is manga
Yeah, man. Yeah

I don't know how people enjoy these my fingers get sore from scrolling so much.

Just tap the screen user

Does the main character ever get a personality? Or friends, even?

>The Breaker got ruined badly by Webtoon format
>Dumb Webtoonfags suddenly begin to create more blatant Webtoon circlejerking threads where they would praise webtoon trash
What is this ? Mass coping ?

>you must be an actual autistic neckbeard(never touched a woman either) to enjoy it past the first couple of chapters
Could have just said "average Worst Korean male", which is the target audience after all.

>bullied/ poor average ordinary dude
>become stick kpoop pointy chin wearing hobo hoodie or black suit, also personality changing 180 degrees just in few chapters
>duel wield dagger or some pointy object lot of spikes shit
>eyes flashing with purple/black energy body
>no personality other than grinding or silent assassin creed shit

I like this dude.

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>Does the main character ever get a personality? Or friends, even?
No personally but he does have a couple of friends later on, but to be honest they are completely irrelevant 99% of the time.

isn't the main selling point of manhwa (webtoons in particular) that it's an absurd power fantasy? i liked the art and it felt comfy often, but i wouldn't say it's gread. enjoyable read.
doom breaker is better in my opinion

The art is great, that's the only redeeming quality. But that's enough for me, I like looking at eye candy art.

Beginning after the end has shit writing though.

>The Beginning After the End
oh this is a seanigger comic actually both written and drawn by seanigger, unless you mean seanigger comic is manhwa too, which is just inferior bootleg manga anyway

That just makes weird waves and the colors go funny hows that meant to help me

>Beginning after the end has shit writing though.
That's not entirely true. But it is true.
The author started it as a hobby in high school and wrote the first things that came to mind so the quality is non existent (Oh, I'm this super duper king and have awakened mana before literally anyone and my friend is the elf princess who will be hot in the future and I live adventures and am the best).
Once it became somewhat popular and he started to earn something out of it he took it seriously but he had 0 experience actually writing and had to salvage the shit start.
Now he has experience and the chapters in the novel are miles better than those that came before, you can see how his relationship with literally anyone in Alacrya is better developed and feels more natural than his relationships back home. He even restarted the MC's abilities from zero to build them better and not to lose track of them. Before he had any magic ability that came to mind and his pet was a fucking dragon deity, now he is still OP but has only 3 or 4 abilities and his pet is a wolf.
I like TBATE but would not recommend unless the person you are recommending it to can stomach the first 100 chapters.

I am talking about the novel by the way

Couldn't get past the aquatic test in ToG. I wasted my time.

Yeah it completely falls apart after the ant battle.
What is with korean manga being power fantasy but of the most lazy kind

It's the korean equivalent for isekai

>Tower of God
Absolute trash
Kind of good, im enjoying it. Peerless dad is good too

Koreans are unironically better at soap opera dramas than action, and it's not even close.

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I'm mad they didn't adapt the after story with best boy maid arc.

>Game-Engine tier Isekai
Never read a single chapter of it, but I already know it's pure garbage.

>dogs eat dogs world
>survival games

i'm so fucking tired of gookshit

Okay here's the deal.
Actually good manhwas:
Witch Hunter
Shin Angyo Onshi

Tower of God had potential to make Rachel the MC, awesome character but instead we have to cheer for autistic Kirito clone Baam so Tower of God gets a downvote from me.
Also if you like Korean stuff check out "Aachi and Ssipak" and "Squirrel and Hedgehog", cool Korean animes.

Soul Leveling is bad and soulless, the art is good, the action is dynamic but nothing special compared to manga stuff. Hell even ghe Veritas manhwa has better action than Soul Leveling. The story and the MC are retarded

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Epitome of OP MC trash, same as SAO.

Dispicable trashes I say.

Both projects current social trends of SK and Japan. Absolute shit grinding neolibcuck incarnations. Becoming king of the slaughterhouse.

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so? prove that that matters , beyond spubt

The name sound lame and generic but it has soul and is not bad for now "The Reincarnation of the Suicidal battle God" One of the few current korean comics that seems to give some love to side characters and is not a MC fest. If it continues like this it may become a solid 7 or 8/10 for me.

>gets hot royal women
>has many kids
>people love him
>men want to be him
>gets fresh younger women

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Manhwas are superior to 99% of new mangas, all new mangas are trash, not even 5/10

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Well. Korean webtoons are childish for Korea bans bikini outfit. No Korean webtoon have bikini or bikini armor. And Korea's only "swimsuit" is long sleeved shit. While Bikini makes manga and anime mature.

Manhwa are so Childish for Korea bans bikini outfit. While Mangas allow them so Mangas are mature while Manhwa is too childish for lack of bikini outfits.

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Say that after lessening Korea's Islam leveled censorship which even bans bikini outfits.manhwa is childish for banning bikini outfits while manga is mature for allowing bikini outfits.

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Manhwas are childish for Korea bans the bikini outfits like pic related. Manga are mature for allowing bikinis.

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>you must be an actual autistic neckbeard(never touched a woman either)

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its not a masterpiece but its still entertaining to read i dont care about your deep story telling sometimes i just want to see MC shred bad guys in cool ways

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But Manhwas are childish for Korea bans bikini, therefore No Korean webtoon have bikini outfit. While Manga is more mature for allowing bikini outfits.

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>Dungeon parts
>Outside the dungeons
Constantly masturbation of the MC ego, characters showing up and wasting several chapters just to be irrelevant, pathetic love interests, edgy for no reason

The sad thing is that it had potential, but the author clearly is going by the books of every single korean isekai

But It lacks waifus in bikini armors for Korea bans bikini. Which makes Anime and manga mature.

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And Korean Webcomics are childish. For No Korean webcomic have a bikini, for Korea bans bikini from fiction.

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Why is Japan always super evil in gooktoons? I don't think the nips even care about worst korea at all in manga.

Only good manhwa is Kubera but the first season filters most people.
Kubera's foreshadowing puts One Piece's to shame.

I still read TOG cause I like the designs of the characters and world building, though the quality of the writing declined a lot during Season 2.

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Veritas used to have nice girl pics

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This is so weird to me too, if they're using the Japanese anime artstyle, you'd THINK that they are Japanophile otakus.
I think its pressure and forced agenda from the publishers, I can't imagine a person who draws in anime artstyle unironically hating Japan

this is the samefag shitposter spic retard, he is also Mario too

Golden Kamuy and Touge Oni are both new manga and they BTFO every single gook weebshit ever made

Shut up, here's your (you). Popular Korean comics are wasted potential because they have no substance, it's all hype and cool things. Reading that kills your braincells, just read the comment section of any action series on Reaper or Ashura Scans, literal children, if there is a plot relevant chapter they whine and say that nothing happened because nothing cool happened, they don't even have empathy for any character outside their main characters, that triggers the fuck out of me. Not only the stories, even the readers are losing their soul.
I will give it a try
Thank you

Priest also deserves a spot in that list

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>gookshit thread
>none talking about japan or manga whatsoever
>suddenly sperging out about manga and muh gook bootleg better than jap manga for no reason
Is this inferiority complex?

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Why does gooks always seething about manga when all of their comics and cartoons are using manga artstyle, tropes?

South Korea has a major inferiority complex because everyone shat on them in the past and now they're forced to suck US cock.
They are also very resentful towards Japan because of their WW2 crimes and actively motivate the society to hate Japanese people and culture.
So it's no surprise that Japan is always depicted as evil in korean fiction.

The author of this series in particular is very autistic. The webtoon toned it down quite a bit but the LN really shows the author's obsession.
He keeps belittling other countries especially Japan and the US and sometimes he goes into random nationalist tirades how South Korea is the best country in the world and pretty much everyone else is a hostile jealous coward who can't grasp Korea's greatness. It's really cringe.

Here's a list of actually good webtoons with good writing, one for each genre.
Mage Again, very reminiscent of Ghibli's fantasy (pic rel)
>martial arts
Nanomachine, the title and premise are ridiculous but it's actually really good. Great action series.
Tacit, post apocalyptic sci fi survival


Nah it's pretty good.

Lmao, ORV is garbage compared to SL.

I prefer an edgy OP MC instead of the usual wishy washy dicklet MC that Japan regurgitate non stop for close to 10 years now

I'm always impressed by how many obvious ESL posters show up in these threads.

Ended up being way better than I expected.

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>now they're forced to suck US cock
do they want to be closer to China or Russia or sth?