Arcs that will forever define a series. I'll start with the easy one.

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Yorknew was good but this is Togashi's masterpiece

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It's all downhill from here

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THE HEART >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ss arc

Chunin exams

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Imagine if Ikkaku, Yumichika, Kenpachi and Byakuya and Renji became Vizards?
Instead of staying loyal to the Soul Society, some captains break the law in order to become more powerful.
Would have been kino to see hollow forms for them

Arrancar arc has shit pacing and too many filler fights.

Zabuza arc >>>>>>>>>>>>> Chunnin exam

A modern classic.

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Half of it was filler.

ew, why the movie

Hell, Kisuke , Gin, Shunsui, and Jushiro would've been awesome Vizards and that's just some captains

on bootleg sites watching this as a teen over a decade ago and being entranced, only for it to turn completely average afterwards... shitty feelings

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>Vizards are welcomed back into Gotei
>Quincies attack
>Quincies are said to be weak to Hollow reiatsu
>Gotei captains whose whole schtick is fighting like Hollows do not use their signature powers and instead job
What was Kubo thinking?

Dragon Ball : Frieza
Hunter X Hunter : Chimera Ant
Rurouni Kenshin : Kyoto Arc
Naruto : Chunnin Exam
Yu Yu Hakusho : Dark Tournament
Fairy Tail : Oracion Seis
FMAB : All of it
One Piece : Marineford
Jojo : Part 4

YuYuHakusho now define the standard of a good tournament arc in general

>What was Kubo thinking?
he wasn't

>Jojo : Part 3

I don't like the Chimera ant arc. I didn't like it when it was coming out, in the anime, or rereading it.
It's bloated and I have a hard time being as invested in the morality debate as I view things the same as Netero

Yamamoto and his shinigami pride.

>ew, why the movie
it was unironically the better adaptation of this particular scene, the sound design, the lighting and the voice acting were top notch.

I suppose, in the sense it marked the story switching from being a serious story about ninjas to a comedy about super heroes.

don't mind me i'm just blinded in nostalgia goggles
there's something oddly captivating with the cliché delivery that was the 97' anime
carry on

I can't think of anything remotely contending with the Dark Tournament

The time of Rukia's execution.... got changed.

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>not Conviction
>posts a fucking movie screencap

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>made a tournament arc that wasn't shit
Impressive enough on its own

Dubs of truth.

>on bootleg sites watching this as a teen over a decade ago and being entranced
I remember it so fondly. I would get out my ipod touch and open up kiss anime or whatever other site late at night at my grandma's house and binge like 10 episodes until I could barely hold my eyes open.
>only for it to turn completely average afterwards... shitty feelings
That's when growing up sets in.


>le middle school fanfiction with DUDE WHAT IF EVERYONE BECOMES A HOLLOW LMAO
Fuck off underaged retard.

>Quincies are said to be weak to Hollow reiatsu
This shit isn't pokemon where they do double damage.
Quincys get sick and die down the line if they don't get treatment.

Definitely this one.

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Why the fuck didn't he finish him off then?

What a fucking chad

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Bear fucker arc in Golden Kamuy

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Baran spin-off where?

part 4 may be the best, but Part 3 is the one that rocketed jojo to relevancy

Making Naruto want to save Sasuke AFTER this arc was a mistake, the series could have progressed in more interesting directions if Naruto accepted Sasuke was gone.

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>One Piece : Marineford
Water Seven-Enies Lobby

Muh pride.

This had a better payoff, but YorkNew was more consistent and enjoyable. His current arc has all the makings to top both arcs, but we're never leaving the boat.

Actual speedreader

Saw a post on here recently that showed Kubo confirmed the vizards could use their masks in tandem with bankai. We never see any of them do this.


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Hollow powers are verboten. Only the Vizards who stayed in the human world (Hiyori being one of them) used their masks when fighting Quincies.

Because he didn't want to kill Byakuya (who was Rukia's brother). He wanted to kick his ass and teach him a lesson.

This, why did Kubo put so many filler characters and battles instead of getting straight to the fracciones/espada?

This, STAIRS, are Saint Seiya in it's most pure form.

Jump told him to extend the arc due to the popularity of the espada.

>When my favorite mangaka messes up everything, It's because the magazine/editors forced him


it is entertaining though
the storytime threads picked up immensely after ulq and yammy were introduced

arc within another arc

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Reading Bleach weekly in general is not a very good experience. Kubo writes keeping the volume in mind. Which showed the difference during the storytime.

Based Daichad.

Noah's Arc changed everything for D-Gray Man

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(You) can read weekly or by volumes (lame excuse)
The arc is still a huge shit

Thanks. The arcs are mostly all solid but this is definitely the earliest one that re-defines so much of the story.

Cope, your headcanon isn't real.

>Yorknew was good

>but this is Togashi's masterpiece
Not even close

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