Anyone seen Bakemonogatari? Whats your feelings about it?

Anyone seen Bakemonogatari? Whats your feelings about it?

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It tricked me into thinking the rest of the series would be good.

it's good

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When fid you drop it? I was able to endure it until halfway the second season.

Yes and its good but i know this will just be a boring contrarian thread

No user, a website centered around Japanese culture with a board centered around anime and manga, no one has ever seen it. Stop being retarded. Yes I liked it. People will call it shit since it's cool to do so.

After finishing Tsuki I think. Kizu was really good good and Kaiki arc was great but after that I just lost interest in the franchise. Probably because Araragi just pales in comparison to this chad as a protagonist.

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Deep and thought-provoking. A perfect filter for brainlets

Shallow and unstimulating. A perfect midwit magnet.

I read the manga because of Oh! Great


Kizu is nice. I got bored of the main series right at the start of S2. Sometimes I think I should at least watch the later Snake arc because it's the only part that sounds interesting.

S3 is good. But it retroactively makes S2 seem even worse.

Also Snake is the best arc in Bake period.

Visually it peaked with Bake. Which is amazing because if any other company had the absolutely horrific starting that Monogatari had then that series would be canceled immediately.

All I know is that I can't stop considering this cat.

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can i skip the Hana arc? its such a slog to get through and i thought i liked the monkey

I'd say the parts with Araragi at the end make it worth it.


It makes me horny.

I agree with you for the most part, it was a peak for the majority of the series. It really had some out there visuals and defined what monogatari adaptation should be, while nise started relishing in these tropes, from over dramatic head tilts to a staggering increase in pop culture references without bringing any of the experimental animation, but the source material had some of these issues as well. Other than kizu, which is so out of place to the rest of the series in terms of aesthetics, Bake was the best until I'd say Owari S2, at the tail end of the series, things like mayoi hell are fully etched into my mind, and some later parts of Owari are great as well.
On the other hand, why do you think of Bake as a horrific start? The first 5 episodes are fantastic, and the latter half of bake is lackluster, and where I've seen most people get underwhelmed with what's presented compared to the start. The latter half of Bake is great at setting up later arcs, but for the first watch I can see what issues people had with it. But the start itself from what I've seen is a fantastic hook which got many people to keep going in more questionable parts of the series.

pretty good but it tries too hard to be a 2deep4u pretentious shit

bakeonlyfags should be hanged

>On the other hand, why do you think of Bake as a horrific start?
I think people tend to forget that Bake's airing was a shit-show. Everything up to Suruga Monkey was fine then Nadeko Snake shit the bed with missing scenes, still frames and other jank then we only got two episodes of Tsubasa Cat with the next three coming out after the show had already gone off air.
For any other show, that would have been a death sentence.

Ah, you were referring to that. While I didn't watch it when it was airing, I've heard multiple stories how lots of time when the show had "black scene" it wasn't a stylistic choice, but they actually didn't animate those parts, and replaced them with the proper scenes in the BD release. Leaving out the last 3 episodes is also a mess, but the silver lining is atleast the broadcast ended on a high note, which was the sky gazing picnic. From my knowledge, this has happened to multiple seasons, not to the extent of baki, and at times even in the BD releases there's still some really janky and off model scenes, some of which are clearly not artistic intent and budgetary problems. These are a rarity, and I rather prefer a more experimental style which sometimes creates some off looking scenes than complete consistency with nothing interesting happening. Sadly that's what the show opted for a large part of it, especially the second season.

>I rather prefer a more experimental style
That's the thing. Bake was actually pretty good for that. It liked to mix both traditional medium and real life parts in interesting ways like with the part where they designed a scene out of food and then politely left a footnote "All the food was eaten later by the staff".
That's creative in a way that future arcs don't really get into. It feels like Nise onwards sorta became "Standardized" which is fine from a financial standpoint but it does distance Bake further from those works visually.

Love that scene, a real shame about the rest of the series. The thing is, it's not like the rest of the series is completely monotone, it's still monogatari, but interesting and beautiful parts are reserved for the critical parts of the stories or attempts in translating the more non corporal aspects, from hell to Bat's backstory, or Ougi shenanigans. The thing that made the food webm it was just during normal speech between senjougahara and araragi, and bake is chockful of these moments, not to the extent of this one but just in general many ways to spice up the dialogue heavy scenes, making it overall a very cathartic watching experience.

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pic realted reminds me of this,
can someone link the orignal and supposed zaregoto version, i don't want to sign up to some russian social media

First post worst post

I hated his hair cut at the end, it made me turn it off

>there are people itt who didn't watch it when it was airing and never waited few months for finale
What a gay thread

This is going to shock you but as time passes people get older and the number of posters to watch any one show as it aired decreases.

bakemonogatari was a masterpiece, the rest is just fanservice

The duality of Yea Forums

The series is too otaku for my tastes

Bat best girl
Snake second
Bird third

I watched it back then and I really liked the series and was satisfied with the ending. I had no idea there was supposed to be more episodes nor I cared. Get on my level.

Shameless newfag here, how were the threads back then? I only know of them often devolvong into gore threads due to a bitter rivalry with kyoani, but other than that don't know much about them. Archives pre-2010 are quite a hassle to go through and majority of images are gone, with a few thumbnails remaining. How did Yea Forums react to The First Season in general? Considering official TNs of the series wasn't out, were most viewers AOs or were fan translations prevalent like they are now for off and monster season? How big were the threads compared to what was popular then? Were aforementioned gore threads that big or just a peculiar part which is remembered for its wierdness? On a more general note, when did monogatari threads hit their peak? I know they started dying out when the prominent fansubbers of the series abandonned it around Owari, creating a massive gap which only got filled recently, but were threads then much faster due to the overall growth of Yea Forums?
Apologies for the shotgun of questions, but I have to say I'm interested in how discussion of this series progressed here, considering how a lot of the decade plus old mainstay series which still get regular threads are all from SHAFT, e.g. PPD, SZS HS etc, how the studios most popular series was seen here.

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The only relevant thing is remembering that KyoAni achieved success without prostituting their female cast.

>It tricked me into thinking the rest of the series would be good.
Literally the opposite for me, I finished Bake thinking the rest of the series would have been the same thing repeated a million times, but then I've reached a wonderful Second Season.

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Koimonogatari is easily the highlight of S2, and for many of the entire series, but you have to watch otorimonogatari, as it serves to set it up. If you've reached S2, it's a real shame to not watch it.


>Whats your feelings about it?
Horny for monkey

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This is correct

Me too. I'm fapping to her every single day how do I stop?

Consider another girl, like snail

Watched it all
Bake was the best atmospherically
Kaiki arc was the best written imo

No I'm not a lolicon and loli hanekawa is hotter anyway.


I feel like keeping Bake's experimental style in later seasons wouldn't do the series any good. It worked well once, but then it would simply get stale.

I uploaded that, and the video I'm talking about was the second OP from the first season of SZS. You could find a deleted version on the Zaregoto vk site and a comparison video here. (It's the second one)

It was okay

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>It feels like Nise onwards sorta became "Standardized" which is fine from a financial standpoint but it does distance Bake further from those works visually.
It wasn't financial reasons. Bakemonogatari had two directors: Shinbo and Oishi. Oishi was busy on Kizu, so Itamura had to fill in for him in all of the later TV series.

Oishi was the guy who directed the Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei OPs, if it wasn't obvious which half of the Shinbo-Osishi duo was responsible for the weird experimental shots.

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Fucking this. If you've watched Bake, you've basically watched every other Monogatari season since they all follow the same formula. Only Kizu and Zoku are worth watching because they actually offer something different.

I don't understand how people can only recommend watching just Bake when it's pretty clear that it's not a complete story.

>inb4 Nisio never planned ahead of Bakemonogatari.

Didn't Oishi come back for Owari.

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Now you've gone too far. Take back what you said, now!

All those regular threads are the same posters repeating the same posts ad nauseam.