Rent a girlfriend / kanakori

I don't even know

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ninjin loves you yeah

He turned himself into a carrot

Funniest shit I've ever seen

fucker took us all the way back to the status quo

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rent a babysitter in 10 chapters

Stop reading bad manga, then you'll know

nyan nyan
nyan nyan
ni hao nyan

His she using this for masturbation?

Fuck chorizo

No, she put it back into the box and didn't buy it.

I'll now proceed to pleasure myself with this vegetable.

chicken basket :D

How do you kanakorifags do it? How do you sit down and read this crap start to finish, and every subsequent weekly chapter that follows? I tried to super speedread this to get in on the shitposting after that crying underwater cuck page caused a shitstorm and for the Mami parts because it looked like it would be fun to see her autistic shitfits, and I was only able to get to maybe 100 chapters before I had to stop, even just quickly skimming through I couldn't stomach the shittiness. Why do you do this to yourselves?

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I love Mini so damn much.

It's worse than status quo. It's negative status quo. How did he do it?

Anyways, it seems like the ghosting is gonna blow out in Chizuru face, and if leaks are going to be believed and it's possible we're not only back to ground zero, but even in -1. last rental date will aparently end in a bust, and with a Kazuya we have stopped seen since the 2nd rental date and his fistfight against Kibe in the beach: angry and irritated at Chizuru. Anyways, the story will paint it as if he made something undorgivable

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Please tell me this is an edit
How can anyone read this unironically?

what did she use the carrot for?

Dad is going to beat him up again for not serving women good enough...


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>you can't read a trainwreck and have fun doing it
sorry it's not one of your wish-fulfillment stories

Nothing, she put it back.

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>Please tell me this is an edit
Yes. You got me. Here's the real page posted in previous thread.

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No, but here's some.

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Should mount carrot Kazu on a mechanical exoskeleton and have him fight with the Beret guy. Winner gets to plow Chizuru.
Then Beret dude wins over and over again and plows her in front of him again and again. Eventually the carrot starts losing on purpose.

The beret guy should be an aubergine.

Rated PG-13.

Kanokori is perhaps the worst written manga I have ever read, it truly is an achievement. Never before has such an assortment of unlikeable characters been assembled and made to display such questionable behaviour. It's a romcom with neither the rom nor the com, a work of art of content minimalism. You have to read it just to see what stupid bullshit Reiji conjures up next.

>neither the rom
pic related
> nor the com
chapter 218 and Kazuya becoming a NEET are the peak of comedy

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Don't forget Carrotzuya.

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Its great when shit happens and theres another meltdown or just random shit like carrot and absolutely atrocious thanks to rest of manga being infinite filler arcs instead of Kazuya filling girls with his carrot.

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That's kind of the reason I still read it. It's genuinely fascinating how terrible of a writer Reiji is. The manga reads as if he has multiple personality disorder and the personalities take turns writing each arc, except they also don't share memories so they need to read the previous chapters to piece together what happened.

Chizuru as a character is fascinating to me. I've never seen a manga build up a romance between the main leads for 130ish chapters only to then suddenly have the female lead start acting as if she's a complete autist who doesn't understand what love is (making literally ALL the development she's had before completely pointless, other than using some of the better scenes between the FL and ML for flashbacks). Then instead of having her slowly come to terms with her feelings the story slowly starts to show her actively hating the MC. And it makes HIM look like the bad guy.

>You have to read it just to see what stupid bullshit Reiji conjures up next.
Or just lurk the threads like a mostly sane person would

but he's always been the bad guy

Who's the Indian girl

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Can Kazuya just murder-suicide Chizuru already?

top left would find his way into the tender anus of the average Yea Forumsnon

Imagine if she did buy it but she used it for her butt instead of her vag?

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her just putting it back in the box is the funniest outcome though

Wouldn't her butt hurt after that?

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Apparently, he is metaphorically doing that soon. See and Even Kazuya's patience has ran out.

What chapter is this? It's so weird, this spread itself shows the character is only a few steps away from admitting she likes the guy, and she actually says this to a chad who is clearly interested in her. How can these developments go so far backwards from this point onwards? I'm convinced the author changed his mind on how he wanted the story to go, maybe because of pressure to keep stalling from higher ups, or maybe he just hated what he was creating. Just so strange for what had become a popular manga (somehow).

yup, she threw it out, just like Kazuya

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Any actual femanon here what the appeal of Kazuya?

I don't mean metaphorically, I mean he should legit just kidnap the bitch, drive her out to an abandoned shed in the countryside and rape the everloving shit out of her before setting both her and himself on fire.

So reiji remembered about the COM part of romcom.

Unintentionally, yes. Look at how many replies the OG pic has

What chapter is this?
127, so about a hundred chapters (circa 2 years) ago.

Yes, the manga is the best it ever was if you only consider comedy. The romance part kind of fell of the cliff 43+ chapters ago and never came back.

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Kazuya is the cutest carrot!

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I'd love to ask a femanon that question, because I genuinely see nothing that would attract a woman about him. Weak, passive, whiny, collapses under the slightest emotional pressure, can muster only grand theatrical gestures before returning to the spineless cuck he always was.

So is this series ntr or not?

If nothing else you can count on Reiji to bring us some kino meme templates.


And now reiji looks like he is gonna try to flare up tension and stir some shit between them.
>Mini doubting if Chizuru has feelings for Kazuya
>Her going off the walls nuts (if we go by the eng tl with those over the top anime references, spic tl had her giving generic nekketsu motivational phrases).
>Mini going to make Chiz forcefully confront her about her situation with Kazuya. it ends badly, but Mini begs for a last rental date. Chizuru seems to begrudgingly agree.
>Kazuyabyss shaving, going back to le old Kazuya and being set off to end things with a "final" rental date.
>Chiz is uneasy, with dokis all plastered over the panels, she gives him le rental gf treatment, Kazuya grows pissmad.
>Apparently, last rental date ends abrupt and violently because Kazuya loses his shit and lashes out at her, demanding an explanation for her behavior.

not yet

In a shelf of cutest carrots lol.

he isn't afraid to take risks, devoted to achieve his goals, kind-hearted, will help you in a time of need, cunning but humble
there are lots of stuff good about him, just because you started to hate him over 1 chapter doesn't make him a bad person he just knows that he isn't actually good enough for chizuru that's why he imagined her with a different man

Guaran-fucking-tee that if this happens he will be treated as the bad guy and the story will go the route of him having to apologize to Chizuru.

Well duh user. Kazuya is always the bad guy, no matter what happens or whose fault it actually is.


Look up chapter 218.
Now that I think about it, that sketch of Mini from Reiji's twitter is talking about Kazuya, isn't it.

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