Some mtl fag appear and release a few chapters in quick succession

>Some mtl fag appear and release a few chapters in quick succession
>also including link for donation
>original scan team seethe so hard
>quickly catch up with current raw
Every single fucking time. If your favourite series is getting released in snail pace, it might not be a bad idea to mtl it to get the scan team worked up

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I wonder how much these 'obvious' troll mtl teams make from dontation.
Yes, I know 90% of scans groups use mtl these days.


Works every time.

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Why read translations in the first place?

>17 chapters at once
wow this is the most egregious example of hoarding I've ever seen
usually it's 2-3 chapters
how the fuck?

did the concept of CI/CD and beta / alpha / bleeding edge / canary / whatever builds not exist in 2014?

I bet it was because of a faggy-laggy proofreader or a quality checker.

>They're not the heroes we deserve... but the heroes we need

>Please join our discord and donate to our Patreon (not that we do this for the money or anything) for faster releases

Just had another one last week, group hadn't released a chapter for half a year after doing 2 chapters, but when a shitty mtl scanlation was out, they suddenly were releasing again. Shitty scanlators.

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>2 days away
oh what a funny coincidence

Always makes me laugh how they use the term staff like they're some big business

Decent episode. I preferred the last one.

It's their highschool mindset
>Get given 6 weeks to do an assignment
>Start it the night before it's due

I mean sometimes it works, but other times they rage and drop the series instead.

they might do that anyway

>It's their highschool mindset
I'm in my thirties and I still do this.

I know the guy and it is actually true, believe it or not. Managing staff is not always easy.

>sir the snipers are at it again
>what we were just in the middle of our 3 month break, this can't be happening!!! release everything NOW
>but sir our schedule....
It keeps happening

Reminds me of the Asterix movie where the Romans attack the British during tea time. How barbaric!

I don't get it.

The translation for Fate/Hollow Ataraxia was being held hostage for years until some guy released the MTL.

why is this scene so retarded? Just scanlate something, put it out there and people - hopefully - will be grateful for it. It's not that hard.

It's always about the money.
The concept of crowdfunding is destined for inevitable corruption.

But it's so hard user... real life issues, the programming, my hard drive died with the project at 98%. I'm working on it so I will release it soon. Here's a link to my patreon:

dog's in the hospital, really stressing me out please donate while i take a vacation

I have to stay at home to take care of my sick father.

I have to take care of my sick mother by reading Japanese softcore lesbian comic books.

Where do i get raws if nyaa fails me? Purchasing them is not an option.

What happen to the English translators?
every other idiom gets more translations these days

A true seigi no mikata.

>but other times they rage and drop the series instead.
Not like they were releasing anything in the first place. No big loss.

doesnt that guy do weekly releases tho?

Maybe they moved on from manga tls to do normal work.

Yeah well they should be daily

>It's not that hard.
Have you done it? Has anyone in this thread done it?

by not that hard I mean not being a hoarder not the scanlation process itself. If you already did the work why hold onto it?

>DeepL + MSPaint
Yeah, it's pretty easy

Yes and fix awful typesetting in older stuff. How about you motherfucker? Bet you also defend awful licensed translations. It's also not hard to translation exactly what characters say.

Yes. I've translated manga for several years during my college days. Sadly, I don't translate as much anymore these days due to wage slaving.

It can't be too difficult if these guys make 15 chapters in the last 24h

I've done redrawing and typesetting yeah.
Its not that hard once you figure out the tricks to it all.

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We're literally doing it for free you entitled assholes, do you want speed or do you want quality? You can't have both.

Have fun ruining your favorite manga with MTL dogshit, and then pretending you "owned" us.

Please understand, we just happened to find a staff of 150 people to work on 15 chapters the day before yesterday.

I did it but I'm hoarding them until comments come back.

help ukraine

user, the only thing people complain about here is hoarding not slow process. Don't tell me shit like OPs pic or isn't a dick move.

Thanks, but sadly it doesn't have the raws i need either. I wanted to try MTL assisted scanlation for Assassin's Pride, since there were no chapter for a year.

I'm making one man scanlations with MTL and my super basic Japanese skills. I mostly use, google translate, and deepl to translate, deepl is usually better than google translate but google translate has a tool that's good for identifying kanji. I just clean the speech bubbles and skip redrawing, and I typeset when I translate. Doing a 25 page chapter takes 2-3 hours usually. It's not great, but it works. Only ones complaining are usually other scanlators, readers are happy about it, and nobody ever calls out my translation mistakes because they probably can't tell if it's a mistake or just changes to make the flow better I guess.
To be honest, the most important thing is getting the translation fluent, that's what most readers care about. Everything else is details.

Remember when some guys randomly decided they wanted to scanlate "Be Blues", a sports series with 450+ chapters which only had like 60 translated? And they did 400 chapters in like 3 months? Remember Hox, Jag, STALKER, and other assorted Yea Forums users who simply dumped their work here without any extra bullshit?

It's not hard. And honestly, I only ever see this kind of stuff happen with trash tier isekai manga that had low-quality scans to begin with. Including the Patreon shilling and the like. Good series either don't get touched, or get a 'normal' group doing them. It's almost like the quality of the manga reflects the quality of the interest in it or something.


>And they did 400 chapters in like 3 months?
That's like, over 4 chapters a day. That's insane.
>Remember Hox, Jag, STALKER, and other assorted Yea Forums users who simply dumped their work here without any extra bullshit?
Pretty sure they just translate, it's random typesetters who makes scanlations.

If I'm making more scanlations, I'm probably just going to dump them on here on Yea Forums and be done with it, I'm tired of all the shit on reddit.

How'd you get started user? I am interested in getting into this stuff myself but I've really no clue where to begin.

The kicker is when the translator can't even form acceptable English sentences. It shows how the most predatory groups are just in it because it's easy money from dumb readers who throw money at them thinking this will make them faster.


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I think I already found my new hobby. Thanks user.

Jesus Christ who was the translation group behind Teihe Ryoushu no Kanjigai? Fucking dickheads mass uploading bulk chapters when threatened. I wanna raid their discord so fucking bad.

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Godspeed, speedMTLanon.

Its the same Soseki Scans as well on OP. God these paywallpigs deserved a pipebomb in their mailbox.

>do you want speed or do you want quality? You can't have both.

Please stop pretending like you need 3 months to finish a chapter. At that point, better drop the series and let someone else take over it, lazy faggots.

You act like you were the only ones knowing moon runes in the world.

It is actually and unironically fine if someone wants to take their time with a chapter, it's just breaks apart when the same guy mysteriously finds a bunch of finished chapters right when someone else starts doing the same series.

Not manga but I did some editing for light novels for baka tsuki way back in the day.
It took a lot longer than I thought it would. Especially when they translated word for word and I had to turn Yoda-speak into something legible.

Probably one of the scummiest scanlation groups out there. How they haven't gotten in legal problems yet is beyond me.
They work on a lot of stuff I read though, so I have to admit I'm not complaining. But they probably rake in a lot of money.

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>loli laughing at these paypigcucks
They aren't even trying to hide it.

I'd rather MTL than the cancerous localizer faggots, or egotistical dickheads that lord over others. Fuck you and fuck off. You're not needed anymore.

Wait so the guy was done he was just hoarding the translation until the moment he got scooped?

every. single. time.

thank you based mtl sniper friends.

Thanks a lot man, made my day.

yeah, but by "time" I hope you mean 2-3 weeks at most, not 3 FKIN months.
It's just 20 pages at most for weekly manga.