Non-airing anime Thread

What anime are you watching or have recently completed? How did you like it?

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Just finished this old non-airing anime. The first episode wasn't great, but the rest of it had me laughing out loud occasionally. It's directed by a talented animator, but there were only a small handful of cuts in his style. Visually a bit of a let down.

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Naruto shippuden still

Just started this, its pretty great. Oddly i did so after putting MS 08th team on hold probably because i enjoyed the gritty dark setting and grounded mech design better

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JoJo Egypt Arc: it was just not very good, it wasn't exactly terrible and was entertaining at times but the characters sucked, boring monster of the week plot and it wasn't particularly funny despite how much it gets memed
Slayers: was fun, old school fantasy that felt like a pen and paper campaign, love Hayashibara, feels dated though
Gunsmith Cats (OP related): fun, nice setting and great music and the characters are fun too but the story was just alright, wish it was longer than just 3 episodes so we could see some more of them just fucking around their daily life, had some nice backgrounds and sick hand drawn cars, which is nice when they are mostly CG nowadays

Currently watching:
Space Dandy S2: 4-5 episodes in, awesome animation wise, fun and creative but doesn't really grip me emotionally with no real overarching plot
Shirobako: About 2/3s through, really loving it. This is just straight up a show by people who love anime and I had tears in my eyes for the last 3 episodes despite it not being very emotional at all
Revue Starlight: Episode 8, I'm a huge Ikuhara fag so this hit all the notes for me direction wise, the style is just what I love, really liked the Banana episode and looking forward to the climax and the movie, which I heard is even better.

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I recently finished the second season of stand alone complex and have watched all of GaruPan except for the das finale movies

How did you like them?
For GaruPan I liked Der Film best, followed by TV and then Das Finale although that isn't saying that Das Finale was bad. It's just a bit hard to stay invested when the story gets interrupted for over a year between episodes.
SAC has been a while but I remember liking the single episode stories in the first season better than the overarching plot which was more prominent in the second, although I might be mixing things up.

I've been watching some Ranma, Tenchi Muyou (TV), and Golden Boy recently. I've also finished 2 seasons of Oregairu, leaving me with just the OVAs and S3

i am on the neverending detective conan ride but also rewatching tonegawa and having a grand time.

only good part of shirobako was andes chucky, the show was very not-anime-specific-SoL stuff.

Violet Evergarden. Its a bit sappy and they reveal way too much of violets past but I fail to see the source of so much controversy. For the most part it's just a pretty girl doing pretty girl things

I've finally started LoGH, the My Conquest Is the Sea of Stars movie was enjoyable, the aesthethic is superb. I'll watch the second movie over the weekend and start the ova series soon.
I've been also slowly going through 2021 shows, Taisho Otome was very cute, I wish my dad bought me a 14yo wife.

Its great until they start recapping allot, and also leading up to and including the end are hugely disappointing.
I'm glad i watched it all the way through, but there's not much value watching it a second time.

>wyniki tłumaczenia
Based Polish cunnyseur

so far I was the biggest fan of the tv series followed by der film; i like the KMM characters so seeing more development between miho and maho in der film was refreshing

youre correct about SAC the second season bogged me down with the same plot for most of it while the first season had neat stand alone episodes

Ranking of Kings. Starts out good, but ends with huge quality dips and too much flashbacks to cover missing plot. Characters that you see as assholes the entire time are conveniently given flashbacks to justify them being "good guys all along". Only the main character and his friend have consistency.

I watched gundam 0079 and chars counter attack. 0079 was good, chars counter attack was a flaming mess

Ah well i guess that's probably so considering its a mech anime. I'm just watching it for the ride

Shit just turns into another battle shonen after they chickened out killing any of the characters at all

I'd like to hire minnie-mays services

I just can't get into extreme long-running anime like Conan I just feel like there is way too much other stuff to watch that I can't justify watching 300 episodes of the same thing unless I was completely in love with it.
Some of my friends are simulwatching One Piece and keep asking me to join but I just think I could have watched 20 2-cour anime in the time it would take me to reach the point of OP they are at.

come to poland sirs

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well episodic makes it super easy but thats also just a thing mysteryfags do

Its clearly suppose to be a "coming of age" childrens story, but the adult themes and gore feel out of place, like they're trying to take a page from Made in Abyss, but won't commit to it because its not the intent of the story.
The main character also got sidelined, so unless they plan on focusing on a new character I don't see how the series can keep going.
The quality dips bother me more than anything either way.

Stop using 3D shit in anime. Just fucking stop. Rotoscope or trace by all means, but stop using 3D shit.

I'm in the progress of reading and watching inuyasha for the first time, so far it's great but it's definitely not a classic rumiko.

>Gunsmith Cats
I like it. I think it would have been better with more episodes, but I am fine with what we got. Like the characters, love the animation, music and everything else is good too.
>Death Parade
Fun show. I am always fond of these high stakes game/death games. Doesn't expect the ending to give me such feels. Good stuff.
The best one I have watched recently. Cool robot action, fun story and the ending where they ended up thousands of years into the future... holy shit!.

I am planning to watch Devilman (the old OVA and the one in Netflix) this month. Gonna come back here once I watched it.

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>>Death Parade
Did you watch Death Billiards too? I feel like it's similar to Little Witch Academia were the ideas worked best as a 1 episode short but it got bogged down by trying to have an overarching plot in the TV series.
The individual stories of the people who came to play the games were way more compelling than the weird drama they were going for.
>>Gunbuster This is probably my favorite piece of OST in any anime ever, instant goosebumps and tears every time. I didn't even care that much for Gunbuster but that ending is just SO good. Please watch Diebuster as well, the show is pretty flawed but the ending just manages to elevate Diebusters ending even more.

oh man, i haven't watched the ova but the netflix one is wild
have fun

>I feel like it's similar to Little Witch Academia
Funny you should mention that, both are part of Anime Tamago.
>The Anime Tamago project, formerly known as the Young Animator Training Project and Anime Mirai, was created in 2010 by the Japanese government's Agency of Cultural Affairs to help support and train young animators on the job. Each year, four different studios are chosen, and each studio creates and releases an original short film.

I haven't watched Death Billiards. I only learn that it's a prequel or proto-Death Parade after I finished the show.
Yeah, I am planning to watch that as well.

Oh yeah I forgot about that, they were even in the same year. I've seen a handful but nothing from the last 4-5 years, maybe I should check it out again.

>3,000 Leagues in Search of Engrish

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i haven't watched very much recently, but i think i will watch nasu: migratory bird with a suitcase soon. nasu: summer in andalusia was pretty amazing to me. directed by kitaro kosaka who worked on a lot of ghibli films. the image of it that stands out in my mind is the soundscape of tyres on the road and the breathing of the peloton. and just like most road cycling, it gets craziest right at the end. i think the atmosphere of a european road race was captured so well

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Xam'd: aside the nice animation and pretty design, it's truly a big waste of time. Fucking borefest Witch Hunter Robin had more to offer than this with the same amount of episodes (more or less)
Space Runaway Ideon: truly truly beautiful, it can feel repetitive at times but for me personally each repetition has a meaning for the story that eventually peaked with Be Invoked.
IBO 1st season: despite the constant screaming from Yea Forums and /m/ about this, it was fine to watch, i know it went down the shitter on 2nd season but until then it can wait.
Turn A Gundam: marvelous watching with cool concept and story, nice animation, great set of characters but the ending felt rather huh? Still like it though.
Witch Hunter Robin: boring, very lacking of good action scene (maybe because it was made with poverty's budget), very very anticlimactic ending. Robin is meant to be cute but jesus sometimes the animator just straight up drew her like a retard.
I'm now watching Victory Gundam just because.

I got this stuff ready for summer vacation and much more. the error message is because I move everything to a hard drive

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Subs so bad I had to watch it in my native language (Spanish)

Watching Chobits for the first time, and it just switched from its happy ED to the more dramatic second ED
I hope the happy times aren't over...

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finished the meloncoly of suziyami haruhi s2 was awesome definitely new favorite in top 10 love supernatural anime that asks questions

The BD is out already, right? There should be lots of corrections which make the later episodes more pleasant to watch.

>Revue Starlight


Currently watching a bunch of 00s anime. It's a mixed bag, but the better half of it (CCS, Kaleido Star, Casshern Sins, Hikaru no Go) has been pretty good so far desu.

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Currently watching Kamichu. It's so comfy and nice.

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fuck off nigger you go kys

Currently watching this. I knew about the "island episodes" where Anno was replaced as director going into it, but I thought that, surely, they couldn't be as bad as everyone said because people were just wanking Anno off as an incomparable auteur. Boy was I ever wrong

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What's wrong with Revue Starlight?

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>not watching in Italian while he's in Italy and then switching to Spanish when he arrives in Argentina
Not gonna make it.

The fourth and final movie (final 3 episodes) of Fafner: The Beyond got subbed a few days ago after a year of waiting.
It was a really emotional and fitting conclusion for the entire series, it's apparently the final Fafner entry.

I've been watching this series for almost 20 years so I cried like a fucking bitch.

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I have four episodes of R left in my Sailor Moon rewatch, Hime-chan no Ribbon, and Orguss. I might start rewatching Baccano again.

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Uninspired moeshit character designs

You need to be at least 18 years old to browse this site.

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Go back.

I'm halfway through NHK. It's really good but its painful to watch, i'm taking my time with it

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>mauritanian schizo
take your medication

Mods used to publically ban people for using this word.

jeeez it's like someone google how to draw anime characters

Then the mods woke up and recognized the truth.

To be fair the designs ARE pretty generic

Nobody said anything about generic or not.
Stop rewarding newfags for using anti-anime Yea Forumseddit buzzwords like "moeshit", and stop encouraging retards who derail threads by judging shows they haven't even watched over character designs.

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>they haven't even watched over character designs.
that's valid though. why should anyone bother with a show that has generic designs?

He said uninspired which I rephrased as generic, don't be such a spaz

>I watched show
>kill yourself
>What's wrong with show?
>uh um uh i haven't watched it so... character designs
Neck yourself.

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sell revue starlight to me then you fucking spaz.

>i haven't watched it so... character designs
that's a valid criticism. I don't need to watch marvel movies to tell people who watch them to kill themselves. I can tell how uninspired they are just by looking at them

I didn't finish it but I saw like ten episodes and would agree that the designs sucked. That said I don't think you really need to watch it for that to be clear.

Dude, just stop responding to the Mauritanian, he responded to a bunch of modern anime with modern artstyles and typed "kyselves"
He's not looking for a discussion, he's just here to destroy another anime thread.

I'm watching Bleach and Gintama

Just finished Ben-To. I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand the premise was fucking hilarious in that everybody-was-kung-fu-fighting kind of way, the main girl was great, and the final arc was oddly satisfying. On the other hand it throws in pretty much every trashy, dated harem trope you can find (except imouto), and the hottest girl was also the most obnoxious. Also the fujo basically ceased exist as a character after episode 1, you could take out all of her scenes and nothing would change. Also the twins had the most bizarre introduction I've seen, it made almost no sense.

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