Sono Bisque Doll wa koi wo suru

Now that the dust has settled, this was the pinnacle of the Romcom genre, right?

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now that the dust has settled, anime-only faggots ruin everything good, right?

It's barely romantic and not really comedic. She was hot though, I guess.

I've never seen a more obvious reddit waifu bait than this.
Lacks any sort of soul, a mockery of creativity and escapism worse than isekai.

I just like it bros

Voice of Marin was terrible. Manga is okay not the best but good for toilet reading.

Was there any ROM elemets at all?



Get your mind out of the gutter. I read manga in the toilet as they are never worth investing more time than how long it takes me to do a dump.

Lets take a look at marin for instance. Shes pretty, hot and cute all in one, in both personality and looks.
Shes very popular at school and has tons of friends. But also has time to be a loser otaku, and obsess over anime with hundred of episodes, porno doujins and video games. Definitely an impressive feat. She loves to stuff her face with gas station fried food but also cannot cook, yet she can make a living as a thin sexy model. She indulges in a super popular and time consuming hobby that is cosplaying while being portrayed as an anime otaku loser who schlicks it to hentai doijins and porno flash games, but also super popular with a healthy social life and a large amount of friends. Something doesnt really add up to me, a sense of artificial nature in an attempt to appeal to everyone in an unrealistic manner is what becomes apparent. Right off the bat she has very little flaws and her interests are so varied it seems hard to even have the time for all of them, in particular her popularity and a healthy social life and obsession with long formed anime series. We see the artificial and corporate nature of her overall character. An artificial creation, not a realistic character, designed to appeal to anyone not smart enough to pirate their anime. Perfect for coomers because she hot and nerdy and fulfills an unrealistic fantasy. Perfect for weeb broads who want to self insert pretend like their trucker guts dont matter when looking for love. And of course for people who are legitimately interested in the cosplay hobby , looking for tips on building their own outfits. Sounds like a winning combination for a large corporate entity looking to make big bucks from a group of people who are too stupid to read free manga sites or pirate anime properly.

But then we have to look at Gojo, and at first glance he doesnt seem like some sort of artificial creation in the same vein as Marin but what is unrealistic about the situation is how carefully constructed the nuances of Gojo are, that make the romance between the two become unrealistic . A nonfunctioning member of society who cannot make friends and can hardly even interact with other students of his status. Even when people reach out to him in an attempt for friendship he still cannot function as a normal human being. With a traditional sense of honor and shame he rejects his own social needs "for the good of the other person" , Marin in this case when she reaches out to him. Although he should have trusted his instincts on this one considering he was getting sexually manipulated into performing weeks of work on top of his already stressful life, in exchange for a single meal and a crumb of pussy. His "creepy" hobby also plays a factor in his inability to function in society, but is a clever yet artificial transition for his skills to allow him entry into the cosplay world. The romance feels unbelievable based on this summary of Gojo and Marin however there is a layer of artificial circumstances portrayed that give the relationship validity, that being of genetics and materialistic possessions of his family. Despite being such a loser, he also just happens to be 6'4, own and operate a niche high price business and own family property, and is extremely and canonically handsome, in all the ways only women think about. IE being tall and having huge hands. Things beyond his control, that fall under luck. Although I will say his hard work, dedication to his craft and his skill are believable, without the material assets ad good looks the romance between the two immediately falls apart.

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Without his family business and his blessed genetics, despite his skills, the romance is extremely unbelievable. For instance if you take the story and the exact character and turn him into an acne filled, 5'5 manlet, and took away his families wealth the romance seemingly disintegrates. Even letting him keep the skills of his Hina doll obsession the romance between a now poor manlet Gojo and the impossible perfect Marin is so unlikely that even the corporate pay pigs who live on twitter, and pay for their manga and Crunchyroll subscriptions would find the series unrealistic and it would never achieve the popularity it had. Imagine a chubby, dorky, manlet Gojo measuring the breast size of the Lovely Heroine Marin in a dirty 1 bedroom apartment and jerking off to the experience the next episode. It immediately loses the female audience the mangaka is clearly gunning for. Thus the story and romance is not surrounded by the substance of the characters, but the niche roles they fill and the artificial circumstances created in order to make the story work as it does. But in his preset state in the manga, it also allows for a male self insertion audience to gravitate towards the series. Everyone from the anti social losers of society, to the skilled and talented to the 6'4 chads pretending to enjoy anime inorder to plow the autistic goth girl they met on tinder has an opportunity to self insert into this impossible and unrealistic character. An artificial creation for a mass media audience.

>nagafag got trolled into shitting up sono threads
You realize this is only going to make the Nagatoro general worse than it already was, right? You fucking moron.

Based Risotto Poster

Now when I say the characters are impossibly perfect, I dont mean they dont have flaws, but that every aspect of the main characters are designed for mass appeal their both their strengths and flaws. So what do we have with the main characters of the first few arc? We have two characters who should never fall in love, but through artificial means have some how come together to be in a romance together, coupled by two popular hentai caricatures, encompassing multiple fetishes in each one. The romance itself is so fragile that a few simple changes could bring the whole house of cards down. For instance Gojos hand size or height. No way does the perfect Marin of Sono Bisque, let fat manlet Gojo take measurements of her in her underwear. And adding weight to Marin or making her ugly also destroys everything the character stands for as her job, which pays for the cosplay adventures would be nonexistent and her popularity and social life would not be the same. Fatties that stuff their mouth with gas station fried chicken arent all that popular. The second a single aspect of the perfectly crafted romance is changed the entire thing falls apart. However this series is not meant to picked apart and discussed ( as is evident in their threads) but to be consoomed and coomed to, for both male and female (and those in between) allowing for a massive and wide audience to take part in. An audience that will certainly cough up a few bucks for a subscription fee or manga volume. Looking at this from an outside perspective it follows a corporate marketing mentality , a checklist of popular stereo types and two artificial feeling characters. A show meant to suck dollars from the female american (sex) working class and the simps and coomers that cant pirate anime. Which is why the "high sales" aspect of the series is not particularly impressive considering the corporate nature in which the manga and anime is created from. It is by design that it moves masses of volumes.

Now that we've discussed Marin and the series artificial and corporate nature, we can we look at Nagatoro and its characters and the main focus about the specific relationship between these two, believable and flawed characters. Its also not meant to be a self insertion story, as both characters are have their own specified personalities that can sometimes be hard to guess or self inserted into. I dont think a single person would self insert as Naoto especially early on. And very few are willing to self insert as Nagatoro considering her harsh and somewhat abusive introduction. What we have are two characters that are not necessarily envied by the audience, and neither is their weird relationship/romance. And yet the entire thing evolves naturally and believably from a traumatic bullying experience into a cute romance where both characters evolve based on the influence from the other. It does not rely on Coomer needs, popular tropes or hobbies explained to the audience, and is somewhat off putting based on the initial concept and the tone its carried out by. It relies on comedy, writing, the drawings themselves and story telling to survive. Its why Nagatoro is not a popular big titted bimbo and arguably is not the best girl in her own series, HOWEVER she is certainly the best girl for Naoto, and your needs or taste are not necessary in this artistic decision. The series, the concept and the character are inherently off putting. And despite also revolving around art, swimming or sports , does not rely on a popular hobby being explained to the audience for filler chapters. Certainly not constructed for mass appeal by an audience that would be deemed profitable enough to pander an entire series around. Its an artistic risk , with flawed characters that are not designed with the audience in mind at its conception. Its certainly not meant for normalfaggots like Sono bisque.

The obvious starting point here is with Nagatoro and the different approach used for her character compared to Marin and the artificial construction of her character. And the two characters could not be more different in both how they are approached, to their designs and the actual drawings. Based on looks you wouldn't even think Nagatoro is the main character of the show, but that is an intentional choice. Short, tanned, has small knockers and an abrasive personality. She is immediately off putting to the typical coomer audience as well as the normal faggots who pay for crunchy roll premium instead of torrenting their anime properly.

Which means the appeal must come outside of the big tits and sexual euphemisms. The relation ship, and just as important, the slap stick and comedy, (something sono bisque lacks immensely) are forced to become the main focus of the series without a reliance on sex appeal. Good comedy is what her character is focused on, at the expense of her looks and off-putting personality. If you were to describe Nagatoro I would say shes funny above all else. With cute being a second.

We're not drowned in too many personal hidden character details meant to be displayed to connect to the audience. You see her as Naoto sees her, and are left to draw your own conclusions outside of the chapters, although obviously this builds over time. She comes off as inherently normal. Average. Run of the mill. But with a sadistic and mean spirited personality. Shes not meant to be a coomer idol. Its the personality and the sadistic actions that make her a compelling character and the need to find the motivations for said actions is what drives the reader forward into the series.

>Now that we've discussed Marin and the series artificial and corporate nature, we can we look at Nagatoro
This threas wasn't about Nagatoro tho. Am I missing sonething?

Always b

More like smack dab in the middle.
There were hundreds before you, and thousands after you.
Your manga regressed into cosplay tips and doll making instead of romance. Season 2 will be the death of your series.

As for the side characters, the series is almost exclusively about Nagatoro, Naoto and their relationship, leaving most of the side characters of Nagatoro under characterized due to the structure of the story telling. As a result a lot is left to headcannon and small glimpses of their believable and lovable personalities, which is responsible for the Waifu Wars in the Nagatoro threads . However most of it is banter and shitposting between bros. Aside from Pres and Shikki (arguably their giant tits also serve a comedic purpose) none of the side characters are meant to represent disgusting fetishes from the coomer checklist. No legal Lolis or Underage slampigs, no crossdressing. The minor characters are as a result left as realistic and believable friends and serve to heighten the inferiorities of Nagatoro , giving Naoto and the readers a leg up on Nagatoro and her teasing. Shes not meant to be some perfect Bimbo created for mass appeal. Shes an average girl who has seized love and shaped it into her preferred image. She broke down the spirit of a latent chad and built him up with love and dedication to become someone both she and himself have become proud of. So much so now the favor is being returned to her by Naoto, going beyond what she imagined he'd become. This was simply wonderful opportunity to shit on Marin faggots and their N*gger-centric hentai doujins, the low effort shit posting and their pitiful attempts to derail the threads as of late. And I have used this opportunity to sort of explain why Nagatoro isnt the best girl in the series. Shes not meant for you fucking coomers, she belongs to Naoto.

Unlike The bimbo Marin, and the corporate marketing tactics that surround every aspect of Sono Bisque series, inescapable from the corporate arm of Japanese marketing teams deployed to suck money from western pay pigs, Nagatoro actually embodies the spirit of love rather than corporate consumerism. Go read your n*gger doujins, tasteless Bisquecoomers

Saved and based

Night I ain't reading all that shit.

TLDR Marin is a Mary Sue character. A manic pixie dream girl. She's literally perfect, and her "flaws" are there not to hinder her, but to elevate her cuteness.
Nagatoro, on the other hand, is 100% realistic and lifelike with her flaws. Insecure, overly jealous, unable to convey her feelings positively (she thinks bullying is her form of affection).

I don't fucking care about your shitty fetishes.
If you like shitting so much on a manga why don't you wipe off your ass with manga you don't like.

>never worth investing time
How much time do you invest in Yea Forums chit chat, stupid nig?

This is unbelievably based and nagatoro-pilled. When i watched the series i could remember that i had this eerie feeling of this shit cant be possibly happen even in an anime world. Gojo a tall chad with insane skills and morals, yet a social outcast and marin the uber Stacy that is somehow also a degen coomer. Your put into words what i felt back then. Nagatoro is leagues better but there is one thing i gotta disagree with.
You saying that Nagatoro relies on her comedy and naoto being hard to self insert to.
Cmon bro even i dont believe that. Shes is the epitome of femdom, which alot of weebs are into. The vast majority of people who like this show also want a nagatoro gf.
Anyways, pretty based ill save this to btfo bisque tards.

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>100% realistic
Don't change it. I said she's much more human with her flaws.

Be sure to repost in every Sono shit thread. Especially when new chapters drop

>I want marinfag shitposters to invade nagathreads even more
I hate you faggots so much. I just want comfy naga threads.

I'm strongly considering it

You reap what you sow.

peak romcom is jitsu wa watashi wa, and i have yet to find another manga that comes close to the satisfaction in reading that masterpiece,

“romcom” is somehow what self-inserters use to refer to self-insert romance, whether it be comedic or not, and most of them have comedic relief at best and aren't real comedies.
I have no idea why this originated. Rike-Koi and Maid-Sama are straight rom-coms that actually fire jokes every other minute but they don't call them “rom-coms” but they do Toradora which has no more comedic relief than, say, Naruto.

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>marin makes people seethe hard enough to write whole essays and pledge to spam them in the hopes that someone might read them

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>marinfag can't read, let alone craft a counter-argument
Pfft. Should've known.

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Both of you choke on shit and die.

>Choking on Marin
I'm no cannibal

But user, that manga is dumb

That's why it's great!

>But isn't a manga the cutest when it's almost retarded?

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I read it for you and this is what i got.
>things i like good, things i don't bad.

Working and School Rumble are much better.

Ookami Shounen was better lol
This got big just from Marin being a total babe. If you strip that away, the story would be too bare. The series is too centralized around her.


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Nisekoi was better than this shit, and i'm not a nisekoifag

Yea, pretty repetitive. Nothing I haven't seen before. Plus a lot of repetition to pad out the length of the post, with nonsense memes and shit about piracy. I already tore apart his points (with solid proof) in another thread, but he'll conveniently ignore that and keep obsessing over Sono Bisque like a child. When confronted, he immediately just starts contradicting himself. He has no real axioms or foundations for why a thing is bad or why that ruins the manga, as you'd typically expect from Yea Forums. He's just another fucking Quentin or Sharktaleanon

>Ookami Shounen
Unfortunately it had a major flaw, because the worst girl took up first half of the story

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>Actual mutual attraction from the beginning instead of one-sided infatuation
>MC is an actual cool lead albeit has enough flaws to be relatable and fun
>Had sex and the series kept going
>That they had trouble kickstarting their relationship actually made sense due to familiar and societal circumstances

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Is that a

more women are a fan of bisque doll than will ever know what ookami shounen is. there is no shortage of hyper attractive anime girls, if that were enough nothing would bomb

>there is no shortage of hyper attractive anime girls, if that were enough nothing would bomb

And yet they'll keep using the same argument again and again

Naw. We all just sick of those bitches (and the lack of Sumi) from Rent-A-Bitch.

Dress-Up Dolling could've been actual GOLD if they just like Goro and Marin actual HAVE SEX a "the hotel where people HAVE SEX." But the creator wanted to be a spineless worm just like Reiji Miyajima.

This is why I hate when an /e/ title pretends to be /h/. Fuck this shit.

Anime-onlies only expose your shitty series for what they are - overrated garbage.

Dumb Prefect and Futari Ashitamo Sorenarini for pure romcom. Skip and Loafer and Kimi wo Houkago Insomnia for general romance. Itai Onee-san is basically a romcom in its back half and is way better too by virtue of actually being funny.

The manga isn't good and goes to shit about the point where the anime ends.

Working is too much SoL also School Rumble is too much comedy + Pie ruins it

>Literal Tranny manga

So is Kaguya basically Kare Kano?

Look at Kaguya after they had sex. Massive drop of readership/viewership

Having sex MIDWAY in the story is a major taboo in Manga.

Hahahahaha no

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The school festival arc was kino

Nah, too basic and cliche to rise anywhere over a B+, but the good news is romcoms made for men are so shit that B+ is close to the pinnacle.
The art of the manga put me off the series, it's so bad.

Can Bisque Doll enjoyers explain exactly why the two mains like each other, and how they improve each other by being together? Because at this point, even Oregairu has more character dev and logical reasons as to why they have a believable relationship

I enjoyed the manga a lot more than the anime so far. Haven’t finished watching the anime though.

Nah, the mediocre story getting ultra-rushed into its endgame phase did that, the sex scene was a massive let down, "So we did it anyway" then separation arc is like the most disappointing way of handling it imaginable

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