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Seibah is exercising

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read the guide

too skinny. she needs to eat more.

how many is my autism going to make me buy?
prolly all 14...kill me

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she needs a burger

what about the pouch

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I just ordered R-18 merch of a character that's 12 yo. I didn't stop to think how it would go through customs because I wanted it real bad. What are my chances and what's the worst case scenario?

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sneak some vaseline in your prison purse mate, it'll help

what country

Some Latam one

You'll be put on a public sexual predator registry and your life will be over.

>Officer, it has been a few years and she's grown up to be an adult now. She's my wife and I love her.

My grandma saw my anime merch/doujinshi/artbooks for the first time and said "user if you like girls so much why don't get find a girlfriend?"

Nah, that would never fly.
>Officer, she's actually a heroic spirit possessed by a Lovecraft deity.
Might work though.

unless its written in huge letters "CHARACTER IS TWELVE" no one would know. her tits are bigger than my moms.

Face looks far too cutesy for SAIBAH. Shit, not even Lily has that kind of babyface, and that's literally her entire deal.

yeah, to me that character easily looks nowhere near 12, but you have to assume the worst with these kinds of things depending on the country. some retards in power see anime and automatically think cheese pizza.

>burgers are getting fucked once again, lmao

Starting May 31st, Japan Post will update its country regions and shipping fee for EMS.
Most notably, the United States will now be a separate region from North America, and with that, there will be 30% rate increases.
Official updates from Japan Post:

we always get the same saber faces thanks to idiots like you, i for one, welcome this new saber, retard.

Welcome to months ago

Besides, other countries still don't even have EMS, so a price increase seems like the better of the positions.

>Getting fucked again
Again? Multiple shipping methods, a strong currency, lax import laws, practically no customs fees...

What was the first time?

>wants to buy sabers
>hates saberfaces
I'm sorry, who is the retard here?

Probably last year when they didn't have multiple shipping methods. Still had it better than Leafs do now, but it stands to reason they'd take most of those things for granted and would view any change as 'getting fucked'. Especially since they already had an EMS price hike when they eventually got it back.

Got these two yesterday.

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painted when

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mfw buyfagging will only get cheaper as fed rape hikes for the next 2 years and dollar moons

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T. real user from Argentina, don't listen to trolls speaking about my country, we aren't that poor, I can easily afford buying a scale each two months.

>mfw my gross income after bills could comfortably buy a dozen 30k yen scales a month

Poor and delusional.

BTW, it must be a cheap scale, used, binned and under 10,000 yen or I won't be able to afford food.

Yeah, nope smart-ass. I usually spend 20-25k on each scale w/o shipping costs.

We're poor, but not as some shitposters here memeing that we can't even afford prize figures.

Good for you, I'm stuck here.

Argentinians ruin everything

>shitposters ruin everything

You are poor and fucked as fuck, to the point that manipulating retarded indexes, like the big Mac index, is a thing.

It's a cutesy alternate costume anyways so it fits.

Just started buyfagging this week when I bought the Tifa Jack O statue.

Dimensions - H36 * W36 * D41cm Estimated

What case should I buy for it? I want an enclosed one so dust doesnt get on it.

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show that Chris

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Why is buyfag so dead today?

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Why can no one do Tifa in a normal pose

Bad economy.

when is it not? you still have two kidneys, what prevents you from buying figurines then?

Just keep in mind that statue will easily weigh +20lb.

>You are poor and fucked as fuck,
I''m poor, but not "fucked as fuck" this isn't Venezuela or }Afghanistan.

yeah probably

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yeah, you're prob in the hamburger country which is even worse

Nothing worth buying.

Going through a lot of my boxes and came across some of these. Anyone else still have their old amiami thank you cards? Particularly the old non colored picture ones. I know I have a few more than this in another box somewhere though.

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Here's hoping you seriously get fucked over as much as possible.

Recently picked up this wall scroll from ebay.

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is nin-nin game a legit site?

>abby with tits
Why did you buy OOC crap.

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I'm so glad I can enjoy FGO fapbait without having to play the game.

As long as you arent that retarded to pay in advance

Shady as fuck.

Legit, but overpriced, and slow as fuck.

i couldnt find much about them aside from shit customer service, i set up pay later for a preorder so i was curious

Enjoy your box full of bootleg dust.

Have fun in the aftermarket when it turns out they can't fulfill your pre-order at release.

They're alright, they have been online for at least 9 years, although as most of these small stores, there is always a small chance of an unexpected closure the next day, they will only get away with your money, if you were dumb enough to pay in advance.

If you think is making shit up. Well he's not, this a pretty common occurrence with nin nin.


You are not far from them though, if anything you are way closer to becoming Venezuela than from getting out of your shithole.

They're related to Nippon Yasen. What do you think?

Probably zero, too old. Even in cuck countries like Canada/Australia that could pass without problem.
I'm in latam too and i imported much risky stuff.

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I'm also in LATAM and from what I know most countries here don't give a fuck about what you import.

So it's like Nippon Yasan then? They used to do the same thing with some preorders, cancelled orders and then put them back in stock at much higher aftermarket prices.An user said a few threads ago that they were as bs as NY, but he was insulted and called a liar by other three anons. Who is telling the truth?