Dragon Ball Super

He is the best character written yet in the history of Dragon Ball, His backstory and struggle is entirely derived from Nietzschean "will to power". Toppo is the authors representation of Nietzsche with that mustache. Jiren is the "ubermenchen" that the author wanted to symbolize, his desperation, struggle and ideology all arises from the word "power". Clearly, the most valiant and salient character ever recorded in the history of Anime.

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404ren the goddamn DELETED...

Deleted for what exactly? Specify one rule that I broke.

women? not a fan

DBS lost to moe.

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“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.”

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These threads are dying a miserable, undesirable death, and they most certainly did die at the hands of those who hid behind the janitors and moderators. You, the Jirenfags, are the ones who “Gentlemen’d” us all into this downward spiral. You’re the reason why a chunk of the people here have given up and went to /trash/. And then you have the Goku/Vegeta coalition that false flags and smears moeshit all over the walls of our halls. The Tenshinhanfag is a GameFaqs tourist and the Krillinfag is a contrarian. The BulmaBitch, CuteGangFaggot, TurlesFag, DiscordlerFag, DiscordhanFag, CashmanFag, and DrawFag are all spiritually the same, in that they all desperately want attention in some way or another and are not merely content as Anonymous posters. Everyone I’ve mentioned has had a direct hand in making these threads the shitholes they’ve been for months.
>B-but /DBS was always autistic
Yes, it was, but this isn’t autism. This is bordering on Lolcow territory. These are unironically the worst threads on Yea Forums. The jannies and the moderators spun these webs, and you all filled them well.

I don't care. Start the revolution.

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Not even a mention of R63CHAD, i am disappointed.

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Yeah, I forgot him and the faggot spamming lesbian shit.

We WILL take back Yea Forums
We WILL defeat those moeshitters
We WILL persist and survive
We WILL never give up

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>Yeah, I forgot him
Well i don't really stick out and derail theads, so that probably why.

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How to save /dbs/:
>no more offtopic moe, you aren't funny
>tone down the falseflags, btwposting is too low quality
>SHARTgang stop mass dumping your entire folder
>try not to cross into avatarfag territory, if you're becoming recognizable you should slow down the posting

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I always do what's right. This means I G-men off-topic moegames and moeshitter posts. I see no difference between the various moeshitters, the drawfag, the panpedo, the filterBITCH, waifushitter, the FOAZ (original and FOAZkufags), Hackocucko's minions, anti-Jiren schizos & irrelevant characters and their worshippers. Now CHADbbl... that's a game that pertains to CHADgon CHAD CHADper.

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We can see how "great" your /trash/fugee threads are. Porn spam, Hunger Games where half the characters aren't DB-related, lesbo spam and literal fucking wojakspam that nobody seems to mind.
And the "discussion" if you can call it that is just JIRENJIRENJIRENWARDENWARDENWAEDEN all day, every day. And let's not forget the complete newfaggotry.

Meanwhile these threads actually discuss Dragon Ball and continue to have characterfag wars because more groups than just Moekurats actually post in them. I'm convinced now more than ever in the importance of Gentlemanning. You rats are scum that just wants a Discord to have Yea Forumstard circlejerks. OUTTA my fucking halls and BACK into your sewer.

So if I understand this correctly:
Yea Forumsren?

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This is mine now

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That earthquake you felt just now was me shouting Jiren's name at the top of my lungs. Sorry about that.


You need to calm down about him. It's affecting your health.

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Will this damn movie come out already.

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DNR. Jiren lost.

Jiren? Well... The thing is... He LOST.

Jiren BROKE you.

>Jiren [LOST]
Yes, that's right, I know.

Jiren TWISTED your SOUL.

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>Jiren TWISTED [his TESTES].
I know, I sent him a card. The poor, fragile BITCH.

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How do we stop people who visit these threads from turning into ASSASSINS?

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Jiren ASSAULTED you.

>using Yea Forums of all places
Why didn't they go to /pol/ or Yea Forums or something?

...with his breath.

kek no fucking way

>Jiren yelled at him and now he's upset

Jiren RUINED you.


>Jiren [exhaled] at [me] and now [my nose is burning]
Why can't SMELLren brush his teeth?

>Jiren RUINED [his oral hygiene]

Everyone who idolizes Goku is a potential murderer.

Imagine if they saw all the psychoku posts

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>nietzsche is... le deep!
fuck off nigger KYS

They probably just clicked the first board that appeared

>offtopic UCB rat


HAHAHA I completely forgot about that.

Good morning. I wake up precisely at sunrise to praise /OUR GOD/ and thank him for the air we breathe.

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Yesterday my gf and I watched Path to Power to celebrate Goku day.

Shitty movie desu

Too bad this thread will probably be gone once the unemployed rat wakes up to masturbate to the c*talog again.

I NEED to take a shower

I think you might need some medication.

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It's funny because he looks ridiculous.

Nonsense. How could our saiyan possibly be ridiculous in anyway?

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It's also funny when I punch you in the face.


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