Kawaii dake ja Nai Shikimori-san

So this is basically just a sterilized mass appeal attempt at imitating Nagatoro's success in role reversal?
But now with ugly neon pink hair to drag in the normalfag idiots who are easily amused by shiny colors? Unironically seems pretty vapid.

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>Nagatoro's success
Literally nobody in Japan gives a shit about niggertoro. It's just the ironic weebs and faggots from here.

How is that even remotely similar?

This is actually a mommy gf

I know bro. It's the only waifu that's ever worked on me, realizing I'll never have her to help my pathetic weak ass through life
>Guts theme intensifies

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Nagatoro isn't role reversal, dumbfuck.

Shit was mad boring. Same generic nothing that happened in 10,000 school life romance manga but she makes le scary face every once in a while.

This faggot OP is a bisquefaggot falseflagger. Shikimoribros are always welcomed in our threads and I wish you guys nothing but the best.

So I kind of like the angle that she's the "guy" in the relationship, but it's been a bit of a bore. Does it get funnier as it goes on? I'm at the part where the femcee (male) broke his head playing soccer.

Shikimori is only marginally less bland FOTM shot than Marin, but still soulless FOTM trend riding garbage nonetheless

Why is Yea Forums so obsessed with what others think about Naga, Shiki, Marin, and Komi? Everyone is just coping with the fact that their favorite anime/manga is not perfect in every way.

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Pretty sure it has more in common with Machikado Mazoku than Nagatoro.
Pink haired girl wants to protect the misfortunate main character, which she likes because of how they worry about other people more than themself.


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>Nagatoro's success
lmao even

>He's so cute!
>She's so cool!
>Random commentary from the three side-characters
>repeat for 12 episodes

>Nalgas de toro
Stopped reading there.

It actually baffles me how delusional the western fans can be sometimes in projecting their preferences on the nips. I don't even know why the fuck Nagatoro is so popular here, it's literally just "random romcom"-tier.

I love Shiki!

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She should give him a choker and paint his nails

nagatoro is already a sterilized nagatoro since it was first serialized

The concept of shikimori makes no goddamn sense. The role reversal is an understandable gimmick, but how does this appeal to anyone when in manga and anime the female characters of other series are cool as fuck by just being cool or having cool powers, etc.

Nice character design. Boring ahow.


Honestly, watching this anime feels like watching a shoujo anime but with the main couple gender swapped.
Even the artstyle fits.

fucking hell nagatoro is already a sterilized nagatoro since volume 2 came out, its like reading a different manga

>Salesfag still mad Nagatoro get a season 2
Kek Nagatoro truly mind broke them

Aims for the femdom malewife crowd in the most surface level way possible. So fucking dull.

It's fun, and Shiki is cute. Nagatoro always came off like it's made for edgy try hards who like to attention wore and have some kind of superiority complex.

what's making Yea Forums so mad about this show now? I thought they were done kicking the dead dog and moved on

Describe this girl (male).

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You know nothing about Shikimori or Nagatoro, so why post about either one?

Best, cute, handsome!

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Boring manga, even more boring anime

This is a romance series, but it's also a high school series. It may not have as much impact for foreigners, but they've been going through events on the high school calendar which is where most of the big events have been in the series. That's coming to an end, as they are third years now.
That's what has been going on in this series.

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What's this shikimori bros?!

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>Nagatoro's success

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Hey, companies can make bad decisions from time to time.

Holy cope


That's literally what the manga is.
10 pages of generic school stuff, one panel of Shikimori cool face.jpg, followed by K-kakkoi!...
I have no idea why they made an anime out of this because that's all the source material does

I love Shiki. There, I said it. No, I'm not jealous of Izumi because he's literally me, such as with any character that gets best girl.

>anime only faggot lord makes an abhorrent thread
delete your life OP
never post again

Cope and seethe. Nagachads stay winning.

Watch your mouth, you brat. Our Nanashi and Shikimori’s author are besties. Don’t embarrass us.

>Our Nanashi and Shikimori’s author are besties.
Is this true? Wholesome offical Shiki doujin ala 774's Hinata doujin when?

I wish you'd stop this. You're giving all the fumicute Chads a bad name.


Yes, it’s true. Shikimori’s author has been featured in the anthology.
Our Shikki is named after Shikimori
Rika Hayase is introduced in Shikimori not long ago.
Don’t antagonize our Shikimoribros.


I hate 22i for making her look like a snake. It makes me feel bad for favoriting her.

far worse stuff have been adapted already,why not at this point?

Shikimori is still one of the lucky ones with higher than average production for anime. If you want to know what’s worse, look no further than Senryuu Shoujo. The anime’s quality killed the manga, not even Kana Hanzawa’s voice acting can save it.

Dude is shitting on this series, but there's nothing bad about it. It just bores him. That's fine. Other people like it. This isn't an insult to good animation or anything.

Take you meds.

You have never watched this show or read the manga, have you?

Izumi best boy

Gamo's Gamo

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>high school

lmao even

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Porn artist they liked grew moticably more vanilla over the years and I guess they're happy with him breaking out


At least she's prettier than niggatoro and that other doll bitch

Every other manga is role reversal shit now, nothing to do with Nagatoro. Most of the Nips with functioning testicles died in WWII

>color pallette meant to attract ADHD marvel zoomers