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Why does Wano have to be so long?

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At this point it seems Oda feels obligated to make an arc as long as possible with as many characters and plot threads as possible to make it more “epic”. Of course it doesn’t actually work that way which is why an arc like Alabasta was far more enjoyable in every way but I guess the editors are too scared to tell Oda to stop sniffing his own farts

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yamato definitely gives good rim jobs

Because Oda is fucking autistic.
You can cut 70% of Wano characters and it won't matter.

>Oda has normal pacing
>Toei slows it down in the anime to not catch up to the manga by over focussing on reactions
>Oda take inspiration of the anime and uses it's pace slowing techniques in the manga
>Toei has to make it even slower by showing long scenes of characters doing nothing important (like running, or staring at each others)
>Oda finds it genius and copies it to gain time when he doesn't have inspiration
>Toei decides to slow it even more by repeating scenes
>Oda does it too
The anime was a mistake

Carrot when she sees human cock

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Oda became senile and started drawing the same panels over and over

> Thinking we'll be done hearing about Wano after Wano
kek user....

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Looking at nami's reaction. Carrot either sees luffy or my dick

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>Carrot either sees luffy or my dick
why not both, user?

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Carrot sleeping on his fat belly vertical-like.

wow... editors are supposed to cut that shit out. Oda has dementia. i feel bad.

If i was the dubbing director for one piece I would give brook a Cuban accent

why does every ignore the fact that zoro said hed become the king of hell when people talk about the reaper figure, my theory is that zoro will probably have a short arc where he has to conquer hell, or maybe it’ll imply he does in the story and comes back stronger, and it would also make sense with his backstory considering he made a promise to himself that he would become a swordsman so great his name will reach the heavens for kuina, and i think taking over the underworld would definitely guarantee that


>que dices si esta noche te seduzco en mi bote?

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>Zoro in HELL

this is too cool for Oda. *If* it did happen, most likely would be off-screened and treated as a gag


>Dragon showed up at Zoro's dojo
So has it been basically confirmed that Kuina joined the rebels.

implying Oda will finally bow to the edgelords after 1,000 chapters

>stop sniffing his own farts
why does this always happen to successful creators? Does something happen to people's creative outlook when hit with fame and money?

One Piece turned to shit after the summit war, and coincidentally, that was One Piece at its most popular

Maria bending Yamato over her knee with her dress pulled up and spanking her

Is Usopp taking out Sugar the most "fuck you" moment a villain has ever experienced in this series? I honestly think this is top five best moments in all One Piece.

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Tashigi is Kuina as a deep-cover sleeper agent in the Marines

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I just want pirate sword girl that's semi-relevant user, i'll settle for pirate though.

it wouldn't make any sense for her to join the revolutionary army. What reason would there be? Why would Zoro's teacher make up that she died falling down some stairs?

this makes 0 sense too. Why would she be a sleeper agent?

>it all happens as a cover story while he's unconscious and its just his delusional coma dream
only way the fanbase would tolerate a zoro only arc

Oda loves to balance the goofy with edgy. Zoro is Luffy's counterbalance. With how goofy Oda made Luffy and Gear 5, he'll double down extra hard on the edgyness for Zoro. Take Thriller Bark. It was arguably one of the goofiest arcs of the series and Oda gave it the edgiest resolutions.

>only way (You) would tolerate a zoro only arc

>Soba Mask
When are we gonna have the rest of the crew get their own super hero alter egos?

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Faking her death makes sense from the perspective of making sure she can't bring any shame to the family (even if he knows its faked its the appearance that matters)
Joining the revolution makes sense as being the easiest way off the island outside of the marines which would kind of defeat the point of leaving for more freedom.
Pirate would work as well of course but it's a small island and the East blue isn't exactly a pirate capitol so she wouldn't be spoiled for choice.

>only way me and anyone over the age of 10 would tolerate a zoro only arc

I can see it happening as a re-run of Impel down, wouldn't be Zoro only though but i imagine they'd split up like they do in literally every arc.

So now odas stealing from seven deadly sins

This isn't Toriyama we are talking about, Oda wouldn't add super hero crap unless it's sentai heroes

>Gear 5
>not edgy

>*punches through Kaido's skull*

What was up with that

Unironically Oda is autistic. How else does someone work 12+ hours a day for over 25 years

Can someone explain this edge meme to me? I thought OnePiecefags liked One Piece? Currently on arlong arc and is not a gag manga at all or did you hate all One Piece until now?

i didnt realize i was responding to the last thread kek, gonna reply to them again anyways
Pink's is fine. I just don't like Franky's at all. I understand what they were going for, but this is funimation's fucking voice direction/acting that we are talking about. They don't want to hold auditions because they don't want their spots taken by fresh and younger talent. It's been mentioned before when someone spoke up about Monica Rial being a cunt and believing that the people who want to do voice acting aren't actually passionate about it and were wasting their (Funimation's) time. That's literally what it all is. This is how the voice acting industry is. If you suck up to the right people, you will get a job even if you suck balls. it's rare when you actually get fresh people because people are used to being comfortable using people with experience/veterans rather than giving newer people chances. But if you network with these fags, you're set for life

>>*punches through Kaido's skull*

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the person who spoke up about it was someone getting a tour and technically learning/trying out to become a voice actor

I doubt its unbreakable. ug Mom said "first time working with Rocks" implying he's constantly gaining and losing crewmen, or otherwise disbands everyone the second his current expedition is over and only puts a new crew together when he next has something he actually wants to do

How strong was roof piece luffy?
He wasn't strong enought to even mortally wound kaido but he had to be Yonko level still right?

only mexicans can make g5 look edgy

>my theory is that zoro will probably have a short arc where he has to conquer hell
Do Zolotards really?

Why is the eng dub more up to date than the latam dub?

spics like stupid dragon ball transformations too much

Edgier than Boundman. Only slightly less edgier than Snakeman. And when Luffy was running out of Gear 5 and he just reactivated it he made a super edgy face in the edgy gear 2 pose. Not to mention his final attack is not some gag shit like gagfags wanted to but literally DBZ Haki energy punch chidori/rasengan clash. Cope.

What could zoro possibly gain from hell. He already slices nearly everything and everything with batshit insane techniques. The only reason he lost to kaido is cause he belongs to Luffy

He'll get his eye back and get the weird eyeballs Mihawk has.

what if kuina got ivankovd, would make sense

They thought he was going to actually kill the big bad on screen
The fact these retards think any strawhat is killing anyone is absurd

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>Why would Dragon want a deep-cover operative at the heart of the Marines

Gee, beats me

>Do Zolotards really?
Yes, they do. Unfortunately, user, yes, they do.

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You are trying so hard to make a big fist sound edgy.

Damage control snowflakes gives against any criticism

but that brings me BACK to the question above that; why would she join the Revolutionaries? What would she want to bring? A large amount of the main heads so far have been shown to be people who came from nothing. What would Kuina's reason be?

What the fuck are you idiots talking about? Brook and Franky's dub voices don't sound anything alike, and they both do a great job.

>The only reason he lost to kaido is cause he belongs to Luffy
he's never beating kaido not even eos
have no idea what you people are on about

Zorofag drawfag here, I don't.

tell that to the guy who said it. I dont think they sound alike, but i dont like how they sound at all

Drawfren you say? Aight, draw something then

What's the most recent issue? 1048?

You can have serious moments without going full retard like the user saying Zoro will literally conquer all of hell

I can't believe Robin fucked THAT, gross (kinda hot), i guess that gape is for his dual shark dick.
Dumb Franky, she wanted the machine D but he was always talking about his toys

Then that doesn't make you a Zolotard, sir. Also, do you do commissions?

how do you feel about Zoro Kissing Kiku?

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Unfortunately don't feel like that anymore, got a little tired of anons putting words me and others didn't say. Sorry.

>Top 5 Sexiest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Cutest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Prettiest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Funniest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Personalities:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato

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Because it's the finale of years of setup, since Punk Hazard. Oda felt like he needed a grandiose closure.

>Zoro Kissing Kiku
not that guy, but i consider it divine.

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Kiku is a WOMAN.
Yamato is a MAN.
Get it right, chuds.

Draw tama dabbing

i like this post

nice yams

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they're both women.

>Then that doesn't make you a Zolotard, sir
Yeah, this is what I was talking about. Can't even like about some of the characters I like anymore

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how do troids even tolerate one piece without being offended to death when ivankov, mr.2 and okamas in general exist in one piece


because neither them or the schizos who whine about trannies 24/7 actually read/watch one piece and just use it as a vehicle to push their shitty agendas.

cognitive dissonance

Brook's English voice is 10/10. I like it just as much as the Japanese voice. As for Franky's dub voice, it's good. It's nothing special, but it gets the job done just fine and never sounds cringy.

You should ignore that autistic Sanjifag. And yes it's dumb, just enjoy the character you like. I remember someone posting Katakuri sahing this and suddenly a fake katakurifag was trying to stir a fight to create some autistic circlejerk here

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I've seen woke people hate on okamas (I don't get why since they are literally as ridiculous as the dragqueens they love irl) and preferring other "queer" examples like yamato and kiku.

Fuck off, let people like whoever they want

What's the current issue? 1048?

That's because it's the same voice actor as Whis from Dragonball
In fact half the Strawhats are also Dragonball voice actors