Is it ANYA or ANIA?

Is it ANYA or ANIA?

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it's peanut.

Its aniki.


It's onahole.



Every time I read Loid my mind autocorrects it to Lloyd. That's how stupid it sounds.



Oh, if only we jumped on this when it first aired.
People who say Anya = Kiev
People who say Ania = Kyiv

3d anya

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I could only find information from the last year,

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Waku Waku

~nya, the head cones are hiding cat ears.


Even the manga doesn't know. If her door sign was originally written as "ANIA" then her name would be pronouced "an-ee-ah" because of moonspeak autism.

Is it not pronounced like Lloyd?

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She spells it Ania. Are you really going to look at her face and tell her she's wrong?

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It's pedophiles belong in hell you're time will come


of course, she's dumb

nya to you to

Angles are weird. There's nothing wrong with a name written as Loid. Just because Lloyd is more common doesn't mean it's wrong, it's a name, people can write it however they want. Feels good to be a romance language master race and understanding how close nihongo pronunciation is to us.

Someone said in a past thread that loid was some method of breaking a lock. Loiding a lock or something.


More importantly, why does she sit like that?

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Kyon-kun, denwa.

This picture is disrespectful. I forbid anyone to Loudly Crying Face Emoji near my daughter.

>what time will it be in two hours
What a little shit

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Here be the most cursed one I got, sire.

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as a hobbyist lock breaker i have never heard of that

but she's right user!

The only place that has that as a definition is Apparently it’s short for “celluloid”. If I had to guess, it’s possible that it’s a “paper town” so that the website can detect plagiarism. But the naming scheme also makes sense, given his last name is “Forger”.

it's meme loli of the week.
i wonder who it will be next?

It’s perfect



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That's because she wrote her sign and doesn't know how to properly spell her name. Should've been a red flag for Loid, but he doesn't seem to know how to spell his current name either.

Is that an L a T or an I ? My mind keeps trying to read it as Atlanta.

I, but the bottom bar is poorly rendered.



It's aña


A name starting with a double consonant is more retarded than anything you could find wrong about "Loid".

>Every time I read Forger my mind autocorrects it to Bannings. That's how stupid it sounds.

True, but it's unfortunately the normal spelling.


Does it even alter the pronounciation in any way? ESL here. In what way would Lloyd be pronounced differently from Loyd?

>then why is it spelled like that?
Because it's derived from Welsh and Welsh people don't have a language, they have a continuous autistic spasm attempting to be communication.


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Maybe her butt hurts

>he isn't thinking outside the box


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Yeah, I just looked it up. Why is LWY transscribed with a doubled L? In what world does L + L turn into LWY? English phonetics are retarded enough as they are, but adding Welsh to the mix takes the cakes. It takes fourty cakes. And that's horrible.