Ash is finally a pokemon master

>Ash is finally a pokemon master

XYfags will finally face justice for the frog of fail incident

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I thought they change the art direction for better animation? Why does every episode look like ass?

Did he finally win the league or something? Old boy needs a break.

He won the Alola region and is currently its official champion. This may very well be our boy's final season as the main protag given the fact he seems very competent and has a good team early on.

Gen 4 and Gen 6 are the only good eras of the show

Finally, good for him, it's been a long time coming.

Alola doesn't count when they made a fucking league full of scrubs just for ash to dunk on

He still beat Kukui who was Alola's strongest trainer

I hope he never wins anything. He deserves it, seeing as he uses shitmons and keeps then unevolved all the time.

Where's Latios and Latinas guy

>finally a master
>still a 10 year old kid
Until I fucking see an older ash this shit doesn't count. I'll even take a new protag at this point, my boy deserves to grow

Should've ended Ash's story with Gen 6 and gone ahead with a new protag.

>No reason to lose to Leon, who's already hyped up as unbeatable
Ash winning 100%. He'll fight Alain and somehow not have Lucario get oneshot by his Mega Charizard. >Cynthia
Jobbing to Leon but only after she has a rematch with Iris since their little sparring match back in black & white
Hard to say really. Alain has to fight Steven since they have history so she'll job to one of them
Some promos are hinting at him fighting Ash so we might get another Dragonite mirror match again.

Satoshi is top 8 trainer in the world, he is already a veteran and Pokemon Master, time to start with a new protagonist.

Leon's curse its to be defeated by the main character

>Ash is finally a pokemon master
Wrong. Beating Leon is just one step towards becoming a Pokemon Master.

>replacing ash

>top 8 of the world
how ?

Plot armor. He is a shitter.

>i-i-i-it d-does'mt count!!!1!1
it's been years, he won, it counts

>This may very well be our boy's final season
were you born yesterday?

Where does he go from here? It doesn't get better than becoming a world champion.

Retconned to oblivion.

>Plot armor
>When the plot has always pulled some bullshit to make him lose every tourney

That was him deserving it. He is a shitter using unevolved trash.He is just a kid messing around with random shit he caught along the way..Of course he will lose every tourney. Of course he doesn't deserve to be top 8. Or even top 8000.

New protag next season

>keeps them unevolved all the time
>current team is full of final evolved pokemon

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Goodra shouldn't be on there. He released it

>Stacked full of starter fire, water and grass types like a chump
Lmao, even

Is that the same Iris that went to adventure with Ash in anime?

Pic unrelated then?

Yes. They made her a champion too.

Where's Tobias and his team full of Ubers?

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Well done Satoshi, you did really well. But, who said the top 8 world trainers start from rank 1 to 8?

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Class Uber Master: rank 0

Replace Ash and the entire anime fanbase will literally revolt. They will never do it, not when they can just make spinoffs focusing on different characters instead as they've been doing for months now.

Any good theories on his other four Pokémon? I assume Entei and Lucario since they were fighting alongside Darkrai in the opening.
He made some remark about how Gible’s draco meteor was powerful enough to btfo the rest of his team, so I’d like to say ice and dragon types. Maybe Articuno and a latias? Latios and latias are always shown together

Is this a Bleach ref?

Yes, she became a champion in the span of time follow BW/XY up to Ash going to Alola.

What is this?

>Gen 6
Go back to /dbs/

Imagine if he brings his all star team on the world champion

Mega Lucario

Literally who could possibly stop him?

I haven't followed the anime for a decade
So the aloha ash isn't a reboot and he had all his old Pokémon?
Is that his OG gengar on his team?

Tobias and his team of fucking bullshit probably.

I can see him fielding something like that against Cynthia in a battle with no gimmicks.

Just with no mega Lucario.

Metagross shiny is so fucking ugly

Remove Charizard (we have Alain and Leon already) and add Snorlax

The zard ride never ends. Expect him to appear regardless.

No such thing as too much zard shilling.

In the sequel, Pokemon Super, Ash discovers this was the world tournament, and there's an universal followed by a multiversal tournament after that. Trainers all have teams filled with legendaries.

Someone post the Yea Forums reaction to Ash losing in XY

He still has to win, but it's looking good for our boy. Best team he's ever had.

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I feel like the main character of Pokemon is a three-way deadlock tie between Ash, Pikachu, and Red.

You mean
Mega Rukario
Retard gamefag


Is he supposed to be midget? I thought he was just a kid when pokemon first started. Has he literally never grown an inch?

he hasn't aged, he's still ten
there's an offhand line in one of the recent anime saying he's been travelling with pikachu for a few months

Other than Wataru and Satoshi I don't know who these clowns are

>he hasn't aged, he's still ten
Damn nigga

So every single season from the original up to Sword and Shield content happened in only few months? Or a hard reboot happened somewhere on the middle?

Iris is so cute! :3

The former. But don't think too hard about it.

It's a cartoon, you aren't supposed to overthink it. That's it. This is the explanation.

Ash actually is red.