ITT best non-moe girls

ITT best non-moe girls

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Homura Akemi (not moe)

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I like this random no name from cowboy bebop too. Don't really like most cutesy types

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Could you please define "moe"?


Character designs that are built usually with rounded and childlike characteristics that are meant to be perceived as cute. Examples of said characteristics are round faces, exaggerated eyes, comical funny poses (teehee type), or extremely vibrant colors. Pic related is a perfect example

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Revy is a high bar. Fubuki also makes me diamonds

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Haven't watched the rest of her show but she's definitely best girl

remember, no moe

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She is 100% a tsundere, are you retarded?

You're retarded

Not him but that's not what it means, Moe is an umbrella term for tropes that japanese men find attractive.
There can be an aesthetic tied to it, but generally speaking there is leeway in how it's presented as long as the same vibes get across.

Revy is a tsundere

Is she moe or not?

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The point of her entire character is to be a self-insert for the female fanbase.
Moe usually doesn't apply to these characters because they are meant to be tabula rasa.


She's a tomboy, so on a world scale, yes

Moe is not an adjective

> cue sperging idiots.
Name 10 attractive female anime characters over the age of 25. Failure means you're pretty much a pedo.

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Cima Garahau
Misato Katsuragi
Monet from One Piece
Kukaku Shiba
Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist. Probably.
Motoko Kusanagi. Presumably in at least some continuities.
Villetta Nu
Lisa Lisa
Faye Valentine

Revy is very moe.

some bitch

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all of them bro

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From what?


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Ugly by default.

Shit taste from dimwits. Her sister is infinitely superior.

Sumeragi > your moe and non moe girls

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Revy is at least stealth moe

>Fubuki also makes me diamonds

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It defines itself. Just like "bara" and "idol". Its all trash.

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* Sweaty
* Smelly
* Shamefully hairy legs
* Stubby, practical fingers
* Relentlessly masculine STEM intellect (up to a point)
* Best girl

How is this even possible

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Kanuka Clancy

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Now THIS is moe

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Good pick. Akane is neither moe nor Lara Croft Axtion babe girlboss, and is still a great character.

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Does Misato-chan count as non-moe?

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Patrician tastes.

how does she smell like?
a character from the Simpsons

Screw her lolibait versions though. Adult "I don't give a fuck" Kiss-Shot is best Kiss-Shot.

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Please don't post my pure wife in this filthy board.

Immediately dropped Naruto after she got killed. Fuck you Kishi

Revy is moe.

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