Pretty Series and Aikatsu

Getting Rainbow Live flashbacks while waiting for the new duo songs.

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Getting newborn flashbacks while breastfeeding from teenage moms

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Nobody is missing!

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The earth is blue...

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Luisa in ketchup mayo omurice coord.jpg


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What happened to the old duo songs?

We need some schizo idles.

Imagine a new Aikatsu season but Zu voices the mc

Imagine a new Aikatsu season but Luisa is the MC.


Idol Land took so long to come out Duke Nukem Forever was released in its stead.

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Hey it's ray.

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Gorgeous Rhythm

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Which idle has the highest Attack stat?



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Then why am I breathing?

Do little girls still plays aikatsu and primagi after the coof? Not to downplay anything, just curious since i've experienced the joy of them dress up idol arcades before the coof

Gentle kisses on the top of cat's head turning into basically a makeout session.

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I want to fuck Suzu.

try actually posting the character you're talking about next time

I want to fuck ainon.

I want to sexually harass doroth.

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I want to fuck (Yuu)

I wake up and come here.

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Caron is sexy.

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Yeah well Luea is sexier.

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Yes, Primagi’s arcade is very popular. They put like plexiglass in between each machine so you can’t cough on each other.


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la mer

ga mer

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>you can’t cough on each other.
Ruined the original arcade experience.

You can still lick the machines.

Why does she look like she’s falling?

Because she's falling.

>You can still lick on each other


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Shion love is alive and well.

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Guess I'll fap.

Damn hot

My fav coords

I'm so lonely.
>May 31

Is that FAMAS?


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