Lucky Star Freeing 1/4 scale Figures brand new

My NiB Freeing 1/4th scale lucky star figures just arrived.
I do not have the outfits, but I have a full set, will be unboxing and taking photos of them all for the thread.

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Please keep us updated

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Cute chibikko.

I used to have those years ago when they were new but I think I threw them out. It was pretty cringe and awkward to have in my room in retrospect.

If you care about cringe and awkward, you're on the wrong website.

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Is that a joke? As cringe and awkward as Yea Forums might be at times, it's like a gentleman's club compared to the rest of the internet.

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If you still care about petty things like that, you have never grown to become an adult

Are the clothes removable?

hot glue, NOW

Yes, I will be taking lewds after they’re all unboxed

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Accidentally shared a screencap of the pic, here’s the proper one

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WTF hurry up then. Also what this user said

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Suicide would work I should think

Those legs are way too erotic.

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Good. Those figurines are for horny ojii-sans not retarded ironic weebs.

God i wanna lick their SWEET SUPPLE CUNNY till i die

This thread AGAIN?

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it's good

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These are higher quality photos and they’re taken specially for the thread

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Okay, now that all the characters are photographed, I’ll start undressing them. Give requests

Group shot from the back without bottoms.

when did they come out?

Oh fuck here we go.

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let me see panties

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Will do, but first here’s a normal group shot. Do you want the bottoms completely gone or around their knees/ankle

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around their knees

That's not how investment works.

This is so cool. It's like owning a piece of history.

Konata and Miyuki are blocked by their hair, I have to take off their heads did you to see their butts. Also due to age, Tuska and Hiyori have some minor dye from the clothes, Hiyori has red on her ass and tsukasa has a tiny purple dot by her belly button

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Damage as I mentioned

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It almost looks like Hiyori got a spanking. Nice. I want to kiss it

Wanted to edit out the dust

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Miyuki and Konata

Any more requests?

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Now that's what I'm talkin about.

While taking this I found purple on both of her shoulders. Oh well

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This is somehow made them lewder

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give her a yaoi paddle

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which lucky would you fuck

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any side views?

Of who?

how about Patty

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This is unbelievably lewd.

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Konatas tummy from the side makes me feel funny

Could you get any low angle close ups? From in front or behind, and I'm not picky about which girl either but I'm partial to Konata and Tsukasa. That angle in particular just excites me.