I just finished reading this

I just finished reading this
I mean, it was fun and I binge read all of them
But am I the only one who felt unsatisfied?

The art was below average, but the style and thematic designs are great.
Plotwise however, it was wholely just mindless violence.

First chapters made it very clear that death can come to everyone as they are still just humans in the end and every death of their friends would kill them mentally

However, by the end, the author just spat on it as the casts that he likes just kept on getting revived whenever the plot needed them.
Makima, sure, she's a final boss, but the devils and fiends and even humans who have been killed along the way?
What the hell?

It really cheapens the plot when authors just back out from their own rules.
The author wrote himself in a corner by creating a final boss that cannot be killed without genociding the Japs

And how did he solve his own problem?
>lol you cannot heal fast enough
>lol I would just eat you

Oh, fuck off.
That was a massive anti-climactic ending. And then it even rubbed salt on the wound by saying that the Control Demon has been revived on Earth without going on Hell first.
And let me guess, this Control Demon is also immortal on Earth?

What a waste of time

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I lost

Yeah, the fakeout deaths were getting ridiculous at some point. In most other series, they usually establish a rule or concept that would limit that sort of some, like how far someone can regenerate or some shit. Here, it's like you said, it all depends on author's whim

Hated it
Shit sucks

>op rotates to another image for his CSM and shonen manga obsession thread spam
Seek self-identity and personal growth beyond the media you consume.

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He may be a spammer, but try to prove him wrong first

either bait or picrel

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I deadass just took whatever first image is in google
No idea who you are reffereing to

Yes it is schlock. Everyone overhypes it. I consider it like a B-tier dumb movie which is fun to laugh at.
Thats the problem with retard communities. Everyone treats it like its a masterpiece when in reality its just great at embracing its own stupidity and having fun/not taking itself too seriously.

No. Any reasoned argumentation is pointless against people like this because they inevitably move the goalposts or ignore anything that doesn't agree with them only to repeat their initial claim ad nauseam. If you want arguments proving him wrong then dig through the archives of op's countless shitty threads repeating the same things over and over.

I am aware of its mindless violence and how it was fun at first

I am just left in awe at that anti climactic ending
Everything just felt so meaningless in the end

ending was good, read slower

Survived Gun with USAs contract
Survived Hell
Survived full power chainsaw

Cant survived cannibalism lmao


All the Fiends are dead.

Devils and Hybrids are immortal as long as their cores are not destroyed or eaten.

Reze, Quanxi etc were still alive. They got brainwashed by Makima in the final arc.

Denji killed Makima with the power of LOVE.

Control Demon or Conquest Devil got killed offscreen in Hell.

Hope this helps.

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Its fine.

It doesn't completely shit the bed in the same way that most manga does, but I think that its unique way of shitting itself in the end has people convinced that its a masterpiece rather than just another letdown.

It honestly reminds me of the Star Wars movies honestly.

Episodes IV-VI/ Everything up to the Santa Claus arc

>Hey this is actually pretty interesting- things move along nicely and its fun to follow and see what happens next!

Episodes I-III/ Santa Claus to the death of the Gun Devil

>Well this isn't quite the same, but it has some parts that are pretty interesting that I really liked, even if it isn't nearly as engaging.

Episodes VII- IX/ Control Devil to End

>What the fuck is even happening? Why is the last part of this built up to shitting on everything that was built up before? Why did the initial stuff even happen before if literally none of it mattered? Why are all the good characters dead and all the remaining ones just unlikable husks with no development?

Zombie is there
Chainsaw killed everyone multiple times
Most OP. demon on Earth lasted a second in Hell? Lol

Denji didn't destroy Zombie's core.

Chainsaw or Pochita didn't destroy Hybrids's cores.

In Hell, there are a lot of Devils that are stronger than Makima.

you didn't read it

Some people want good characters and plot though

>Reze, Quanxi etc were still alive
Which is kinda stupid because that scene in the alley framed Reze's death as a tragic one. Even the MC was sad about it initially. So to have her nonchalantly apear in the final arc out of the blue was completely nonsense and undermines all that previous drama with her "death"

This is why speedreading is bad kids.

I just want to explain to OP how it works. If you don't like the writting, then it is what it is.

>ESL genuinely don't understand what he read
Makima contract protects her from attacks and regenerate her after transfering the damage.
To kill her two conditions must be met at the same time
>her body can't regenerate fast enough(in this case Power's blood and being cut to pieces)
>whatever is blocking the regeneration can't be an attack( in this case eating is a form of LOVE, since the Denji and Makima are extremely similar, so they both have a warped conception of LOVE)
The fact that Kishibe informs Denji that nips kept dying because Denji couldn't eat her fast enough, also highlights this is far from a perfect method.

Hybrids have established as immortal from the start. Denji thought Reze never cared about him and simply left on her own.
You seriously need to reread this manga

To me, it was always fun. Sometimes nonsensical. Occasionally delved into aspects of humanity that are inherent relatable, and said a bit (but not a lot) about those aspects. It was able to shock me a few times. Looking back I do not regret reading it and would probably enjoy a reread. One of the better shonen I have read.

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There was never a single scene that says Denji failed to kill them lmao

And mind if you look at the power level again
Chainsaw killed Nazi, AIDS, WW2, etc
Makima posed a threat to Chainsaw
Makima posed a threat to Darkness who never lost once

And lololol
She just returned as a what? 8 years old girl just weeks after her death

That was an asspull by all means lol

If ever, a good solution would be like what they mention during the eternity devil

>breaking contract= death

Prime minister could break contract and kill them both but noooooo. Just asspull cannibalism with some poor ass excuses

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Reminder that someone is spamming these threads and bumping them. It's always the same patterns trying to rile people up over CSM or other shonen manga

Pochita didn't destroy Hybrids's core, so Makima could just revive them with blood. It's as simple as that.

Makima ran away from Darkness. Control lost it contract after Makima died. Any Primordial Devils can kill it.

Control IS a primordial
She's the conquest horseman

I dont care if she can be defeated
I care that she returned in just a few weeks
You saying she wont last millenias in hell?

Hi dommentio. Go back to twitter.

Also, very kino Chainsaw man, the goat

Denji would prostitute himself to gross old men for a piece of bread

>Control IS a primordial
It never stated that she is Primordial in the manga.

But it is established right in your face that shes not the type that can just be defeated

Its a damn horseman
It should take generations before her return but waifu priviledges huh

Not really. Pochita destroyed her entire body in 5s. Without the contract, Makima would have died here.

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>But it is established right in your face that shes not the type that can just be defeated
She can be killed by normal guns.
When she spawned in Hell she lost both her memories and all her contracts, making her very easy to kill

Your supposed to compare powerlevels based on their best performance.

Her power is her army and her army forced CM to asspull Power, who has to sacrifice herself AGAIN

That shit made no sense but that a different topic

Poi t is, there are hundreds ofweaker demons that took decades to return

Yeah, and can also 1 shot anyone. Even those outside of view
Or enslave and revive
Anything that the author finds convenient for the situation at hand

user, Devils don't fight one on one like boxing match. When Pochita returned to Hell, bunch of Devils tried to kill him. Darkness hates Conquest. Makima also wanted to kill War, Famine, and Death. Conquest has a lot of Devils who want to kill her.

*has a lot of enemies

Lol excuses
>can control anyone inferior

She can enslave ANYONE except primodial
>lasted days, if not hours
And mind you, No one remembers their previous life, dumbass


My rabu for powah gives me dabbu!

You said it. If Conquest fought Darkness or any Primordial or other Horsemen without the contract, they would easily crush her core or her heart in 20 mins or something like that.

Unless the author states that, it remains an asspull

Eh okay. Have a great day.

If you wanted expensive plots, you're not going to find them in comics for japanese middle schoolers
Was CSM even something you read because the blurb sounded up your alley or just something you read because everyone else kept talking about it

Yeah, it's really flawed, but I still love it . OP's opinion is valid, stop being retards chainsawbros

shut the fuck up retard. all of those powers are clearly contracts, which she would've lost in hell. kill yourself now.

cinema sins type plotfags get the firing squad

>power to control
As if she wont arrive and immediately enslave 95% of hell

Every excuses you guys pull are as valid as"Somehow Palpoutin returned"

X breaks the established narative
Pull an excuse
Narative lost all meaning as it can be done again whenever needed

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>Unless the author states that
>As if she [HEADCANON]

Is she not, though?
She controled 7 weapon fiends but somehow not Gun

But i'm done discussing that.

Let us just laugh at how deaths and drama dont mean shit when the same excuses can be done again to undo it all

>As if she wont arrive and immediately enslave 95% of hell
She has to believe she is stronger to control someone she can't do it freely. What more than likely happened is that she got gangbanged in hell upon spawning.

>She controled 7 weapon fiends but somehow not Gun
She controlled the hybrids after building power through contracts, she can't innately do it. She needed Gun to become a fiend and fight Denji to make him sad.

Hybrids being immortal was extremely well established.

>Himeno is dead
>Aki is dead
>Power is dead. Blood devil won't be the same as Power
>Makima is dead
>Hybrids are immortal, unless their cores are destroyed or be eaten by devils
I'm done discussing this, too.

>She controled 7 weapon fiends but somehow not Gun
She defeated the Gun Devil in less than 12 seconds, she didn't need to control him since her plan involved turning the Gun Devil into a fiend using Aki's body since that would help her in both breakinb Denji and weakening CSM.
>Let us just laugh at how deaths and drama dont mean shit
More like let's laugh are your inability to read a shonen manga of all things

>In Hell, there are a lot of Devils that are stronger than Makima.
do you mean they're stronger than Makima in hell on their home turf? or just plain stronger?

aside from I guess primal fears which I wouldn't expect there to be a ton of, how is that possible, I thought Makima was one of the four horsemen (conquest = control).

Thats just your fanfic lol

Makima outright stated that they were FIGHTING Csm in hell until he vanished insrantly

Stop speed reading

Character is dead
Except they are not

Excuses doesnt matter
You spent chapters mourning death and prraching that being in the org is deadly

Sudden revive of waifus just breaks all intensity of the threat

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>Makima outright stated that they were FIGHTING Csm in hell until he vanished insrantly
Hybrids =/= Weapon Devils
Denji =/= Pochita
They are called Weapon Humans in the manga btw
Makima only said CSM fought Weapon Devils inside Hybrids and the Four Knights in the past
It's not even excuse. The rules were established in Eternity arc. If Eternity Devil ate Denji's heart, he would be dead. He already died a lot of times in the manga.
>You spent chapters mourning death
Didn't happen. Makima stated that all countries want to have people like Reze and Denji, why would she kill Reze and Quanxi tho?

>Makima outright stated that they were FIGHTING Csm in hell until he vanished insrantly
Not him but you're assuming Control died in hell, spawned on Earth and lost her memory/contracts/power. Makima could teleport between hell and earth using Prinz

Not that user but OP is pretty much moving goalposts and ignoring points anons had made because doesn't fit his narrative or his opinion

Pochita = chainsaw devil (weakened form)

Hero of hell = pochita (normal form) = Chainsaw Man (original) = chainsaw weapon devil

Chainsaw Man™ = Denji = hybrid

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never stated that Makima is at the same level as other Horsemen. In games, Conquest is the weakest. She needed a bunch of Devils to fight 20% Gun.

I bet Darkness killed the new Conquest as soon as it spawned just because of the disrespect during the assassin arc.
Also Conquest is at its strongest after taking control of others. A newborn one has control over nobody.

Interesting. I was generally unaware of that and supposed potential power levels, just wanted some general clarification.

as an aside I love Makima I not only want to have sex with her but she is also based and aesthetic as fuck and it was wonderful every time she showed up particularly the darkness devil fight and the rats, so so cool

Suuuuure suuuuure
Point is, Control ain't weak. She is fully capable of fighting CSM himself. Yet got revived instantly because hurrr waifu

You are so stuck on the
>hurr didnt kill the heart
Not realizing THAT is the excuse no different from dragon balls and rubber nen

Its entire purpose is to be little the narative of death and the fact that not once CSM ever tried to hunt the core of hybrids is a testament to the author being a coward lol

All hybrids got heart intact. Except Aki because itvwas dramatic lololol

Just leave the thread man, don't try and argue with the subhuman fanbase that is CSW. These people would literally eat shit painted gold if it had a CSW logo on it. This is probably one of the most overhyped pieces of shit in a while, comparable to that of SnK. In fact, its the same trend hopping fanbase. Just read Baki.

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Makima is like Batman. She needs prep time to fight Gun. Author also confirmed that 100% doesn't look like that, 20% Gun didn't have legs.
More like author wants to use them again in part 2.
Aki or Gunki was a fiend, troll.

Fiend, hybrid, devil
The hell is the difference

They are all functionally and naratively the same
Superheroes or villains that run on shounen tropes

Aki was a fiend tho, a corpse controlled by a devil, not an hybrid, a person with devil powers.

Can't get over the shit art in Baki, sorry.