Boku no hero academia

What is your honest, unbiased opinion on the villains of this manga whether you still read it or dropped it?

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Their characters are bad.

They were good when they weren’t trying much. The league was entertaining as a band of fuck ups who were learning to be better and gathering power as they took down the “bigger villains”. The villains were all simple and stereotypical and I liked that, I also liked the feeling of the villains being left overs of a more climactic time, for example afo now being weakened, the yakuza being dredges, etc. I also liked nice touches like the league kind of becoming friends who care about each other compared to the overhaul who treated his people as disposable.

Of course this was all wasted potential. Shigaraki was totally ruined when rather than letting him grow into the ultimate villain to match deku’s ultimate hero they tried to turn him into a sympatheitc sasuke for Deku to save, and somehow made it even worse by turning him into AFO’s puppet.

Then trying to suddenly suggest hero society is Grey and the villains somehow have good points, just retarded and not properly built up to at all.

The rest of the league became a joke. Either they get no screen time, or they are like Dabi and become a stupid predictable meme.

All in all ton of wasted potential.

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I like them, MVA is my favorite arc, but Hori seems to have decided that since Japs don’t like them, he needs to tank their characters. Toga is insane, Dabi is insane, Shiggy is probably insane. They were interesting before, but now, not really. It’s kind of ridiculous to see Toga whine about Twice when she has a body count in the double digits, or for Dabi to complain that kids are fighting him.

>when they weren’t trying much
>like the league kind of becoming friends who care about each other
Are they tho?
>Dabi and become a stupid predictable meme.
What? Meme?

>Toga whine about Twice when she has a body count in the double digits, or for Dabi to complain that kids are fighting him.
Not ridiculous as much as hypocrisy.

toga is cute, shigaraki is pathetic
t. procrastinating reader

It ok

Dabi's great and Hori shouldn't have dropped the ball with him.

I'll say if no one else will.

Dabi has been carrying this manga for the past few months. The villains' (and most characters') characterization fell flat after the war arc. Tododrama is one of the few things that got emotional repercussions in the post-war arcs. Meanwhile Dabi's been buckwild and bringing the angst. He's the perfect villain for the Todorokis, and is a foil and also parallel to every member of the family. If Shoto stops him here the story will collapse.
>B-but I don't like Dabi
Well no shit he's a villain. He's supposed to be unlikeable, dipshit.

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This user gets it

> If Shoto stops him here the story will collapse
Basically. Why Yea Forums prefers Shoto, who has the personality of cardboard, over Dabi I'll never know.

>. If Shoto stops him here the story will collapse.
Why? It's Shoto's character's arc to stop him, and yes, I don't think he will be able to, because Dabi is a cunt who will choose death over letting his family get a happy ending.

>hero society
doesn't exist, fanfic writer

Based. This user get it

hero-saturated society does, autist

>MVA is my favorite arc
So you are retarded, we get it.

It doesn't have the same meaning as hero society, is it now?

No, it does. It’s the same meaning.

No it isn't

Ok, so since many of you faggots hate that Deku received Ofa, if you can give another quirk, what quirk will you give him. Remember, he still need to become the number 1 hero.

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OFA but without the 6 extra quirks.

You can’t give an unbiased opinion

>the story will collapse
Why? The story is already ending

He is a decent villain, I loath his fanbase tho, they are the worst, they are the reason why I hate him.

I like all for one he's funny and cool. The series peaked at Kamino.

Dabi also has the personality of rotten cardboard. A generic villain

OFA was a good enough quirk back when he couldn't control it so he either had to use very low percentages or bust a limb to go 100%.
But hori is probably the worst shonen writer I've ever seen when it comes to fights, the guy couldn't write a decent fight to save his damn life. Even Shoto vs Dabi is ending with another plus ultra punch.

>Even Shoto vs Dabi is ending with another plus ultra punch.
And what is wrong with that? It is not like Shoto is fighting the greatest and strongest villain in the league

It's capeshit

Mustard should have been a part of the main LoV cast.



I like Toga. Toga a cute.

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>they are like Dabi and become a stupid predictable meme.
This is funny and true

They're shit. Absolutely completely utterly devoid of threatening traits. Why should they be scary if all they managed to kill or maim so far are background characters only? The only semi relevant characters that died were Midnight, who died to some unnamed random villain offscreen, and Nighteye, who died to the now neutered Overhaul.

Personally I feel that there is more to a story than seeing main characters die.

>8 months

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>ywn tuck froppy into bed on a cold winter night
>ywn ask if she's warm enough and receive a quiet, sleepy "kero" in response
>ywn watch her gradually fall asleep
>ywn sing the Little Green Frog song to her as a lullaby

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That's the only stake that mha could trade in though. It doesn't have any particular complex plot where the villains can one up the heroes by completing certain objectives. It seemed like it did when Shiggy stole the dequirking bullets but he did nothing with them.
Villains aren't threatening if they fail all the time. Villains losing every encounter is more suited for kids show.

I think you need to read a series before commenting on it.

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It is a shounen manga after all.
Besides, these villains don't deserve to win, they are fags with no motivations and goals other than daddy issues


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Yeah sure. None of the main cast got fucked over by anything the villains did. The one most affected so far besides Midnight being offscreened is Endeavour and he basically fucked himself over. Dabi is the king of jobbers, second only to Momo.
The villains don't need to deserve the win, otherwise they wouldn't be villains. But they need to win some midway during the story to be a true challenge for the heroes.

The funniest part is how Midnight didn't even get killed by a named villain, and her death had zero impact in the story. Hori really can't write for shit.

>Dabi is the king of jobbers, second only to Momo
Is there anyone who can out job the Queen of Jobbers?

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Dropped it but plan to catch up one day. Twice best villain. Touya is cringe but still second best (bonus points for being an incestuous gayandere) and Shigaraki is third best because good aesthetics during the Stars and Stripes fight. Still hate his character though. A joker character shouldn't be a dumbass manchild. They should be smart and cunning.

She wasn't an integral part of the story but it's still a shitty thing to do to her character. At the very least I hope Kirishima skull fucks the Skullfucker in the epilogue

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(mindless dog barking)

She is essentially god and the image you posted is accurate, so no.
Like why is she limiting herself to hero work. Why is she not making smaller microprocessors. Scandium, rhodium, tellurium. Why has the Japanese government not secreted her away to a black site. She can literally produce nuclear weapons from her body (possibly lethal to her, but she could).

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>could literally arm the entire class so even the weakest student could solo the likes of dabi or toga by just popping a cap in their ass
>instead we get this whole retarded plan of separating the LoV members because we're supposed to believe those retards who did nothing but job for the entire series are a """""menace"""" to the pro heroes and need to be singled out to be defeated
this entire final arc is the hackiest shit I've ever seen

I don't know user, surely there is some middle ground between the marvel formula (the villain is always right but crosses the lines by going about it through violent means) and the daddy issues. Honestly it's weird how BnHA makes society itself a character and it has genuine problems but neither the villains nor the heroes really care to fix society. It's just "capitalist status quo good" vs "i want to destroy society so my dad will look at me". This series is mental.

They were all varying degrees of good, which is why it sucked to watch Hori critically fumble
(Except Dabi, for now)
It's like he went out of his way to be worse than Black Clover

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Most of the times it’s All for one fault

That's borderline hilarious. On one side you've got the heroes, many of which know of the dark side of society (Deku, the fucking MC included) and fight to perpetuate it and on the other side you have the villains who suffered from it and the only plan they got is taking petty revenge by destroying everything.
Neither side is worth rooting for. The lack of self awareness of these characters is ridiculous.
No one bringing up Midnight's death ever again or Deku not acknowledging nor mentioning the assassin heroes is a jarring lack of continuity that renders the parts in question look like clowns.

You know I think one of the reason MHA has so much western porn is because the characters have well defined personas but lack in depth just enough that people can add their own fantasy to fill the empty parts. It's literally Overwatch.

Just like western capeshit

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Dabi is the worst of them, a fag who killed innocent over daddy not giving him all the attention

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AFO didn't corrupt Toga or Dabi.

Kinda lame. The Yakuza guy was cool though but he went out like a fag. Dropped the series around Hawk killing Twice so I'm not up to date on any further developments on them.

>Well no shit he's a villain. He's supposed to be unlikeable, dipshit
That's not how that works but I don't have the energy to explain go away heat

>AFO didn't corrupt Toga
that we know of yet. I can see that chapter that reveals he gave loli toga her quirk to make her go insane coming from a mile away