Re: zero

She took Rem away from us.

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Good, remshit is cringe.

She saved Rem from Emilia.

>She took Flop away from us

I don’t know what’s funnier, the fact that anons who don’t follow this series will get the complete wrong idea from this post or that you think Re:Zero has a space in it.

Flop lives bitch.

I'm drunk and I miss catfag.

Rezero is alive again!

And by doing that she saved us from Mobliawank because one can say she effectively fucked up once again.

“Remshit” just saved Gural while Emilia is basically fucking stupid

Not as stupid as the rest of the party. Except Petra who told Emilia about pokemon.

>Emilia is basically fucking stupid
Always has been

But let's make something clear, are there any stairs in Guaral standing still?

He's not out of the woods yet. Metaphorically speaking.

There should be some at the mansion.

Why does Subaru rarely remember his time in the shadow garden?

Because that's not Subaru

It tends to be disorienting and on some level he doesn't seem to want to acknowledge Satella. So if I had to guess he's being willful about it and doesn't want to bring it up even to himself.

Who is it? Why does he sometimes remember?

What purpose would it serve?

If he spent an extremely long time there, it could take a toll on him.

>Barges into Gural with ice magic
>Causes serious damage while attacking Madelyn
>Can't even talk Madelyn down
>Rem proceeds to talk Madelyn down and save the city
So much for hero Emilia.

So it's good he doesn't then.

She also watched a lot of people get eaten, but at least she made those dragons extra uncomfortable while doing so.

Rem WILL drag her back to Priscilla's mansion and she WILL force her into the bath and there WILL be extra suds.

Thank god Madeline removed Rem from Emilia's presence. Rem will get to reclass into a dragon knight, or at least get a new bath mate, while Emilia can go count the stairs on the way to chaosflame.

She won't stand a chance.

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>Emilia can go count the stairs on the way to chaosflame.
There aren't a lot of stairs left in Chaosflame, Jorna threw them all at Satella. If only Emilia was there to tell us how many.

This, the feelings of absolute and complete love he has for Satella while in the Shadow Garden would also fuck with his feelings for Emilia and Rem.

Ah, back in S1 when people weren't complete misshappen aliens and ears had shading.

My name is Emilia, and I am the fastest witch alive.
When I was a child, I saw my (would be) father be tricked into killing my mother by something impossible. My father went insane from her murder. Then, a burst of rage my me the impossible.
To the outside world, I am a cursed silver haired half-elf, but actually I use my speed and arithmetic prowess to count stairs and travel across the map in the blink of an eye!
And one day, I'll become the Queen of Lugnica and uh— Line?
[Melt out your people, in fact.]
—and save my people!
I am, the Flash!

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Emilia would be more interesting if she flashed people.

Wait a minute

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Yu-gi-oh is such bullshit

Save us


What said.

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So what other Superheroes is Emilia going to be and then do nothing?

Scarlet Witch, if Sluttela = Emilia theory is true.

It was pandora all along

Knuckles is Ram because unlike Emilia she doesn't chuckle.

Echidna the Knuckles

so, when is people going to ask subaru the silly questions? like, "are you the antichrist?, why do you know so much about the with cult? can you see the future?" i think lugunica's cia will be interested in him

Crusch was going to ask before she became forma negra and Betty was too, probably with the rest of the camp, alongside coming clean about his self harming tendencies.

It's been exactly 10 years since Rem was introduced.

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I'm gonna FUCK Rem and put two babbies in her

They're in a tough spot. They personally like him, and he's been helpful so far. And if they ask that question they are obligated to take action on his answer. If they don't ask they have some level of plausible deniability, and this is especially bad for Crusch whose blessing detects lies.

And all Tappei did was retweet Vivy and Petra and talk about his Bamiyan shits.

You're gonna fuck two babies and put Rem in them?

Leave the son with Auntie Ran

>Auntie Ran

I'm going to baby two fucks and have Rem put them in me.

A pink haired girl who happens to look exactly like Ram but isn't actually Ram, you can trust me on that.

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Does Ram know some pod person hussy is grooming her nephew?

>Remmmm there's this girl who reallllly looks alot like Ram kissing your son, eh? why are you blushing?

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Do we know any Great Spirit of X outside of Worst Dad and Schizo Wind Mommy?

Goldanon pastebin is dead. What's the new one?

The prior Great Spirit of Fire was killed by Puck in Frozen Bonds and the Great Spirit of Earth was eaten partially by Arakiya during the Vollachian succession
The spirit of water hasn't shown up in the story and probably won't at this point but they're basically worshiped as the god of Gusteko

The other two are mentioned and the former Great Spirit of Fire was shown in Frozen Bonds. Muspel in Vollachia and Odglass in Gusteko.

>no Rem SS anymore, no priscilla and rem yuri bonding. no schult and heinkel
what's the point

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>Has to mention Emilia out of nowhere
Braindead remfags just as their waifu

She might be stuck in side stories with Madelyn. I can't imagine what they're doing is constantly being checked on in the main story. Of course I guess what they do could get resolved relatively quickly and Madelyn puts them back where she found them.

She saved Rem from having to tard-wrangle Moblia, now that's on Priscilla unless she left Guaral.

Hold your horses user. Also got to see if Heinkel got any healing, Madelyn beat him pretty good.

How can Yang magic even compete with Yin when the later showcased control over Space/Time/Gravity?

Yes, specially when Rem convinces Madelyn to join their side.

Is Madelyn susceptible to Subaru's Lolimancing abilities?

>Also got to see if Heinkel got any healing
Another one for the magic vanishing act. Schult also didn't protect his new Yae with his invincible shota fluff. And that's why she's not going to join Priscilla's camp.