Maid Day

It's Maid Day in Japan! Post maids.

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Do they have to be loli maids?

Any maids shall do!

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I want to see her naked

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I want to be a butler


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Which maid is best maid?

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Read maid san wa taberu
Cute sol series

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Cute socks.

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Am I dekinai or does the title translates to "I want to ead Maid-san"?

Read Meika's manga.

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If the article was "o" instead of "wa" you would be right. The way it's written, the maid is the subject and not the "target" of the verb.

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Am I allowed to ask for cute boys in maid outfits?

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Ahh I think I get it now. So it's "Maid-san eats"?

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No fuck off

Terminal dekinai if you don't even know differences between は and を

>make a girl wear black and white outfit
>call it a maid

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>shares her birthday with maid day
was this intentional?

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You got it. Particles take practice to get the hang of since they don't have a perfect equivalent in english. I know the difference between "e" and "ni", but I still don't always pick the right one when I'm writing.

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Theres no topping this.

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Perhaps this user is teasing you all. Because the Japanese phrase "XX wa taberu dake" could be an abbreviation of a sentence like "watashi wa XX wa taberu dake de, sodate masen" (I do not keep XX, only eat them)"


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Any maid that spins

As long as you bend them over and fuck them then it counts

Why are there so many types of maids? Do you really need all that help? Fucking lazy bitches.
Anyways, kitchen maid is the cutest.

It's not so much that as specialization and the status that comes from saying you have maids for specific tasks instead of general purpose maids At some level of estate the specialization becomes necessary as each task is a full-time job.

Maids are for headpats and fucking.

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That's the best kind

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I refuse to pick just one and I will write an 8000 word essay on why I love each and every one of them.

Mesugaki only

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My favorite maids. Hopefully they'll be reunited soon, although it doesn't seem likely.

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Maids peeing themselves is the best.

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Such a waste.

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Why'd you have to make it weird user?


Why are maids so lewd?

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why arent pro full time maids a thing anymore

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They're called cleaning service.

It's not the same, they don't wear the uniforms.

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Second gif isn't as fast, but I didn't want to skip frames.

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too bad this is so short, it's her best manga

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Maid is not the maid outfit, maid is what is inside.

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