Anyone know what's up with the English versions of this manga by Haguhagu? Between 3 and 4 listed there...

Anyone know what's up with the English versions of this manga by Haguhagu? Between 3 and 4 listed there, there are 2 chapters that weren't posted that you can find translated by a 3rd party (maybe?).

Here are the links to his Twitter chapters:
Chapter 1
6 (2 parts see first reply)

They were all posted in summer 2021 but only a few chapters have been translated, all of the manga sites have up to 6.5 but missing the latest 2 because of the gap in the twitter ones? If anyone knows more I'd love to see if there was a proper way to read this in its entirety and if someone was actually working on translating because I'm interested.

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literally none of these 3 things but sure, this is a non-H manga by the same artist.

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There's no way something like this would ever get an anime, right?

naw, i doubt it as well. dont really want it either, its already getting censored by some translators.
thats why i made this thread, to see if others had an ongoing translation by anyone


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>censored by some translators

No idea, it's very minor but the kid is reading a doujin in the first chapter and it was changed to an oppai lady instead of someone who is more... traditional of haguhagu's work

You shouldn't be reading this manga, it's offensive for children.

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That sounds like a stupid amount of effort on their part.


wtf are you talking about
the kid was not reading loli stuff it was a bdsm book

yeah so obviously im a fucking moron (he was reading a loli doujin in the first version of it though, but thats still drawn by him just updated i guess)
regardless though, the whole thing is insanely disorganized even on his own release streams. I just want to read the damn book without having to sort all of this, and this disorganization will make TLs less likely to work on it as well.

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Seems like an actual book release is set for late June this year. Might as well wait for that and see if anyone wants to TL the whole thing. He's only got like 60 pages though and that book says 162 so we'll see lmao

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I am the guy who posted a few of the chapters translated last week and Im still waiting for the other chapters, 7 and up. I am still waiting for the original translator to send me to other chapters so I got Biribiri as a second translator to translate more but it will be a month BiriBiri tells me.,

The cuck obviously... that's the most fun role, in both Sasha's world and other worlds!

the chapters are being posted on and I will post them there too.

here is ch 4 again

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ch 5
the chapters will be in a different order in the book BTW

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ch 5 page 3

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ch 5 page 4
"correction" huh?

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ch 6.5

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Very nice, I appreciate you a lot. I was using MangaDex for reading yeah, and that makes sense that it was a different translator, and why the 2 latest that are on his twitter translated here: are not included in the MangaDex release.
No clue why they skipped those 2 cute chapters. Again, I think the Haguhagu is a bit disorganized maybe... his comicwalker and nicovideo "official" online releases go from chapter 5 to chapter 17, but his twitter has everything except those 2 chapters you posted here. Just odd, but whatever I guess it'll smooth itself out eventually.

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I asked the twitter translator if he wanted to continue and he said he didn't have the time. I even offered to pay him. So now Biribiri is paid for 41 pages but he says it will take a month, so you have to hang tight and wait and maybe the 1st translator I hired will do more chapters in the meantime.
I reworked and put the English in the real manga, not just the sketch version

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Im working on those 2 chapters to also include them, it will take me a few days and I will share them.

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I'll never be able to bow enough to respect scanners, translators, uploaders, et al.
You're also answering so many questions I had about the logistics of this, so thanks.

So is this monthly or the artist just posts it when he wants?

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Haguhagu decides how to number his chapters and that will be the official version, I think the book will have chapters in not the original sequence but that will be the official release.

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he posts a chapter a month, yes. Problem is he isnt posting new chapters on twitter anymore just on

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i see

6.5 page 6

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6.5 end

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