What are some the most pseudo-intellectual moments in manga/anime?

What are some the most pseudo-intellectual moments in manga/anime?

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Most gekiga

>God isn't real
>Humans are trash
So deep and philosophical.

When did Yea Forums become religious? It's kinda weird how we went from Raptor Jesus LOL to literal Christian proselytizers in threads.

>memes are good insight into what people actually believe

it isn't an argument for religion, the scene in the OP was just pure retarded

Being contrarian has always been a Yea Forums staple though. Most people are LARPing, but someone is bound to take it seriously unfortunately.

That's not religious, and also, "Yea Forums" isn't religious. Election tourists revolve their lives around offending the libs, and pointing at Jesus to justify stupid shit works 100% of the time.

Spitting facts isn't being philosophical, tho.

>human life is worthless
>but let me save your entire race and give you a random lecture about it despite you being worthless

>Degeneracy has grown since the early 2000s

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Religion simply outdated but atheist kinda pretentious, retarded and also lying a lot plus Western don't get better when more people become atheist

inb4 someone posts tatsukino

Found the ESL shit skin.
You are subhuman.

donating money and attention to 3dpd roleplaying (not even) as 2d is far worse

I don't even care your Western call me subhuman when you let your children get raped by the one you called shitskin
Tbh, I'm proud of being ESL more and more everyday, understand the language but not kowtow to western denegracy

ESLs do not understand English
you guys constantly have things go over your head and breed misunderstandings

2016 probably

They only saved them for the sake of using them as meatshields against other invader aliens, after all.

Every single battle in Jujutsu Kaisen.

>be femoid
>play videogames with a poorly-0animated shark avatar
>make a million dollars a month
i honestly couldn't trust a woman who isn't into that shit. it's literally free money unless there's like, something seriously wrong with them

Good one

It's a reaction to the disgusting state the world is in and the largely materialistic/secular cause of it.

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>Muh election tourist boogeyman

>constantly have things go over your head and breed misunderstandings
Sound like you?
What you do when your next generation get raped by shitskin?
Call random guy in Yea Forums Yea Forumsnime board subhuman for being an ESL to feel superior?
Don't misunderstand me that I hate Western, It's more of pity. I do like white people and does admit that they brought civilization to many shitskin countries (or try). But certainly people like you not helping anything and only want to feel superior and leeching white peoples achievement while having 40% of their genes

That most people in this thread can't see past the superficial message and just write it off as atheist tripe is saddening.

kill yourself phoneposting election tourist

yes, I am superior, at least when it comes to talking about the western world
because your perceptions are warped by Yea Forums and you have never set foot outside your own country

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Probably because being religious is unironically one of the most edgy things to be in the West. Of these three groups, whose existence pisses the most people off, particularly the most elite class of people?

>"God is a fairy tale meant to keep people sheepish and afraid of their own power. Only by pursing the power of science and technology can humanity reach true enlightenment. I pity all the poor fools that cling to some imaginary friend to get them through life."
>"The world is a capitalist hellhole and we need a full reset to a communist utopia right now. I shouldn't have to work for anything because working for other people is akin to slave labor and I'm to good to be that."
>"I believe in God the father and almighty, maker of heaven and earth. I believe that families should be headed by a god-fearing man, a homemaker woman, and as many children as possible."

The fact that the last group is the one that causes the most seething by far in modern society should tell you a lot about why Yea Forums tends to be filled with both ironic and nonironic members of it.

Feeling superior while let the shitskin rape your children from behind eh?
Tbh, I'm ok with white people actually being superior and not being wishful, it's certainly better than their neighbour countries, it's just I don't see they have a bright future where they not muttfied at this rate
It's a pity

reddit made atheism uncool

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yep you got btfo

Pseud rage detected.

When it became countercultural to be religious.
I don't think you understand Yea Forums at all, Reddit might be more your thing.
Yeah, wouldn't that be awful if people stopped being delusional psychopathic pedophiles and embraced some sort of moral structure kek

no, they wanted "balance" or whatever that means

You can thank election "tourists" for that

>election tourist
when did we stop calling them summerfags?

Do you actually believe that the elites in the West support atheism and communism, user? The United States has an entire party that openly endorses Christian values, meanwhile atheist politicians are practically unheard-of above the local level and there isn't a single openly Communist congressman. Media personalities aren't "the Elites", and there's a whole category of media personalities capitalizing on Christian values anyway.

>phoneposter and a moralfag
go back

BTFO by Paris syndrome? Yes
It's hurt user

because they are there own brand of special canner

>hates """degeneracy"""
>posts on Yea Forums
Put your money where your mouth is and go live with the Amish if you're such a traditionalist

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there's literally nothing in this image/chapter that was intended to be intellectual, philosophical or deep. it was simply answering the most basic questions as to why any of the things in Gantz even happened or why they mattered.

only actual pseuds would mistake such a thing as a story *being* intellectual.

>crying blood tears
>making random faces of famous figures like stephen hawking and hitler while spouting nihilistic bullshit
>give answers that contradict themselves
>giving retarded answers likes "because that's the way it is"
I know you're just being contrarian but at least put some effort in

when atheism became cringe in the late 2000s

Some are good honest contrarians since atheism went mainstream and reached new levels of cringe, though they don't tend to go so far as claiming to be Christian. Some are post-2016 /pol/ LARPers who think the extent of Christianity is social conservatism.

But in the end, it's all just jew-worshiping.

>Probably because being religious is unironically one of the most edgy things to be in the West
what the fuck am i reading

>crying blood tears
what does this have to to with anything?

>making random faces of famous figures like stephen hawking and hitler while spouting nihilistic bullshit
Yeah, it would kind of lack significance to the people in that room if it showed faces of random nobodies that no one gives a shit about.

>give answers that contradict themselves
>giving retarded answers likes "because that's the way it is"
again, what does this have to do with the claim of it being pseudo-intellectual? your issue seems to be more in the quality of writing.
i don't even understand what your problem is with that quote if that's what was even said. what the fuck else do you expect the God aliens to say to say to insignificant beings like humans? they're lucky they got as much as they did out of him. should he spend another 5 chapters going into detail of their logic and motives, why it is that they're the god aliens, the inner workings of the universe and so on?

There is only one God

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Most of the atheism and communism is not publicly spoken about since its politically inexpedient for 90% of the USA, but it is very prevalent in upper echelon circles. I cannot think of a single establishment politician in the US who is "christian" in any sense more than what is politically expedient.

Communism is still highly frowned upon in many circles, but socialism is favored by literally half of under 30s in the country, and nearly all socialism trends towards communism rather than keeping at "one level", because when crisis strikes the government will almost always centralize more and grip the reins of power tighter than do the opposite. And once power is accumulated, they rarely ease off even in times of peace.

My overall point is that while the first two groups are cringy and divisive in their own ways, you rarely if ever will see a massive personal campaign to ruin someone for the holding the first two beliefs, but seeing the third having their livelihood threatened on like Twitter is just Tuesday.

The ones that actually cause the most seething are people that put race and genetics first
Race above religion

That causes so much seething you can never talk about it and didn't think to include it in your list

>Why is the contrarian website being contrarian
Being an atheist is no longer the contrary opinion

/pol/ leakage

>i don't even understand what your problem is with that quote if that's what was even said
why did you just admit you didn't even read the chapter?

True, but Yea Forums also spouts that one as well quite a bit.

The question I initially was responding to was asking why Yea Forums is more "religious" than it was 15 years ago, so I felt it was more expedient to compare to beliefs that were more widely reviled then but more tolerated now.

The race realism stuff has pretty much been just as widely reviled then as it was now, although now there is more interest in it nowadays.

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>delusional psychopathic pedophiles
You just described religion

He's right but everybody knows that, it just makes him a cynical asshole with 2 eyeballs
What defines people and morals it's what are they going to do about it
Life doesn't have purpose and humans are shit by nature, but we can give it a purpose and try to be better day by day

I'm still atheist but I have an autistic interest in mythology in general, including Christianity
Also I'm still open to the idea of god existing until proven wrong