Yea Forums iceberg

Well? Where do you fit the bill Yea Forums?

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I mean user?

Who fucking gives a shit?
I don't center my identity around how unique my taste in consumer products is.

>Iceberg to sperg

>I'm a REAL anime fan because I watched (x)
Also there's alot of norm shit thats way lower than they should be.

>shit meme

>Obscure Gundam shows
>Double Zeta

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ZZ is underrated user.

I blame ironic Tominofags that align more with Yea Forums loghposter pretentiousness than L-Gaim or Xabungle

>"Plunging into the depths"
>Several series that aired on TV in the west with an english dub

>I don't center my identity around how unique my taste in consumer products is.
then you dont belong on Yea Forums

>Seethes like someone that gives too much of a shit

Nigga that iceberg is from 2015. Here's the updated and better version.

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>k-on and Jojo not in tier two
>alien nine in tier 4
Really? I thought it was pretty well known

>HotD above half the anime in Tier 2

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Thanks i'll take it!

me at the top right

These lists are always retarded

>yuri kuma arashi that deep

>hinatore that deep

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Tier 6 isn't even that deep


Yeah with the exception of like the very top and maybe the very bottom, this list never made any real sense. It's also VERY outdated, from a time when watching seasonal maybe kind of arguably might have meant you were more into anime, when that's not true by any means now.
No new anime watcher is going back to watch chobits in this day and age. Not even really back in 2015 to be quite honest with you. Half the list is from the perspective of someone who was watching anime in the early-mid 2000s and the other half the perspective of someone watching in early 2010's which makes the list just not make sense.

Go back to /reddit/

I guess this is the kind of thing that's real good at ageing poorly.

Free! is WAY too fucking low in this list, it, Log Horizon and Psycho Pass absolutely do not belong with like anything else in that tier.

Also imagine watching the fucking Umineko anime of all things, I've never seen a VN adaptation get more hate and it still doesn't get enough hate. Read the VN or manga.

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I'm tier 7
>watching animated music videos from vtubers

Honestly why do (you) care? Let actual human beings have fun.

/vt/rash is normalfag tier 0 garbage

>Biting the bait
user you know better.

Pleb. Anime Battler is the only good one.

>seto no hanayome, video girl ai, xamdou, and ben to that fucking low
I know this was probably made by some faggot redditor, but that anyone could even perceive this as such makes me feel old as shit

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shows fall out of popularity & into obscurity all the time.

Since when has Ben-To been obscure in any way? This, like all "depth charts", is just faggy posturing by retards.

Why is Turn A so low??

>Madoka in the top

You do realize if more than 20% of anime fans had watched PMMM it would unironically be regarded as the single greatest anime of all time with nothing even coming close right? Madoka isn’t popular because a lot of people have seen it. It’s popular because the few people who have rave about it.

>hardcore otaku
>Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

>parrapa the rappa
I suppose there is that one user who husbando claimed him in and always posts in the valentines and christmas threads

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>tfw you watched MD GEIST
guess I'm forever relegated to my basement forever then

Why is all the vidya stuff so low?

Iceberg images have been getting gayer each time I see them.

>Madoka isn’t popular because a lot of people have seen it. It’s popular because the few people who have rave about it.

Tha fuck?

Look anons...stop acting like i made the OP pic it self.

>Crest of the Stars lower than Rocket Girls
I have never seen anyone mention rocket girls on Yea Forums, but there are threads about Crest of the stars from time to time

...I...take some issues with what this image's maker thinks a "mecha" is

I mean I know that's a stereotypical thing to argue about but who the actual fuck thinks Tiger and Bunny is a mecha? There's a robot enemy in like one episode. I guess they wear body armor.

>talking about bad Umineko taste
>posting a cap with new sprites

There is way too vague a connection between relevance, obscurity and artiness for this list to work that also completely ignores how enormous the variations can be country to country because of television, especially for anyone who was a kid pre-2010's. There's also the explosion of Youtube and streaming content in general that exposes the most casual of fans to stuff that was formerly obscure.

For example, Fist of the North Star and Lupin can be completely surface level in some countries while in others yeah, it might be something you'd have to seek out.

>ITT: newfags try to one up each other

Every image I've ever seen vastly underestimates how "otaku" you are based on what you watch. I've never seen a chart with a lowest level that probes the depths of what's out there. OPs is especially egregious since somehow shit everyone knows like Key, Texh, Ideon, are tier 5 and all it really takes to reach the depths is to be a sakugafag.

you're literally (figuratively) worse than hitler

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>cardcaptor sakura
>tier 4

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I watched Angel's Egg, Satoshi Kon and Makoto Shinkai movies before I completed a single series because I'm a film fag. So I guess I started at Tier 5, nice.

These charts are always fucking shit. There are only 2 tiers in an Yea Forums iceberg: seasonal watchers and Yea Forums

Most of the deep ones are not niche at all because countless videos about them are being made on youtube

>Animated gifs by animator at the bottom
>Animator highschool/college project at the bottom

With the rise of social networks like twitter or tiktok those are extremely easy to find or stumble upon. You don't even have to be an anime fan to find them.

This is just a new variation of
>old good
>new bad

>yuri on ice
how old is this pic? I'm not sure if i can say people who watch 5yo forgotten gay series "casual"

>erin removed entirely

My favorite anime are/is Naruto, DBZ, Kemono Friends, K-on, TWGOK, and Kunoichi Tsubaki (yes currently airing but already decided), so these charts mean absolutely nothing in regard to personal taste. Also I consider Bakemonogatari, as in the first season of the anime, a masterpiece.
btw FUCK manga reading manga never ends well.

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Tier 5 and hardcore are too basic and easy to get to, hell a lot of those series even have dubs

dude, you're on Yea Forums. you probably never talk to normies

This is a terrible list cause it means stuff like is inaccessible or obscure

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