I'm sorry, but Ayase is the best girl

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Damn right

That is a strange picture and a strange spelling of Ruri Gokou there.

That's just the Hana Kana effect. She's mediocre character all things considered.

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she is Kyousuke's real sister

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anybody but kirino

I liked the one bitch who wanted him to take her on a date.

they were all great, except for Kirino

truly a bizarre series

Kirino was fine, but still his sister and irl sisters are revolting.

kirino is actually the best

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for me is the cat

nah, the megane was the worst by far even if Kirino was a bitch

Kirino is the best, don't believe Yea Forums's anti-tsun psyop

if she wasn't his sister, you would hate her too

Ayase > Kuroneko > Kirino > the megane

eh maybe but she's definitely the best and has the best relationship with him, and I like how she hid her feelings after he lost his confidence after the Sakurai incident, but still kept all her photos and recordings of her younger self talking about liking him

also I especially like that she hates manami (worst girl)

+ cute tsundere

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>eh maybe but she's definitely the best and has the best relationship with him
wrong, their relationship is toxic and they have no chemistry with each other

Kanako! That was her name. She was very normal.

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Normal? She was a gaki posing as a wannabe idol. She was a fun character.

Yes. Isn't that how most young women are?

what is this terrible writing suppose to prove?

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Let's see if we can't help him spell it.

Ruri Gokou. This is what the best girl looks like.

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She was the hottest one, but...well, don't dick crazy.

She looked best in the maid outfit.

They have the same face and mirrored hairstyle.
The same bitchy attitudes.
The only good Ayase is the one from this doujin.

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Their relationship involved her being a cunt and him being a doormat. It was painful to watch.

Any other girl in the show would have been a better match.

lmao, no
wtf, based

Good taste

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They have a good relationship and both like each-other
Is that the doujin or the Ayase-IF manga from the og author?
He just wants to be nice to his sister and she just wants him to experience imouto eroge, but they end up in a relationship. She's the best match by far. Ruri was a close #2 but even she knew that Kirino was best for Kyousuke

It's supposed to prove that years of being a bitch are perfectly acceptable if deep down you reeeeeaaaaalllllly like them. Or something.

Ayase IF

How much of a masochist are you, user? Do you enjoy getting shit on by girls are are you desperate for attention that any at all feels like affection?

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Ayase is measurably more crazy, though, which is what makes her so good.

What? She's just the best girl in my opinion. Great LN and anime

And I'm trying to figure out why. Presumably she's best girl to you because you find aspects of her character appealing. Unless you just think she's hot. If so, fair enough.

But if it is personality, I'm asking if you're a masochist. Because then it would also make sense.

>which is what makes her so good.
I don't agree, but to each their own. I prefer the more relaxed and reserved Ayase in the IF manga. She's straight up cruel in the original.

>muh VN
>muh IF stories
>muh Ayase is the real sister
>muh LN doesn't count
It's been years and the cope is still going this strong?

Ayase has her moments, but the cruelest one by orders of magnitude was Kirino.

And more importantly...Ayase isn't related to him.

no sense talking to Kirinofags, they are mentally damaged people

yeah that's kind of a bummer

Thats a good thing.

Best girl is the genki brown Brazilian girl

Yes she's cute.
She is also very skilled at everything and smart.
She likes anime and eroge that most people would frown upon, so she has to lead a double life. The only one she trusts with knowledge of her hobby is her brother, so he learns about it with her. She asks him to get things for her since it's more difficult for her, with how busy she is. She's not "mean" to him per-se, but rather has an interesting way of conveying her emotions. She wakes him up by slapping him in the face, but still asks for his help. Kyousuke doesn't refuse, because he knows she needs him.
I'm not a masochist, Kirino is simply the best.
She's basically Umaru but a brocon.

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I legitimately believe that this scene is the whole reason for her popularity. All the justifications for liking her are rooted in this image and nothing more.

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Umaru was never that violent, though. And she was a lot more spoiled. Also kind of a shame she wasn't a brocon, but Ebina and Taihei had a good relationship so it's fine.

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>She's not "mean" to him per-se, but rather has an interesting way of conveying her emotions. She wakes him up by slapping him in the face, but still asks for his help.

Fucking lmao.

She hits him over every perceived and imagined slight. She verbally undermines and degrades him in public and in private. She sabotages his relationships with others because of her deep rooted jealousy and insecurities. Her hot/cold treatment, mostly cold, goes beyond tsundere into BPD territory.

But seriously
>She's not "mean" to him per-se, but rather has an interesting way of conveying her emotions. She wakes him up by slapping him in the face, but still asks for his help.

Fuck, that's golden.

You forget that Kyousuke ended up rejecting them all on his own, Kirino didn't sabotage them

I'll never fully understand why this series draws in so many mouth-breathing retards. You knew what kind of series this was and which character tropes were being featured in the first fucking episode. Kirino is supposed to be hard to like on the surface, as are most of the more overt tsundere characters in other works. Thing is, Kirino has fully-formed reasons as to why she's a tsundere in that she struggles with wanting her brother and hating the idea that it'll probably never happen, rather than just being a passive-aggressive autist just because. She's nowhere near as physically violent in the LN and most of what we see in the anime is an over-reliance on tropes.


why are people hating on the incest part of an incest anime


Attempted* sabotage would be more accurate. Did she eventually back off? Sure, to a certain degree. After getting called on her bullshit. But her gut reaction isn't, "I'm glad my brother is happy! Wow he's with a great girl, this is fantastic for him!" Her gut reaction is sulk, passive aggressive bullshit, that knowingly triggers his protective instinct. And when he does go back to paying attention to her, she starts beating him again. Rinse, repeat.

The only people who like incest are people who never had a sister.

I'm not hating on the incest part of it, though it's not my thing. I dislike Kirino herself as a character.

MKL with the shit takes. Many such cases!

I have 3

Then you should REALLY hate incest.

I have a younger sister and have never been attracted to her. I love imouto shit. Cope faggot.

I didn't mention anything about the incest. People could gather from the start that Kirino is supposed to be a rather cranked-up tsundere (and a pretty physically violent one in the anime). Those people kept watching regardless, and are still coping with the ending that they should have seen coming from the moment they read the title, let alone watching the first episode.

stop being such a fucking faggot get leave this thread

In anime it's awesome
irl meh idk

>Son, your mother is concerned that you're having sex with your sister, so I've decided to get you your own apartment and am allowing her to come and go without our supervision. By the way, you've become very responsible lately, much more respectable than your sister's ex boyfriend. Side note: Have you considered moving to France?
What was his problem?

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She is just a brat. She wants a struggle with a snuggle.