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>Ganan's will get destroyed.
>Everyone gets an equal inheritance.

But who will be the next heir?


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All four?

So is Kaguya in the last 3-5 chapters now?

Reminder Hayasaka doesn't love Prez and Prez only loves Kaguya.

Possibly this is the last volume, so 9 more chapters. But we don't know if this is really the last volume.

Yeah, but they turned her into the "No Fun Allowed" bitch to replace Miko.

was the discord reference in the recent episode just the translation?

My Nonfiction full version is out, at the usual place. It's alright. Still can't stop listening to it.

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Which one exactly? Ishigami has brought up Discord in the manga multiple times.

oh must've been literal translation then, it was in reference to Shirogane and Hayasaka talking to each other on Line and Ishigami mentions Discord as a good alternative to Line and everyone looks at him like a loser lmao

What was Kaguya going to preach to Fujiwara anyway?

Chika was gonna play with dick. Kaguya knows dick. She was gonna teach her to not play with something you can't win.

What a disaster. At least it's ending.

In 2019, Miura said in an interview that Berserk was approaching it’s back half. We all know how that turned out.
Not that I'm saying Aka will die, but "final part" means nothing until they actually announce it's gonna end in 3 chapter or so and that can take years.

>>Ganan's will get destroyed.

What is the point to run away from Un'yo???

Unyo was also greedy, in the end he just gets an equal share.

The full version is nothing special desu.

I really just want some fanart of Miko in that sleeveless hoodie.

You can probably delete everything after Ishigami's confession and nothing would change in the grand scheme of things.

Happens all the time really.

So Un'yo gonna do something to be next shinomeya leader?

No it was actually a discord reference

No. He fucked up.

I think you confuse Oko with Un'yo

Oko will still take the lead even if they all get equal shares of the inheritance.

and Un'yo can prevent that since he has a resource now.

Which is what?

You could delete everything after the Christmas kiss and it would be a net improvement.

As far as the Story is concerned Many Faction in Shinomeya's Family didn't want Oko to be the next heir.

Un'yo can use this chance to make Everone Vote for Him.

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They were railing for Kaguya though if she can achieve peace with the Shijo(seemingly a done deal) they'll accept her terms.

Which Gan'an is going to die soon.

The Househouse still need to choose someone for the next heir anyway.

End Game.

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Pretty much. Remember when people thought the manga was nearing the end because Aka commented how the manga story was in the end game? That was over a year and a half ago. People theorized 1 month moving in the story per volume and that was thrown out the window as well.

in Vol.22 extras.


Aka said when manga enters Final Chapter/Act. The Story will focus more on Kaguya, Miyuki, and Other Relationships.

And He will conclude All Characters on their each individual arcs.

The manga is not going to end anytime soon.

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I'll end him myself. Wish me luck guys

Wow Japanese fans are vocal about the news that the anime will not adapt Chapter 112 and they are not happy. They're discontented with the fact that we won't get Neko Maid Kaguya and Kaguya's ass in a short skirt animated. I guess they were holding out hope for the resurgence of El Observador de las Estrellas as he confidently rebuffs Kaguya's attempts to fluster him. There's even a petition that's garnered thousands of signatures to have the anime staff changed. Obviously that wont happen but it shows how unhappy they are.

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i think he also complains that no one uses discord in the sports festival arc

they'll probably censor out drunk miko and the protagonist teen sex in the next season too

could probably delete everything after shirogane's heart balloon stunt and it would be a net improvement

>Look I wasted your time again
bravo aka

They're not prudes after the OVA and all the Kei feet and thighs, bro. They're just massive HayaPrez fags and hate Shinomiya. Same reason they dropped the scene at the end of the rap chapter where she does Hayasaka a bit of a solid.

I hope Mommysaka has a top tier seiyuu.

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>And He will conclude All Characters on their each individual arcs.

Chika arc soon??

Maybe their goal is to try and escalate the romantic tension more than in the manga? Hard to really make sense of it though.

Holup, forgive me for speedreading (I just want to forget this horrible arc), but didn't Oko ask Gan'an to make him the sole inheritor, and Gan'an instead wrote a will that was more fair? Why was the goal to destroy the will to begin with? It didn't specify that Kaguya had to marry Mikado.

>but didn't Oko ask Gan'an to make him the sole inheritor, and Gan'an instead wrote a will that was more fair?

No. Gan'an makes fair Will first then Oko ask Gan'an to write another will to make him to be the sole inheritor.

Re-read those chapters. So Oko was to get 40% of all assets and the others would get 20% each. And that difference would be enough for Oko to control Kaguya's life somehow. Except Kaguya convinced Oko that she'd stop Shijos on her own, so why did they destroy the will anyway? This makes no sense.

Oko asks Gan'an to do that, but Gan'an keeps this version of the will to himself and doesn't make it official.

>doesn't make it official.

It does when Gan'an signs that will.

But he didn't pass it to a lawyer. It stayed in Gan'an's hands, so it was just a piece of paper that never saw the light of day.

Copypasta aside, why is everyone acting like 112 is 100% being skipped? Maybe they'll adapt it right before 123.

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>But he didn't pass it to a lawyer.

You need glasses.

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>Chapter 112
went back and reread to see what you me and damn I miss the school council shenanigans

I'm watching the anime. Will there actually be progress between Kaicho and Hayasaka this season? I dont care about Kaguya

>Will there actually be progress between Kaicho and Hayasaka this season?
Not any more but the anime staff really love that pairing and added a lot of hints even though it's clear that Hayasaka will get cucked in the end.

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This better than Helicopter

seriously who gives a fuck about the drama in this series? It is a horrible slog and adds nothing, it was just a cheap copout
>Ishigami drama
>Kaguya melodrama
>literally every character has a sob backstory

fuck me I just wanted a keikaku romcom, not this

should have stopped at 160
this is what I'll tell people

Having flaws humanize the characters. Just look at the start, two smart assholes trying to lure each other, I'm sure many people stop right there because it wasn't their thing. Along the way we learn why these two act like that and how different they only because of those melodramas.

You know what shouldn't have happened? Aka announcing this "final part" thing, because of that everyone treats each chapter as if it's the start of one big thing or if the series is going to end next week and complain because it's not gonna have time to go where their headcanons want.

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