Suki na Ko ga Megane wo Wasureta


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Dangerous chapter

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Someya-san keeps on being best girl

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Oh, they finally resumed the translation?

raws gathered from LatAm version, then translated into english.
I hate comikey so much for paywalling this series.

>hidden handholding at school
What the fuck


I appreciate that he introduced her to contacts but didn't want to lose her adorable squinty chubbycheeked face

Dump the chapter you damn sluts

I hope this manga gets an anime and becomes popular enough to get NTR doujin, preferably by Terasu MC.

After you clean your mouth with detergent. Mie is pure. PURE!

Go check your usual mango sites first you mongrels

>Mie is pure.
She's a rapist

She kissed him in his sleep out of love, not lust

She did it without his consent

They both like each other. Consent not needed.

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it's better he never finds out, he'd never wash his face again and would get all gross

>He liked it so it's not rape

she even lied about it

Kinda like this one

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That's evidence of consciousness of guilt.
I submit to the court that if the defendant truly believed she had consent, it would not have occurred to her to hide the kiss from the plaintiff.

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Objection on the grounds that it was really cute. Like really really cute.

>Hold hands
>Still not dating
fucking why?

Chapter 87

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Spidey sense activated

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get the japanese volumes and then squint until it looks english
don't give those jaimini box fucks any money or clicks ever

they're shy but can't help but flirt
koharu no hibe had this great trope on turbo, when the couple made out (french kisses) constantly, but the final episodes are about him calling her by her first name

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I'm not entirely sure what's happening here. Is she pulling up the shirt revealing a black undershirt?

100% Mie-san

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kocho kocho is tickling sfx

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I like how even this girl eventually figured out what was up between the two of them and joined the fanclub

Uncensored handholding in class.

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user this is a blue board.

Ssh, it's our little secret.

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This series is so nice it's weird how meh the author's other series are.

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Those half open eyes does things to me.

More uncensored handholding.

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and that's it for this chapter. What do you think about it?
Anybody calling Mie lewd will be put in solitary.

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is dex still posting or do i gotta go to a shitty aggregator site to read it now that comijew got the rights for it

I wonder if the surprise ending will be that she won't have to go to the all-girls' highschool. Not that it would do anything to lessen their relationship or that it would probably even keep them all that apart but that her parents finally figured out that she isn't quite the fragile airhead they thought she was

Her hair is sex

God, they are so cute

>tfw you will never experience something like this
Soo pure, soo cute my beautiful hyperopia cinnamon bun

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mie squints at old men for money



Most school girls are disgusting though.

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waddya mean

the whole class probably watching the sugar

i cope by reading this shit
i know i'm past my prime even if i'm only 23
i curse the day my parents put me in a fucking all boys school, not only did i get fatter but i also got no female friends till now that i'm in college

>Go to school expecting encounters like Mie or Takagi
>What you actually get

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I know it's cheesy but I love that even the parents are totally onboard and almost immediately start doing whatever they can move them along