Did people actually like this? Sure it looks nice and the BGM was great but, most of the idol songs kinda sucked...

Did people actually like this? Sure it looks nice and the BGM was great but, most of the idol songs kinda sucked. The flaming fruit giraffe scene might have been the only part where I felt actually entertained.

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First thing that appeared in my mind on seeing the thumbnail was pantsu line and thigh gap, I really need to lay off the porn holy shit

One of the best imo

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>Did people actually like this?

There's a lot wrong with your post that I'm too lazy to point out. Anyway, you get more out of it if you actually like the characters.

Wi(l)d-screen baroque

Kino and i want to fuck Moepii

Image looked like a panty shot from the catalogue

Purely a coincidence, this movie is clean and pure.

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Not 100% sure, but I think the movie is still being projected in japanese cinemas, after almost a year since its first screening.

So, yeah, they seem to kinda like it.

Also, I enjoyed the songs that much that 4 months after I first heard them, they just refuse to get out of my head, but that might just be a matter of tastes. (I really enjoy the variety of styles in each and every song, in particular, the "foreign" feel of Nana's songs, and the entire vibe of Wagamama Highway)

Junna is the cutest

I dropped it after the first episode because shit's too melodramatic. The action scenes were cool to watch but it just felt kinda forced and irrelevant to the plot. The whole franchise could really do away with the fight scenes and just go full theatre/troupe if they want to highlight the yuri relationships.

The music though is awesome, I like Star Divine.

Your opinion is irrelevant faggot.

Pick your kukugumi

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How many of you fags are going on june 5 or 6?

Not exactly what you asked for, but here is my choise:
(From left to right)
I want Maho to step on me.
I want to play dumb games with Hina.
I want to listen to Moepi talking forever.
I want to read Mimorinʼs auto biography.
Whatever makes Haru chan happy.
I want a regular date with Momoyo.
I want sex with Ayasa.
I want to be Teru (and have sex with Ayasa)
I want to get drunk with Aiai

If I can pick just one, Iʼll go for Moepi. Easy as that.

The songs are the weakest aspects of the franchise, yes.

The loser

I will be here

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>most of the idol songs
IDOL!? Son, you have a lot to learn about music if you think any of this was Idol crap.

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Your post is irrelevant faggot.

I forgot about this. Is this on the same day? What a strange coincidence.

I don’t remember . If you search that pic in the archives the OP has the date
Never mind I checked my calendar and it’s June 4th

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ive already bought my ticket and surprisingly a few other people in my theatre have too

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>The action scenes were cool to watch but it just felt kinda forced and irrelevant to the plot
how did you miss the point that badly

>the idol songs
literally only Star Divine is a pop song. The rest of the revue songs in either the series or the movie are nowhere near what you'd call idol songs

The things i would do to Teru's body would be biblical

How do you get all the way to the movie and not even like the Maya Claudine revue? You're high if you think that was either boring, or if you think Utsukushi Hito was an idol song

only if she's with Karen

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I really liked episode 1 but it felt like it was just downhill from there. I still stuck it out though.

I don't really like or hate it.

interesting that you'd choose the Junna-HIkari revue as the best part of the show. Most people I've talked to say the series peaked at either Nana-Hikari or Nana-Karen

Nana losing to Hikari was the lowest point of the anime to me. It's a complete deus ex machina that Hikari can beat Nana in terms of actual ability and thematically (Revue of Solitude). The revues peaked at episode 3.

Why? Hikari was a top contender at her old school. The whole reason she was even brought in at all was to break Nana's loop. You're an idiot.

I love these two so much

I love the kukugumis so much bros, every announcement I'm scared bushi is graduating them. It's been 5 years already

why my country never gets anime movies in theaters

I don't want them to leave yet, I want more lives, more plays, more everything from Revue Starlight. I'm not ready for Revue to officially be done

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Started this recently and as a Ikunifag this shit is my jam. Just love the directing style and visual language (not sure if that's the term).
Currently on episode 8 so I'm interested how the climax will go. I did expect more SUFFERING but I guess the Banana episode fixed that a bit.
So far I found Nana's and Junna's episodes the most compelling.
So sad that my theater is showing Belle, the MHA movie and Conan movie #298 but not this.
P.S. Junna is the cutest

>Just love the directing style and visual language
this is honestly the biggest draw for me of Revue Starlight. Past the seiyuufagging, past the music, there's a genius in its direction and writing, pure care and devotion put into the series by Furukawa and his team, one of those rare things that didn't feel like it had studio execs shoving their noses in where it doesn't belong.

Sure it doesn't always stick the landing, be it because of the 13-episode constraints, the 9-person requirement, but team very obviously loved their craft and it shows in the series and in the movie

I don't understand the big difference in reception between the series and the movie, the movie is literally as good as the series. It's just more of it.

>the movie is literally as good as the series
Personally, I felt the series' animation get noticeably weaker near the end of its run, around the Karen-Nana revue, so budget was definitely a factor in enjoyment. Also, I felt the movie integrated character relationships better in the movie than in the series, obviously because the movie revues are more personal compared to karen going through her gauntlet to achieve starlight.

What the series had that the movie lacked were the SOL segments though. I fucking love those moment leading up to the revues, after my 1st rewatch, I found myself enjoying those more than I did the pomp and bombast of the underground fights

It attracted a lot of pretentious artfags so good luck with your thread, OP.

And yurifags and idolshitters.
It really is a perfect storm of shitposting.

You're the one doing the shitposting.

nope, all me

>most of the idol songs kinda sucked
Why would a non-idol anime have idol songs?
The revues fall under rock opera/prog rock

The movie is way higher quality in pretty much every aspect. It takes the high points higher and cuts out the low points, it's the perfect sequel. Compare the character art between the two and listen to the dialogue in both, the movie totally blows the series out of the water

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Of course, it was great

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the variations of hoshi no tabibito is better than Fly me to the Star desu

I undersand it, I mean, the movie is a pure unfiltered spectacle with more consistently higher quality.
I personally like them both the same though, I'd even say I prefer the series if you made me chose, I find the writing a little more compelling, probably because it has time to breath more with the 12 episodes.

They're doing a new play, aren't them? They said so in this video


If the stageplays are continuing and the film sold so well then they have to make more anime surely

It tried too hard to ape Ikuhara, but even trying to imitate him already is enough to make it entertaining.

there's going to be a new play later this year, but it's going to focus on the kusoge originals/stageplay migrated Siegfeld juniors. The new Kukugumi stage play is slated for next year, 2023

Junna/Hikari is definitely one of the top 3 revues. In general Junjun's arc being the first one is a great choice, Hina (along with Mimorin and Maho) is at the top of the kukugumi hierarchy.

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Nana was not only also a top contender but has been doing it for years or decades or whatever

It's a bit too short for my liking. I feel it would've been the top revue for me if it had more screen time. sekai wo hai suru made is a top tier revue song though,

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>has been doing it for years or decades or whatever
against the same 7 people... a wildcard is gonna trip you up if you get too content. not enough kirameki and whatnot as well.