774 is a master of subtly. Bravo Nolan

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He really was a horny motherfucker this chapter

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miko a shit


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Wuv Wuv !!
Wuv Wuv Marin !!

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Sex with...


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> nagatoro smiling



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There is no human who behaves like Nagatoro.

>t. never dated a latina

Lobster Risotto

I'm out

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>trolling outside of Yea Forums

Unrealistic and stale corporate slop. In short, lobster risotto.

Bisque Doll had threads for chapters before there was an anime announcement and sells far, far better than Nagatoro in Japan. Just because it doesn't have a constant general doesn't mean it isn't liked.

And where are all those threads now?

We not an autist like you people

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Lobster Risotto

>The main characters will have sex before Tomoko have her first kiss
Calling it now

Sono bisque fags are ESL third worlders? Now that's a shocker.

And ?
I frequently comes in Yea Forums
Come find me bro.


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I don't get it

No surprise considering the manga was made to pander to horny low iq porch monkeys and trannies

Is this why some people don’t want a BokuYabai anime because all the drama Yamada will cause?

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>There is no human who behaves like Nagatoro.

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>got btfo so hard they went to lick their wounds in another thread


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I guess tanned Japanese schoolgirls aren't real.

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Nagatoro's easily the most realistic romcom heroine out there today.

Stop indulging in the shitflinging you retards holy fuckinyg shit

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He finally accepted Naga's approaches

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There's really not a single unrealistic or artificial aspect to her character. I don't get what they're coping and projecting about. Look at the bland Mary sue in Shikimori for example. Everything that kusomanga attempts feels like a hollow, sterilized facsimile of Nagatoro. Attempting to hang off of Nagatoro's coattails, but attract a wider, dumber audience with more cliche moe, and more SHINY COLORS and PINK fairy shit because Nagatoro isn't sparkly and fantastical enough to stimulate their MCU rotted zoomer brains.

Ichi will be the one causing all the drama


Holy fucking based.


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>よし 行くか
>yoshi let's go

Bros, what? He liked Yoshi all along?

Nagabros we're getting too cocky. Even bokuyaba has sold as much or even more than nagatoro.
Are we really all thst great just because we get the biggest threads?

He always did

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this was a test for him, and he passed

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>Marinfags so utterly deranged they started shit-talking Shikimoribros behind their backs.

Anyone got the fanart with them sitting down and eating? I swore I saved it.

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i only saw a low quality version in these threads


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Go back to your discord, tranny

I feel complete inside.

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The past TS user did translate Yoshi's English outbursts into German. I might go with it, but I'm kind of on the edge.

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I'm glad these two are finally just openly dating. Cute as shit. Makes me wonder if they'll say it outright soon or wait for the kissu. I hope it's the former.

Imagine if Shikki tries to shoot her shot with Senpai next chapter

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The reward for the Judo tournament is a kiss. It doesnt have to be the "First" kiss. Come on chadpai fucking do it. If we dont see a kiss withing the next few chapters, I wanna see him kiss her before the tournament, for good luck and motivation
I feel like Shikki wouldnt do that. She'd probably be annoyed if she saw her lackys acting like FUCKING CUNTS . If Gamo and Yoshi dont stop it I wanna see Shikki stop it and banish them to the shadow realm