Otome Game Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu

How do you feel about this hag?

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perfect queen genetics for producing many kids

She's my favorite girl and I'm glad the MC is based enough to acknowledge her greatness

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>Anime made Angie's boobs the biggest in the show, and people still fall in love with Mylene.

So this is power of Milfs...

There are six fucking sequels to the fucking Otome game, dammit!!!! Mc is fucking fucked up!!!!! And the WN only covers the first three sequels!!! shit i cant wait for the LN to cover the rest of the sequels!!!!! the fucking ride never fucking ends!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOO DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angie has always been the biggest bust of the girls.

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Luxion bro, there are no New Humans in this thread. Calm down.

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> old humans build giant high-tech flying warships
> then mount non-turreted naval artillery batteries on them so that they can only fire in one direction

Mystery solved; the old humans lost out to the new humans because they were morons.

Need to breed

I think the MC is a fag for going after used goods when he was two pure girls in their prime waiting for him to fuck them.

This top view looks kind of cool, though impractical.
This bottom view does not look either cool nor practical.

Colony ship with crazy levels of nanotech. The warship version shows up later.

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That makes it even worse. On something that's not a warship, it's even less desirable to be forced to fly straight at a target to fire on it.

Doesn't help the design hasn't quite been standardized.

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She's shit like all her entire country. If I were reincarnated I'd devote myself to the DFC black haired hime cut. Either one will do. I'd personally rape-correct every femoid in that silver haired whore's godforsaken kingdom, and I would not derive even an ounce of pleasure from it all save the pleasure taken in destroying one's enemies and fulfilling one's duty to one's liege lord.


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> ¥1320

What, is that all? Given how much the Japs love blowing their yen on gacha games, you'd think Leon would have forked over enough to wreck the game with overwhelming firepower.

Maybe other things like the mechs were sold separately in the game..

livia looking like the yandere childhood friend from Full Dive there

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Luxion is pretty much the transporter version of uchuu senken yamato; equipped with a massive gravity cannon to blast anything in it's path and that's about it

Does he ever fuck the queen?
Are there any based manga where Chad fucks/steals older women?


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Queen needs more official art.

I know Hertrude gets shit in in these threads for being flat, but she’s really a perfect kurokami himecut beauty.

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Literally every flat girl in this story is evil except Marie who needed oniichan correction.

They represent a transcendent kind of goodness. Like how in the Hebrew bible the Jews are the good guys even when they do evil shit.

Noelle's sister isn't evil per se, it's just that everything she does is wrong.


Give me a single good trait of her, and don't being up her decision to become the priestess. That's just giving up on living since she fucked up too much and got her two lovers dead. She decided to stop thinking and becoming a political puppet..
She might not literally kick puppies, but she is really selfish and evil. She only cares about herself and every time she says she does it for someone else it's just excuses.

I didnt like the idea of her joining the harem at first with her already being a mother and all that but shes so cute she won me over instantly; Am I getting old?

I want to see Leon's families reaction at Leon flirting with the Queen and then when he obtains her.

Thinking about picking this series up, does the MC ever canonically have sex?

The fact that Marie isn't the main heroine and the main series doesn't revolve as much around her as it should is a mistake on a level that just can't be over looked. Marie and Olivia should have had their roles reversed

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Way overhyped. But what else can you expect? Hagfags are in a perpetual state of starvation at the lack of hags in anime so whenever they get a mediocre hag they lose their minds.

cute boy


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Picked up

Imagine if Marie ended up with Leon in the main timeline
He will have fucked Julius'
>Ex girlfriend
and the mother is trying to marry her daughter off to Leon, too.

Not that user but i can't remember, is Noelle used goods prior to meeting Leon?

Yes. In the WN he has 3P sex (fade to black) with Angie and Livia near the end. But this has been removed from the LN though. The epilogue of the WN we see Livia reading a book to his four children.

No. WN does have her dealing with the whole captured by Loic thing for much longer, but it was always just physical abuse and not sexual.

Julius and co worship the ground both Marie and Leon walk on by the end of the WN Juliuss was unironically wanting to refer to Leon as his father when Leon got with his mom. He's too stupid to get cucked

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Wtf he actually has children with the queen???

>fade to black
>pg 13

What is the appeal of porn without porn exactly?

Love is better than sex.


In harem shit?

A harem only works if
>they're all slaves, which is boring
>they love each other, too

I don't really agree that you can have good romance in such a setting but even if you could that's not an actual reason to not have nudity

Rather than the main 3p being Leon Angie and Olivia it should have been Marie Leon Hertrude. It also says alot about Marie that when she's removed from the people involved with her fuck up in volume 1 literally everyone that comes into extended contact with her loves her especially Leon's family, Noelle and Hertrude. in the Marie route she ended up being pretty popular and well liked in her own circle while still being good at taking care of people. I feel like Olivia is too try hard like she's written to try and be the perfect cute heroine while kind of just being trash.

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What kind of face do you think she made during her nightly beastslave orgies?

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Thanks user, i got worried for a sec.

different designs user

She's younger than me so very impregnable.

Why are you so old?

Thank GOD the art is so bad compared to LN and manga

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Time is the only thing that doesn't give a shit about who or what you are, it just keeps passing.

False time loves me specifically

I hope so user, it's good if something in live loves you.

So? They are both supposed to be Luxion, that they are different versions as well as different views doesn't mean that one of them isn't better than the other. It's not like the manga keeps a consistent design anyway.