A Couple of Cuckoos

>the manga won't give us any Hiro pantyshots
>the anime cut out Erika's pantyshot
What do they have against pantyshots?

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BD sales.

Hiro a best. A BEST.

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Even the Kanokari anime kept Ruka and Sumi's pantyshots. KmK even gave us scenes where we saw Saki and Nagisa's panties. Why couldn't Cuckoo do the same?

pantyshots are forbidden

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I don't think it's the studio because SynergySP has done pantyshots in the past. Even Deatte had a few underwear scenes despite the pantyshots being censored. Shin-Ei did Doraemon which also had multiple pantyshots. The censorship must have been someone's idea but it's hard to tell whose.

The 7 whores had pantyshots every episode

If Miki herself is fine with pantyshots, why not the studios?

Would Cuckoo have swimsuit episode in manga? Freedom house index is not for show.

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Fuck off

Shino will never be kanojo.
Sachi will never win.

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Do u think Cuckoo anime will have swimsuit episode?

>fuminospammer is quicker to reply to Cuckoo threads than KmK threads

Read the fucking manga bikinifag and see if there even is a bikini chapter. That's your answer.

>KmK and Amagami scans threads already dead
>neither thread even hit 100 posts

About if it will be animated.

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We'll most likely get the shitposting back depending on how cucked Sachi gets by Erika this chapter
It can even be the last nail in the coffin for these threads

>how cucked Sachi gets by Erika this chapter
What's happening?

>It can even be the last nail in the coffin for these threads
What do you mean?

cumbrains need to be gatekept out of anime

Spoilers say Sachi seethes hard and Nagi and Erika get another nice spread. Sounds like her official elimination of the bowl and the last bit of interest for the fanbase on Yea Forums slipping away.

Couldn't Yea Forumsnons just move on to Hiro or Erika then?

Of course not. These threads struggled to stay alive for the past year and only Sachi's arc injected some genuine interest and activity earlier this year. Not even the anime has boosted anything and the threads are even deader now.
Looking back on it, only Sachi's big moments have really moved the fanbase, ever since she was kissed by Nagi the first time. Hiro has some fans but most of them seem to be bored out of their minds at this point. The forced Erika pushes are the worst thing that happened to the series. First Hotel Namek and now this arc. It's like Miki is purposefully sabotaging her own manga.

anime is made by cumbrains for cumbrains

But other places seem to be fine with Erika or Hiro, it's only Yea Forums that seems to be dominated by Sachifags. In fact, the sub and MAL (among other places) seem to actually dislike Sachi.

That's because Yea Forumsnons are either too tired of generic haremshit to even bother looking at this, or if they still do, they don't care about a cheap Chitoge clone or a Kosaki clone. Sachi is the only fresh and somewhat unique element in the series. Normalfags seething about Sachi have been well-known since her first kiss with Nagi.

i am a imoutofag, but sachi sucks. i would rather go with the other imouto that being erika

your opinion sucks

So Sachifags are contrarians?

I admire your optimism.

I wanna exercise with Hiro

>Miki is purposefully sabotaging her own manga.
She did the same shit with Yamada-kun

The anime was a damn mistake, it's such a cheaply and poorly done adaption.

That would have been forgivable if they at least adapted the pantyshots

Wouldn't it be funny if the manga ended in 30 chapters without resolving anything and Erika winning just because.

child anime studios, please kindly understand sir
>SynergySP has done pantyshots in the past
that was before they got bought by nu Shin-Ei

I'm on chapter 70 and I don't see anyone as obvious winner.

OLM is the grand daddy of kids anime animation and they also did Summer Time Rendering.

>the 5toubun killer
lmao even

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Erika isn't Nino. Cope more.

because there is none, those who saying that erika is the obvious winner are inhaling too much copium

anyone who thinks there is no obvious winner is inhaling too much copium


Erika is such a blatant winner

Sachi beat the Hiro. She will beat the Erika. A minor victory from Erika this chapter is irrelevant

Pantyshots are juvenile shit and should've been forgotten long ago but none of you faggots grew out of being 14

Based and redpilled
Based schizo

>Based and redpilled

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Rarely deliver anymore. Unless the anime/manga is meant to target fanservice fans (sometimes they'll still censor everything like the retards they are) it's a game of chance if they'll keep the fanservice, censor very little or only give us cleavage.

>Read the fucking manga bikinifag and see if there even is a bikini chapter. That's your answer.x2

Imagine that a Disney+ anime could have multiple pantyshots but not this.

I'm glad that Erika and Nagi kabedon scene got removed in the anime. We don't need many of their cute scenes since they won't end up together anyway. The director definitely knows what he's doing.

panties are gross

Erika's win - meta
Sachi's win - fan pandering
Hiro's win - subverted expectations
Ai's win - chaos ending

Nagi lips belong to Sachi

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Did she win?

>Hiro be like

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Remember when Hiro was good?

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hiro was always shit

Hiro is Mary Sue
Ai is even bigger Mary Sue
There is no reason to choose Hiro.

I need the source

>toubun tourists shilling hirotrash
Makes you think, doesn't it?